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Morning, essay on

97 Wanderer, 1, 13, 25, 37, 49, 51, 72, 85,

109 97, 109, 121, 133, 145, 157, 169,
Music, essay on

169 181, 193, 205, 217, 229, 241, 353,
Effects of

321 265, 277, 299, 301, 313, 325, 337,

348, 361, 373, 385, 397, 409,
Nancy Nettletop, letter of

397 War of Troy, dissertation on the 39, 51
Natural History,
325 Washington, character of

Naples, account of its environs 171 | West's Portrait of Lord Nelson, ac-
New Constitution

count of

Novels, essay on

37, 232 Whitwell's B. poem, review of 292
Nothing, a poem, remarks on 127 Wine, the abuse of

Wives as they were and Maids as 50
they are, critique ou

Opinion, essay on

Wife of two husbands

Ordcal 294, 304, 338, 341, 352, 365,
376, 388, 399, 412


Absence, a pastoral
Passion, observations on

67 Address to M****
Patience, essay on
361 Advice to a Lady

Pizarro, critique on
329 Africa,

Phi-Beta-Kappa Society performan.

Alcanzar and Zaida

221 | Ambition, folly of

Pleasure, essay on

49 | Anacreontic

227, 408
Pride of Wealth, essay on
1) Arcadia

Progress of Fiction

385 ) Arabian Maid's invocation to the
Provoked Husband, critique on 400 moon

172 Ballad, a

Banish sorrow

Quackery, essay on
77 Beautiful girl, the


Carnation, on the poem of 312
Sailor's Marriage
20 | Calistratus, Hymn of

Satire on woman, essay on
75, 313 Choice, the

140, 155, 166
School of Reform, critique on 390, 399 | Company, a simile

Schiller Frederic, life of 41, 52 Corinas, epitaph on

Secrets worth knowing critique on 341 Content, ode to

Shakespeare and Milton compared 64 Cupid runaway,

's works concerning 241, 253

Sheridan R. B. Life of 374, 387

Daughters, to

Sporting Intelligence

Deserted Village, Arabian

Speed the Plough, critique on

Death's conquest.

St. Pierre, account of

Dedicatory Hymn,

Suspense, Essay on

181 Dibden, song by
Subscription papers


Disappointment, to
Dyer, the

Elegy on a friend

Taste, varieties of


Tale Bearer


Epigrams 12, 36, 60, 96, 144, 156, 215
for the Ladies


252, 276, 322, 359, 372, 386, 396
Talkers and Hearers


408, 420
Temple of Scandal


The Babler

Theatric Remarks 5, 316 (see Ordeal) Fables-No. 16, Sailor and Bramin 71

Travel, essay on

No. 17, Dog and Boys

Turks antithetical character of 175

18, Dancing Bear
Tyrinthians, character of the 63

19, The Leopard and the Lion 215

20, Virtuoso and Butterfly 323
21, Fox and Goat

Vanity, essay on

193 22, Jackal and Camelion 395
Venice preserved, critique on, 353, 376 23, The Metamorphosed Mole
Universal language

and the Lamb






0. Fashion, Ode to 21 Odes Masonic,

168 Friendship, 359 to Health

203 G.

translation of a Greek 215 Girl whom we love, 251 to Glory

263 of my heart 396 to Memory

385 Glory, an ode 263 to Winter

407 Good bye and How di'y'do $12 to Fashion,

21 Grasshopper, to the


P. Gustavus Vasa,

420 | Palmira

324, 336, 348, 359 H,

Penelope Happy life 276 Pills,

311 Hclicodora, death of 72 Pity

60 Health, an ocie 203 Pleasure's hark away

35 Horace's 9th ode

57 Porter, directions to the Hope 264 | Poet's evening

311, Humanity 395 | Psalm

251 Hymn to Healti


Rose, the

36, 168 Idyll, version of Meleager's 96 Rose bud

386 Inscription on the bank of a river 420 Rural Inscription

386 Job, paraphrase of


Sculptor, to a

96 Know Yourself 179, 203 Saundus, imitation of

286 L. Seasons, the

119 Lelia, to 264 Shipwreck

179 Lines to a young Lady 263 Snow-Spirit

263 by Mrs. Carter 263 Solitude

311 Love

275 Songs 83, 84, 120, 131, 143, 144, 156 Lover's pride

276 204, 299, 300. Lucy, to 35 Sports of Venus

236 Mali, a satire 70, 82, 95 Spring, ode to

12, 57 Maritime deities, petition to 330 Sympathy

143 Memory, an ode


T. Mothers, for 36 The sweet neglect

180 Morning 119 Time's defeat

372 Mungo Park, lines on


V. Myself 407 Vacui lusimus

167 N.

W. Nelson, death of 214 Wandering Mary

335 Nightingale, lines on a 72 Wisdom of Providence

11 0. Wine, rosy wine, song

35 Ode, 4th July, 1806 131 (Winter, an ode.


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would operate like electricity and shock thee into feeling.

What cause for pomp has “ poor FOR THE EMERALD.

human nature? Is it wealth? We

are in this house but a moment. THE WANDERER, Can it be cause of self-gratulation No. 61.

to monopolize every thing, when

we can carry out of it nothing? Is Take physie, pornp.!

it strength ? An insect can sting it

away. Is it beauty? A sun-beam So various are the abuses of pros-or dew-drop may in a moment deperity, so multiplied the infirmities stroy it. Is it wit ? “ Alas, poor of the affluent, that we every day have Yorick!" Is it wrsdom? «The wisest” rrore or less occasion to exclaim, was the meanest of mankind. “Trke Take physic, pomp!The sick physic, pomp.!" Go to philosophy are not confined to chambers. At and follow her prescription! Drink the corners of streets and on the so- deep of self-knowledge. It is a bitter fas of parlours, in boxes at the the-drug. It must kill or cure. But atre and on the benches of the ball- either saves us. room, “he, that can med'cine to the But Shakespeare by pomp meant mind diseased," may find patients wealth and truly wealth and pomp innumerable, that will keep him in are nearly synonimous. There is practice as long as he lives. la pride of purse that is pitiful. It

Wno art thou, that darest vaunt prevails no where so universally and thyself in the face of heaven, and in so great a degree as in this mewhat is the cause of thy vaunting ?tropolis. We have but few among Art thou the owner of immense the opulent, that can take merit by tracts of territory; further than the the hand and lead it forward in life. eye can reach do thy possessions All that seems here to give rank, is extend? What then? The grave wealth ; and yet the distinctions of is all thou art heir to, and the worms society, are as rigidly regarded as will dispute with thee the possession if they had better foundation. The of that. Thou art at best merely formalities of etiquette are as punc-. tenant at sufferance of any one par- tiliously observed, as if they were ticle of that earth, over which thou tests of worth, or criterions of unpretendest title. Shame burn thy derstanding, Talent is no ticket proud heart to cinders! « Take phy- of admission to genteel company. sic, pomp!Look from the win- In the circles of the affluent judows of thy splendid mansion to venile meril can find no patron. the house appointed for all living. Any one there would be ashamed to One knock of Death at thy door i countenance worth that was poor.



A smile would be condescension physic, pomp.!Thy vision is oband notice disgraceful. A frigid su- scured. Purge it with euphrasy. perciliousness of deportment damps Let the scales fall from thy eyes, the ardor of genius and checks the that thou mayest see merit, and aspirations of laudable ambition. when once seen, for the honor of This is the curse, that attends a humanity, cease to say, I know commercial people.

The circu- thee not." lating medium becomes a standard

When I see a man of pride, with to test not only the value of mate-isicles on his brow, send a beggar, rials, but the value of men. Where that asks alms, to the work house, wealth is the only distinction, men

“ for the Select-men have provided make it their only .object, and to for you ;" I pass him in scorn. obtain it, think nothing a sacrifice. Hast thou so much pride, and canst Since riches alone sanctify and show po sympathy for her, that has make honorable, without regard to little ? « Take physic, pomp !" the means of acquiring them, it There, grandmother, is enough to should excite no wonder, that men get thee a dinner. Abundance are so prone to keep constantly in should administer to indigence. view the end, with as little regard Ye, that abound in superfluities, reto the means. Thus, the love of member there are those, that want Wealth approximates the love of necessaries. fame, till it creates a sordid con

« Shake the superflux to them,

And show the heavens more just.!” tempt for what is in truth the first born of this nobler passion. The

See that affluent despoiler of femerchant despises the man, whose male innocence! He has just set horizon is not confined to the walls out in his career of crime, as yet a of his counting room. He consid- noviciate in fashionable iniquity, ers literary ambition a disgrace,

Take" what? and shuns the imputation of litera "Not poppy nor mandagora, ry excellence, as reproachful.

Nor all the drowsy syrups of the east,

Can ever medicine him to that sweet true is tliis, that a young gentle

sleep, man in trade, that would indulge which he had yesternight.” literary propensities, is driven to

There are many infirmities of countless shifts and expedients to the affluent, to which medicine save his credit.

If he write, he should be gratuitously administer must write by stealth. If he ad. ed. But the Wanderer is already vance an opinion on any general weary of his ramble, and can visit topic, he takes care that it is out of patients no longer. To cure all the hearing of his bustling com- the follies of pomp belongs only to panions on 'Change, who know Bo “ The physician of value.” The other figure, than an arithmetical attempt by man would be hopeless. sign, and never came to any other No drug-shop could afford antiresult, than the foot of their ac- dotes enough for the poison. count. From this last charge a few should be excepted. But age has given firmness to their nerves

BIOGRAPHY. and a hardihood to their characters. Even these, however, are not ex- Some account of Vincent de Paul, the empt from the odium consequent

founder of several charitable institutionaa n the truth of the first. « Take

VINCENT DE Paul was born 1576, in a village near the Pyrenecs. He


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