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first attempt, and am also encouraged by that approbation, to dedicate this Volume with greater hopes that it may not prove unworthy of the sanction of that name with which you have kindly permitted me to inscribe it.

I have the honour to be,


Your Lordship's most obedient,

Humble Servant,



THE Reader is requested to bear in mind that several of the following Sermons were written without the most distant idea of publication. In stating this circumstance the Author does not mean to insinuate, that he could have improved upon them, or that he has not taken due pains in preparing them for the press.

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He wishes merely to account for his having involuntarily omitted (if there be any such omissions) to acknowledge his obligations to any writer from whom he may have borrowed. In his practical Sermons his object was edification; and not intending to publish, he frequently availed himself of such materials, as he thought likely to promote that object, carelessly neglecting to note the sources from

which they were taken. He has endeavoured now to distinguish such passages, and, he believes, in most instances has acknowledged his obligations, at least he has spared no pains in endeavouring to do so.

Where he has had occasion to touch upon doctrinal, and controverted points, he is conscious of having thought freely for himself, whether rightly or not the theological reader will determine. His plan in these cases has been to work out the problem by the Bible, and then to consult the best human authorities within his reach to correct, or to corroborate his deductions.

As he does not affect to feel no anxiety respecting the reception of this volume, he is willing to avail himself of any circumstance, which may fairly be adduced to create a prepossession in his favour.

He therefore mentions, that his first publication on the Passover, in which he professes to have discovered a curious, and remarkable error relative to the Paschal types, received the commendation of some of our ablest Prelates,-Divines, of whose good opinion any

man would have reason to be proud; and whose names and testimony he would gladly publish here, did he not feel, that it would be an unauthorized use of private correspond


In his Preface to that work he has already set forth his peculiar claims to the indulgent allowances of the Critic. He now commits his hopes as an Author to the Public; his better hopes, the hopes of being humbly instrumental in promoting the cause of Truth and Holiness, he commits to HIM, who, though Paul plant, and Apollos water, alone


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