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even Lucifer himself could not but was the poet and critic too. Saarfind its sting. Macbeth in almost SPEARE the poet only ; but such as every situation, confesses his guilt, one as yet plunges into deeds of tenfold “We ne'er shall look upon his like borror. Lady Macbeth might be

again." also introduced here ; but female tenderness denies her savage temper. The most apparent touch,

For the Emerald. that distinguishes Macbeth from

DESULTORY SELECTIONS Satan, is in cowardice and mean prevarication; he exclaims,

And Original Remarks. “Thou canst not say I did it.”

A man seeing a wasp creep into

a phial filled with honey, that was to Banquo's ghost, because he only hung on a fruit tree, said thus : commanded his assassination : Mil-“Why, thou sotůsh animal

, art tox's hero gloried in his undoing ;lthou mad, to go into that phial, and,

where you see many hundred of “ fierce with grasped arms, your kind, dying before you ?" "Clash'd on his sounding shield the

« The reproach is just,” answered din of war, "Hurling defiance to the vault of the wasp, “but not from you men, heav'n.”

who are so far from taking exam

ple by other people's follies, that you SAAKSPEARE is like a cataract ;

will not take warning by your own. at one time rung through rocks and caverns vaming and terrifying; this phial, and escaping by chance,

If after falling several times into then sinking into a sluggish calm, I should fall in again, I should theri with nothing but the bubbles of his

but resemble you." Szist. former sublimity. Milton is a full, not overflowing river; and,

A Footman, newly married, delike the river to the sea, hastening sired his comrade to tell him freely, towards his illustrious design, never what the Town thought of it. When pausing, and seldom dangerous to somebody was telling a certain the passengers. The very foibles

great Minister, that the people were of one delusive and charming ; but discontented ;“ Poh," said he,“ half the other, if ever he should descend,

a dozen fools are prating in a Coffee is flat, and liable to inferiority from house, and presently think, the the nature of his performance.- noise about their own ears is the The wild scenery of SHAKESPEARE noise of the people.

Ilid. is the unconnected magic of MERLIN, variously diverting; that of A Lady, who had gailantries and Milton is like Plato's Elysium ; several children, told her husband, enchanting, yet, built on the basis he was like the aụstere man, who of an opinion, which bears the air reaped where he did not 86w: of probability:

Ibid. . In a word, the former was a man No man will take counsel, but of many faults and many virtues ; every man will take money ; there. the latter nearly a pattern of perfec- fore money is better than counse! tion-perfection attained by study

Ibid. and dint of learning. SHAXSPEARE Al Windsor I was obsen ing to was the child of fancy; MILTON my Lord Bolingbroke, that the the chud of judgment. MILTON tower, where the Maids of Horon


lodged, (who at that time were not The introduction to the characvery handsome) was much fre- ter of that eminent scholar is requented with crotvs. My Lord markably dignified. said, it was because they şmeli car

* But lo! once more return the haprion.


py hours Wlaen Stella was extremely ill, Learning revisits her forsaken bowers. her physicians said to her, Madam, To greet her loy'd approach, her cho you are near the bottom of the hill, sen band but we will endeavor to get you up 'Twas thus of old when sweld thç

In joyful ranks unites on Ganges'strand, again. She answered, “Doctor,

rushing Nile I fear I shall be out of breath before From Nubian hills or Meroes' sup burns I get up to the top.


At once, with all her priests, an awful I have often endeavored to estab

train, lish a friendship among all men of Transported Memphis issued on the genius, and would fain have it done. The white-robid pontiff watch'd the

plain ; They are seldom above three or sinking vale, four contemporaries and if they And waved his wand, and bade Osiris could be united, would drive the

hail. world before them.

Not with less rapture learning's votac

ries burn Swift to Pope, Sept. 20, 1723. And court her steps, and bless her The stoical scheme of supplying Full in their front with eye that ap.

glad return. our wants, by lopping off our de

wards soars sires; is like cutting off our feet, Apart the mighty Hierophant adores, when we want shoes. Swift. Accomplish'd Jones !" Ambition often puts men upon

GRANT places the Augustan era doing the meanest offices; so climb of Hindu Literature, about half a ing is performed in the same pos-century before Christ; of which ing is performed in the same pos- CALIDASA, the tragedian, was the ture with creeping."

principal ornament'; and the poet The following couplet from reflections on his being cotempora. WRANGHAM'S Poem, on the res- 'ry with the Roinan LUCRETIUS, toration of learning in the east, have been observed to discover which was among the candidates, genius and command of diction. for Mr. BUCHANAN's last prize, and While Asia's voice her Calidaşa blest. which was only not the best, may Hark! kindred spirits answer'd from as fairly be taken for the character the west. of Sir Wu. Jonés, ás perhaps any And-epic transports burst on Mincio's

There all his lofty tones Lucretius gave, thing that may ever be penned.

wave, His were the stores of LETTER'D While roy'd the Matin bee o'er sweet TIME ; comprest

est flow'rs The mind of ages in a single breast ! And all Hymettus bloom'd in Tibur's

bowers. The poem, that obtained the prize Oh, could some god have rent the veil on this occasion, was by CHAS. away, GRANT, Esq. of Magdalen College, And join'd in one the masters of the Cambridge, which indeed contains

lry! no couplet equally apposite on Sir

Illustrious names ! tho' breath'd the

mutual tone Wm. Joxes, yet abounds in beauti- in distani climes, unknowing and unful passages.


Yet kaply, by a viewless touch impelpd, po passion, and its effects vary, ac.
Your choral symphonies responsive cording to the climate and the cus..

And some spher'd seraph, with the

tom of the people. At Japan, for song beguilia, smild. instance, a man rips open his belly Leard from his rolling arb to hear, and in the presence of his adversary, «Silent” Musæ " inter arma." The who is obliged to do the same, on bard's apostrophe to war,

the pain of being looked upon as a "war, by thee dismay'd coward. In Italy, a man poinards, "The classic graces By their chevisb'd his enemy, which is much more shade;"

convenient. In Spain, they plange is fine; but the closing simile ad- their swords at each other with a mirable.

degree of gravity sufficient to make “Of their bright train, ere yet the war arise,


one die with laughter. In France, E'en from its distant rumor shrinks and they mount a coach together, exSo, ere it touch the steet, the solar ray change mutual civilities on their Plass offfrom the keen edge, and glides way, then alight in the Bois de Bour away.”

logne, and with the utmost pleas. The idea, that the very first tal- antry give one another the choice ents, “ ethereal energies," are the of having their throats cut, or theid pecabar glory of virtue, however, brains blown out. In England, they paradoxical, the poet enforces with lay their hat, wig, and clothes in the signal felicity, and with extreme middle of the street, and bruise each moral dignity vindicates the justice other with their fists, till they are of heaven, in the distribution of in- Itired. This effect of rage, the least tellectaal distinctions.

silly of all of them, inasmuch as it Talents, 'tis true, gay, quick, and bright, is the least dangerous, has its parhas God

ticular rules, from which the comTo virtue of denied, on vice bestowed; (batants must never deviate, and be Just as fond nature lovelier colours sides which the spectators always

brings To paint the insect's than the eagle's take care to be observed. But of our souls the high-born loftier combatants are forbid striking each

{heart, other any where below the waistTh' etherial energies that touch the band : they must not pull one anoConceptions ardent, labouring thought ther's hair, if they happen to have

intense, Creative fancy's wild magnificence,

any, nor must either strike his an And all the dread sublimities of song, Itagonist when he is down ; they These, virtue, these to thee alone be- may kill one another, if they can, long;

by blows on the head and breast, These are celestial all, nor kindred hold and the victor is carried off in tri: With aught of sordid ox debasing umph by the enraptured multitude

mould: Chillid by the breath of vice, their radi

ance dies, And brightest burns, when lighted at the skies,

CUSTOMERS OY A CIRCULATING Like sestal flames, to purest bosomş

given, And kindled only by a ray from heaven. bookseller, describing his custo,

« Five changes a day!" said the

mers, with quaint humour and OBSERVATIONS ON PASSION.

shrewd brexity jay, and coino In every counity of the world, for the sixth at night. I say, read mankind are more or less subject a book to the end, indeed. They,



begin with the end, return to the and brandy stains of my metaphytitle, skip preface, jump to middle, sicians. 0! but I must not for. dash again to end, and away for a- get to mention my whisperers, most nother volume! As to my folio of whom 'send confidentials; or and quarto gentry, Master Dug- such as venture themselves, hem, dale, Domine Chillingworth, Gaffer cough, blush, stammer, and so Clarendon, and such like old Gre- forth—have I got this!- could I cians, they don't come home forget that? for, for, for a friend in half a year; great bodies, move the country!" Others desire me slow.” 6 In the name of non- to make a parcel two-penny post sense," says one customer," why list-ready money own priceno do you send me such trumpery as questions asked to be called for this? Buffon's History, Harris's cash in hand and all in the way Hermes, Hume's Sketches, British of snug. Thus I dispose of my Zoology! Here! bring them in, good things—sometimes tucked if you can, Thomas ; they have al- between muslins, cambrics, silks, most broke down my coach.”. satins, or rolled in a bundle, then « Really, Sir, exclaims another thrown into a coach by some of my customer," sailing stately into the fair smugglers; the old ones, mean shop two lazy livery men behind, all while, mams and dads, never the be-book'd Really Sir, it is insult, wiser. Last enter, what I call my ing; your people will be troubling consumers—lasses, young and old, me with these contemptible things; who run over a novel of three, four, Children of Nature, Filiul Piety, or five volumes, faster than bookMisfortunes of Love !" (All this men can put them into boards: time her servants were unloading.) three sets a day; morning volume, “How often must I tell you, there noon volume and night volume. never were more than three or four Pretty caterpillars, as I call them, of these things, written since the because they devour my leaves. beginning of the world, worth, a ra- Devilish troublesome, though ; but tional woman's reading, and they write as much as they read, corare now as old as the poles ; and, responding misses, and so make it if you will persist in vexing my up to me in stationary. As to the nature with such trumpery, I posi- rational readers and writers, there tively must take my name out of must be a sprinkling of your high your books. You know. I study prizes; but they don't go much only metaphysics--Let me have out. I keep most of my wise ones. • Priestley on Necessity, Mande- to myself; such as Master Gibbon,

ville's Fable of the Bees; and you Domine Robertson, Old Verulam, may throw in some nonsense for and bold Sir Isaac.* the servants.”—Then fluttered out of their carriage a bevy of young

Books now, Kke coxcombs, have things. “ These," said the all their worth in their dress. They bookseller, “only read a volume or the splendor of literary foppery. if

are printed and embellished with all two in a week : toilette students, you hear any one praising a new publi. who just run over a letter or chap-cation, now-a-days, and ask him in ter at hair-dressing time: my books what its merits consist, he will describe come home so powdered, so pom

them thus : “ Sir, it is printed on

Whatman's best wire-wove paper, (soft atumed, so perfumed, my old dons and ladies declare they are worse in morocco, and, in a word, as elegant

as a glove,) the type beautiful, bound than the strong waters, snuff blots, and tasty a thing as ever was seen."

Tux Panorama, now exhibiting at endearments, by the glow that surns Charlestown, is worthy the attention of on the page of sentiment. It is this the amateur, the histographer, and the that makes us feel of one family, and patriot. The principal group, and the move at the interment of a Carter, best painted, is that where Sir Ralph as mourners at a sister's faneral

. Let Abercrombie is presenting a sword, stoics talk of such grief being in honor captured from a French officer, to Şir of ourselves. To gratify their 'sordid Şidney Smith, in recompense for his feelings, who is there that would check haring afforded him assistance, after the tear? Does it offend any in the being thrown from his horse. The brave literary world? Not one. It should General Moore, Sir Robert Wilson, the fall for literature and man, at the dehistorian of the war, and Col. Doyle make mise of her, who, in an age of vice and a distinguished figure upon the piece. of falsehood, had done so much to give

But the painter, Mr. Porter bas taken “ardour to virtue and confidence to a liberty with his subject, which though truth.” historical truth will not warrant, was If it be true, that improvement in doubiless politic and perhaps not unin morals is proportionate to improvement terestingHe seems to allow sargeant in mind, that there is a heaven for the St.Clair, of the 42d regiment, the credit truly learned, as well as the righteous : of taking the invincible standard of Mrs. Carter's apotheosis is already Bonaparte's legion, by representing him complete, and the "good and faithful in the act of seizing it from a French servant” been repeated from the lips of afficer, and yet, at a small distance, her own pictETUS. Editor. Antoine Lutz, of the Queen's German regiment who in fact took it, and brought

For the death of Mrs. C. see Month. it ir, is also in the act of obtaining one Lit. Adv. (Lond.) for March last. from another officer. It has been doubted whether St. Clair had anything to do with it, butif be really took it, it T. CORRESPONDENTS. is agreed that it was taken from him, and that Lutz afterwards seized it.

It is with regret that we decline iš. But by representing, both actions; asserting lines, which, for barmony of ver, facts happening at the saine moment, Mr. Porter involves himself in an incon?sification and purity diction, equal sisteney at the same time that he is af those of B. " To May." But the variforded sopportunity of complimenting ety of pieces we had previously 1cshe brave 42d regiment, as well as of ceived and published on similar subvoiding to hurt the feelings of Lutz. Whether St. Clair should have any

jects, constrains us., credit, is another consideration.

R** has dignified one of his.commuThe painting is lively, vivid and af nications for the present number with festing. We have no doubt every visit the title of translation from the Greek or experiences abundant gratification in contemplatióg it, especially as the print of MELEAGER. But from him we precipal characters represented are drawn fer indigenou plants to exotias. : from life.

Lines to M**** came too late for in

sertion in our last number. Literary Notice.

In Emerald, No. 2, we mentioned that Editorial duty is never more painful, a life of DERMODY, the Irish poet, was than when it exacts the notice of liter expected in January. We are happy in aby bereavement. There is an attach, being able this evening to offer aner ment for every son and daughter of re finement that makes us feel the loss of

tract from that work, one, who, though unseen was not und « The Fables” are continued in this known, and though a stranger, familiar number. A bound appetite can relish It is kindiked, not by the glance of the eye or the movement of a fair band

the fruits of truth and the flowers of bat by the interchange of intellectual' fiction.

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