Beyond the Firmament: Understanding Science and the Theology of Creation

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Watertree Press LLC, 2007 - 228 pages
As debates within the Church over the scientific details of creation become more frequent, the experts seem to grow more entrenched while the rest of us only become more confused. Somewhere between the endless arguments over distant starlight and Carbon-14 dating, calculating the mathematical improbabilities of things that already exist, and parsing ancient Hebrew and Greek, somebody needs to ask the simple question, If 3,500 years of scientific progress can't help modern Christians figure out Genesis, then how could the ancient Israelities possibly have understood it so well? What secret did this newly liberated gaggle of Hebrew nomads take with them out of Egypt that holds the key to understanding God's telling of His own creation story? Beyond the Firmament challenges all creationist camps --whether Young-Earth, Old-Earth, or Theistic Evolutionist -- to step outside of traditional paradigms and recognize how our modern, Western, post-Enlightenment scientific worldview actually blinds us from seeing the simple truth of Creation as it was originally intended, and how our failure to grasp the theological significance of the Biblical creation model puts science and faith on a collision course.

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What Do We Know and How Do We Know
The Context of Creation
Missing the Point of Genesis
Learning from Our Mistakes
The Apparent Age of the Universe
The Challenge of Cosmic History
The Challenge of Geologic History
A Record of Creation
The Universal Tree of Life

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Gordon J. Glover served 10 years in the U.S. Navy as a Deep Sea Diver and Ocean Engineer before settling down in the Baltimore-Washington area with his wife Kathryn, and their three children: Dabney, Truitt and Bryn. He can be contacted online at

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