A crown of flowers, poems and pictures collected from the 'Girl's own paper', ed. by C. Peters

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Page 81 - November ; Now no tear her wasted cheek bedews. From Newfoundland Not a sail returning will she lose, Whispering hoarsely, " Fishermen,^ Have you, have you heard of Ben ?" Old with watching, Hannah's at the window binding shoes.
Page 45 - tis a holy hour. The quiet room Seems like a temple, while yon soft lamp sheds A faint and starry radiance, through the gloom And the sweet stillness, down on...
Page 81 - POOR lone Hannah Sitting at the window binding shoes, Faded, wrinkled, — Sitting, stitching in a mournful muse. Bright-eyed beauty once was she, When the bloom was on the tree. Spring and winter Hannah's at the window binding shoes. Not a neighbor Passing nod or answer will refuse To her whisper : " Is there from the fishers any news...
Page 77 - Sooner the sun from his bright sphere shall sink, Than we, ungrateful, leave thee in that day, To pine in solitude thy life away, Or shun thee, tottering on the grave's cold brink. Banish the thought ! — where'er our steps may roam, O'er smiling plains, or wastes without a tree...
Page 45 - Watching the stars out by the bed of pain, With a pale cheek, and yet a brow inspired, And a true heart of hope, though hope be vain ; Meekly to bear with wrong, to cheer decay, And, oh ! to love through all things. Therefore pray ! And take the thought of this calm vesper time, With its low murmuring sounds and silvery light, On through the dark days fading from their prime, As a sweet dew to keep your souls from blight ! Earth will forsake — oh ! happy to have given Th' unbroken heart's first...
Page 45 - tis lovely! — Childhood's lip and cheek, Mantling beneath its earnest brow of thought — Gaze — yet what seest thou in those fair, and meek, And fragile things, as but for sunshine wrought? — Thou seest what grief must nurture for the sky, What death must fashion for eternity ! O ! joyous creatures ! that will sink to rest.
Page 145 - So here hath been dawning Another blue Day: Think wilt thou let it Slip useless away. Out of Eternity This new Day is born ; Into Eternity, At night, will return. Behold it aforetime No eye ever did : So soon it forever From all eyes is hid. Here hath been dawninoAnother blue Day: ' : Think wilt thou let it Slip useless away.
Page 51 - If we err in human blindness, And forget that we are dust, If we miss the law of kindness, When we struggle to be just, Snowy wings of peace shall cover, All the pain that hides away.
Page 45 - Her lot is on you — silent tears to weep, And patient smiles to wear through suffering's hour, And sumless riches, from Affection's deep, To pour on broken reeds — a wasted shower ! And to make idols, and to find them clay, And to bewail that worship— therefore pray t.
Page 61 - For all the arts beneath the heaven, That man has found, or God has given, None draws the soul so sweet away, As music's melting mystic lay ; Slight emblem of the bliss above, It soothes the spirit all to love.

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