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ate lies,

Scotch, Spaniards and Danes, and Bat turn coat Time assists the foe 1: the highest possible compliment

vain, coi the Jolin Bull frankness of And, bribd by thee, assists thy short

liv'd reign, Britain.

And to thy hungry womb drives back We know that this production is thy slaves again. said to be an unequivocal imitation Though mysteries are barr'd from of a Latin poem on the same sub

laic eyes,

(pries ject: The Italian bard had clearly. And the divine alone, with warrant, the same idea of making the nega

Into thy bosom, where the truth in privtive positive. “ Nihil virtute melius'Yet this of thee the wise may freely say, is full proof of this. But Roches-Thou from the virtuous nothing tak's: ter has succeeded best and given away, to ... airy nothing

And to be part with thee the wicked A local habitation and a name.”

wisely pray. There are probably not many Great Negative ! how vainly would the bards in the language, who, on re


[vise ? viewing their works and comparing Didst thou not stand to point their dul

Enquire, define, distinguish, teach, dethem with this production, would philosophies. not have good reason to wish, they Is or is not, the two great ends of Fate, had written "NOTHING.

And, true or false, the subject of debate, That the justice of our remarks That perfect or destroy the vast designs may fairly be tested, we give the of Fate'; piece entire.

When they have rack'd the politician's NOTHING! thou elder brother even to


Within thy bosom, most securely rest, shade,

And, when reduc'd to thee, are least That hadst a being, ere the world was made,

unsafe and best. And well fixt art alone of ending not But Nothing, why does Something still afraid.


cil sit, Ere time and place were, time and That sacred monarchs should at coun: place were not,

With persons highly thought at best When primitive Nothing, Something for nothing fit ? straight begot,

Whilst weighty Something modestly Then all proceeded from the great abstains united What ?

From prince's coffers, and from states. Something, the general attribute of all,

man's brains, Sever'd from thee, its great original, And nothing there, like stately Nothing Into thy boundless self must undistin

reigns. guish'd fall. Yet something did thy mighty power

Nothing, who dwell'st with fools in

grave disguise, coinmand, And from thy fruitful emptiness's hand,

For whom they reverend shapes and

forms devise, Snatch'd men, beasts, birds, fire, air, Lawn sleeves, and furs, and gowns, and land.

when they, like thee, look wise. Matter, the wicked'st offspring of tny race,

French truth, Dutch prowess, British By Form assisted, flew from thy em

policy, brace,

Hibernian learning, Scotch civility, And rehel light obsęur'd thy reverend Spaniard's dispatch, Dane's wit are dusky face.

mainly seen in thee. With Form and Matter, Time and the great man's gratitude to his best Place did join;

friend, Rody, thy foe, with thee did leagues King's promises, whore's vows, towards corabine,

thice they bend,

[end. To spoil thy peaceful realm, and ruin Flow swiftly into thee, and in thee ever all thy line.



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there is ten times more terror in a fsuccess the hospital and the house of

FORMER AND PRESENT AGES. Leghorn for footh-piciis and fiddleDialogue.

strings : and, that the lower part of

the community may not have the ...." You think tlre men of former power to reproach and despise their ages were guilty of as great vices as leaders, 'vice, disease, and destructhose of the present ?"

lion are imported in ship loads, and “Greater:- but they did not parcelled out in pennyworths." make a system of vice; they were Lurried into it by their passions. LITERARY INTELLIGENCE. Theirs were the crimes of men. Extracted from the Monthly Magazine. There is a disgraceful, a contempti The institution for the deaf and dumb ble meanness in the vices, as well at Leipsic, is gradually becoming a as the persons, of the present puny most useful establishment. It contains race; and neither their passions nor upwards of twenty pupils, who have all their bodies have sufficient prowess forward of uliom comprchend what is

learned to speak distinctly and the most 10 make them commit acts that can said to them by the motion of the lips. entitte them to respect.”

They are instructed in religious knowl “If they fight a duel, it is not in edge, reacing writing, accounts, &c. the heat of anger and desire of re The celebrated Dr, Gall was forbid. renge ; but it is done with as much, den at Dresden, to receive any females ceremony and civity as if they were farnote the stubscribers to his lectures. going to walk a minuet

, a sipa Viti a risw to dobro his new doc. dish of tea, and as little danger tcottrines. From Dresden He'pinceeded'to for, as they manage tce mattell, where he visited Witii his. usual trab-tree cudgel than in lead and correction. From Torgau he proprired steel."

tó Halle, and thence to Jena, where he "Why, as to the merit, or virtue Aina Amelia of Sate Weiner, who

had -umong his auditors the dutchess of fighting, duels, either in the old was accompanied by the tenerable mode or the new I bedievel we had. Wielandi. 3- nieruatro Bc better not talk of that."!0!

A spearhead; found at Gringely “ The vestiges of ancient

inden Cominon, Nottingham has been pendence are wearing avslyexhibited before the Seeiety of Anti

. makes my very heart, achcato pee gin, amit tə-have been made of Corinthe poor remains of towers, that thian brass. Mr. Lygone, on tie same once defied the fury of tyrants and evebing, Sinfpitibed seeke farta respectthe war of elements, lie mouldering ing the origin and tristory of sugar

from tlieselit appears that the anciants * If we erect a building now,


had nothing but honey: and that, till

about the yuav 680 otathe present ata, is in such a light, îifpery, unsub- sugar cane was wl oly unknown. The stantial atyle, what a pisiot bullei diecovery, in tasoited to a Venetian, would demolish it: a castle of qubt who called it honey cane. It is only webs, spun in July, and brushed sugar was introdpoed uity Europe from

about two burnered gears since refined away in November. ;

China, by the Portugiese and English. "Sir, you are a man of sense.", Dr.GAR TISORE has exhi iled bei re " And, as 10 gur.commerce; we this learned tody a letter from Mary bare poisoned the people with our de Mechcis, qleen of Fange, to iner itas, spices, and spirits ; ve send daughter Henrietta Naria, Qeen of in China for piùkins, to kiudson's

Charles the Firsi. According to the

custom of those times, it was scaled Bay for cats' skins, to Venice sofwith two seals united to a new taje window, alias, vice-biipds, ar.d io lor ribbon.

in ruins.”



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And Innovation wing'd her languid

flight, On fair Arcadia's plains, as bards have to change the simple habits of the sung, (ing green,

plain. Where fields were cloth'd in ever-dar - With Innovation came an endless throng Where pleasire fondly smild, and time with wide mouth'd folly, came her offwas young,

[mien There dwelt a nymph, & placid was her Witu enry fotil ambition came along,

spring pain, Most simply clad, a vi'let crown she And avarice that hugg'd her golden wore,

(she went,

chain. The laughing hours strew'd roses where e On her smooth front a constant smile she No more the swain shall rise with early


[plain, bore,

[Content. And happy shepherds call'd her name His focks unneeded o'er the mountain

His pípe no more is heard upon the ' In vain, untaught, the bard attempts to stray, draw,

(charın; And moonlight echo seeks her haunts Beauty's soft lines, that shone in ev'ry in vain. Fairer she seem'd than poet ever saw Farewell ye joys which once Arcadia Or fertile fancy ever yet could forin.,


[forlorn, First in her train came Peace, etherial Ye Aow'ry vales and greenwood walks maid,

Farewell ye rills, ye verdant fields adieu Diffusing incense sweet as early morn, Content has fled and never sball return. While by her side the gentle zephyrs

PHAON. play'd, With fairy joys on downy pinions borne.

For the Emerald. Bright Plenty next, all blooming nature's child,

(crown'd, Her comely brows with various garlands Ye daughters draw near, who are coar'd With lengthen'd robe, and tresses flow to be wives, ing wild,

By the glitter of gold, or of fame, Mov'd gaily on dispensing gifts around. Regard, as you wish for the peace of Next came Simplicity, with look serene, Plain Cominon Sense, and Health with Whoever at wedlock may aim. magic wand,

(seen, 111-coupled, a train of calamities grow, Love ever new, and Innocence were That prudence itself cannot bush : And smooth-hair'd slumber clos'd the If a fool, the poor dupe can no honour jucund band.

bestow, Thrice happy days ! which once Arca: And if impudent,oft makes you blush, dia knew,

If a miser, like mine, should present - When fields were cloth'd with ever

you his hand, during green,

Bid the sordid old wretch disappear. When beardless Time on rapid pinions Pride, jealousy, hate would your actions Aew,


[rear. And fair Content and all her joys were And repentence would bring up the

The rake of all wretches, dear virgin, Thrice happy days! which humble s oppose, sports coudd please,

He always one's lionour suspects, Such humble sports to rural life belong, The worst of all women are all that "The rastit pipe, th:ct filled the gentle he knows,

[sex. breeze,

And he thinks there's no odds in the The moonlight dance, or maiden morn. Bütslow me the lad of a generous heart, ing song.

Where cando:r & good nature glow, But soon these joys no longer could And if I deny him, then bid me depart, delight,

[train, And lead Apes in the regions below. Content had aced with pleasure wher

your lives,

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710re 112;


Now the merry birds appear,""" FOR JULY, THE 4th, 1806. Notes of rapture strike my ear ;

Labour, driving to the date, Written by R. T. Paine, Esq.

Breathes the health-inspiring gale, ,
Tide o'er the wilderness of waves, O how happy is the swain!
Uotrack'd by human peril.

Free from guiltiness and pain,
Por father's roam'd for peaceful graves, Wlto, contented, blithc and gay,
To deserts dark and sterile.

Hails the bright ascending day.
Isparting pang-no tong'adieu t. !!!

AMARANTHUS Delay'd their gallant daring'; With them their Gods and country too, Their pilgrim kects were bearing.

EDITORIAL REMARKS. Al hearts unite, the patriot band;

Ture-thirtieth anniversary of Ameri. Be Liberty our natal land.

can Independence has been more exten." Their dauntless hearts no meteor led,

sively and enthusiastically celebrated: In terror o'er the ocean ;

than any former return of this glorious From fortune and from man they fled, epoch. Party spirit, which at other To Heaven and its devotion.

times divides and weakens the energy Fre cannot bend the high börn mind

of the state, raised on this occasion an To bigot usurpation :

emulation and zeal wbich added to thet They who had left a word behind, Now give the world a nation. Allee dressed indiscriminately to all. : , !

hilarity of the duy-Its voice was adi Tie soil to till, to freight the sea, Agite' et 'cuncti lie: um celebrernus ho

By valour's arm protected
To plant an empire, brave and free,

i Their sacred view directed;

Ore favete onines et cingite temporarainis.. bit more they fear'd than tyrant's yoke, town, an oration is delivered before the

According to a standing vote of this Insidious faction's fury ; För oft a vorm destroys an oak,

municipal and executive officers and by Whose leaf that worm would bury.

another vote invariably repeated the orator is thanked " for the elegant and

spirited Oration, this dèny delivere<l by: Tlus rear'd our giant realm arose, him, at the request of the town, upon

And claim'd her sorereign charter:- the Annirersary of the tricependence Her üfe blood warın from Anans rose, of the’United States of America; in And all her sons from Sparta.

which, according to the institution of Bz FREE, Columnbia! proudest naine the town, he considered the feelings, Fame's berall wafts in story;

manners, and principles, which led to PE FREE, thou youngest child of Fame, the great national crent; and a copy

Rule, brightest heir of Glory. ALL&C., requested for the press."
Thy PREELE, mid the battle's ire, Whether on this occasion the cus.

Hath Africk's towers dejected':1 tomary compliment was omitted, or
And Lybia's sands have flash'd with fire, whether the natural diffidence of the
From EATON's sword reflected.

speaker prevented liis complying with The groves, which erst the hill or plain the request, we do not correcily under

Entrench'd from savage plunder, stand ; but certain it is the oration is
To Naiads turn’d, must cleave the main, not printed.
And sport with Neptune's thunder. A subject so interesting and impor-

ta:t as the birth of an extensive repub). For the Emerald.

lic will always supply materials, from SONG.

which genius will discourse with adini

ration, and eloquence inspire with de. Prox the East the god of day,

liglit. From the little village declaimUpwards drives his Haming way

ers “ who mistaka inclination for abili. Now the wheels which yonder glow, ty," we are never disappointed in not. Wake to joy the world below. finding either solidity of political in. Save where guilt and anxious pride, formation or elegance of rhetorical or. Seek on beds their pain to hide;

naniênt. But the selected orator for Or síth avarice and spite,

the capital of New-Englanıl has a reCurse the sorrows of the night."

sponsibilty which is not wured by the

All 6'c.


“ triteness of the subject," and an ob- bite of the other is extremely painf ligation which is not to be evaded by and poisonous. ordinary excuses. 11

We should be sorry that our street We are astonished at ngt finding Mrishould be deprived of so useful an Channing's oration in print, because nament as the Poplar, and beliere tk though he might feel both admiration further inquiry will prove the apprehen and despair” at the splendid glories of sione futile. It is an old pioverb, how an electric eloquence, which has blazed ever, that caution is safer than remed from the same place on similar occa- and it is much better $0examine a sions ; yet we know he must have risen leisure, than feel the effects of a fata. above that sleeping debility, for which experience. . the town otations will unhappily afford him an example.

We return our thanks to the obligina . We intended to have enriched the correspondent who favored us with the present number with'a review of a per- loan of several Monthly Magazinea. formance that always creates much ex As we procure for the use of our espectation ; butas we were not fortunate tablishment every English" and many enough to be within :"ear-shot" of its other European publications of merit, music, we are deprived the pleasure we, had already been in possession of we should otherwise experience. A the numbers which he sent us. We friend, however, who was. more favora- sensibly feel the value of his friendship bly situated, has promised us that it and hope the Emerald will frequently shall not sleep the sleep of death: but reflect the rays of his ingenuity and be entitled to whatever little life it can literature. derive from an analysis in the Emerald. We are desirous of preserving in the

In looking over our files of original Imerald the beautiful Ode on Ameri

communications, we find many unnoticcan Independence. It is from the same ed and more unpublished. The cause source wbich has often raised the zeal of such neglect is the determination of of patriotism by the fire of genius; and its editors that the Emerald shall mainwhen it is recollected that the present tain, by its purity and elegance, the was struck of at a heat," it will not rank to which ii aspires. Amatory diminish from the established celebrity of its author's reputation. Poetry and sick trifler, but it gives no amusement

sing-sóng may be pleasing to the love. eloquence are invaluable heralds of na

to the polite scholar ; and the turgid tional honor.

effusioris of an ungoverned imagination Dignum laude virum Musa vetat mori, may show marks of genius, in the theme Caio Musa beat.

of a Sophomore, but will add notbing to

the fame of the author or the gratificaA WORM is said to have been found tion of the public. Do we demand too on the Lombardy Poplars, whose sting much in requiring ingenuity of senti. is almost instant death. Many experi- ment or elegance of manner? We trust inents are making in New-York and the Emerald has shown that both can Philadelphia to determine the fact. be obtained. Let us direct the attenCats who have been bitten by this in- tion of our correspondents to the subsect have expired in convulsions, others jects of polite literature; when they wanhave not been effected. The alarm if 'det over the classic ground of antiquity, groundless ought to be quieted by a décor. through the patteries of modern tail of the experiments and their results, learning, they will find a range for the We would not excite needless appre powers of intellect, and models for the hensions, in saying that enough has ap- labor of industry. From these sources let peared to justify caution. Onc positive genius gather its treasures and their proof of injury is more decisive than lustre will nevertarnish. many instances where no harm has en.

Mortala facta peribunt sued. It is a fact that every individual of

Nedum sermonum stet konos & gratia

bivax. the same species of certain insects, wlio are known to be poisonous, have not equal power to destroy. One sex of BELCHER & ARMSTRONG, Printerss the common Wasp have no sting, the No. 70, State-Street.....Boston,


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