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the German War-Severe Remarks on the Alli.

ances entered into with some of the continental

Powers-Ingenious Defence set up by the Advo.

Effects of the late King's partiality to his native Do. cates for the German War-Result of this political

minjons-Circumstances attending the Accession Controversy-Effect of the English Ambassador's

of the new Sovereign-His Majesty's first Speech Remonstrances at the Court of Madrid-His Con.

to both houses of Parliament-Addresses of the jectures on the Causes of a sudden Revolution in

Lords and Commons-Supply voted-Establishment the Spanish Councils—Propriety of his Conduct in

of the Civil List-Sums granted for the Support so delicate a Conjuncture-A clear and categorical

of the German Confederacy-Subsidy to Prussia- Explanation at length insisted upon - General

Vote of Compensation to the Provinces in North Wall's Letter-Manifesto delivered by the Count

America for their strenuous Efforts - Ballot for de Fuentes, and Lord Egremont's Refutation of it 2)

Milnia productive of a dreadful Riot at Hexham-

Loan of twelve millions-Violent outcry against


the New Duty on Beer-Bad consequences of the War declared against Spain-Debate in the Lords-
opposition to the Compulsive Clause in the new Protest on a Motion for withdrawing the Troops
Act of Insolvency-King's Speech for making the from Germany-Popularity of this Protest-Duiy
Judges independent of the demise of the Crown- on Beer and Ale causes a Tumult in London
Ready Concurrence of both Houses in so patriotic Amendments of the Militia Laws-An Act for
a Proposal-Arthur Onslow, Speaker of the House Registering of Parish Children --Bill for the Exten.
of Commons for thirty-three years, retires-Two sion of the Duke of Bridgewater's Canals-Account
remarkable points in his Majesty's Farewell Speech of Harrison's time piece and Irwin's Marine-chair
to the Parliament-Advantageous Position of the - Addition to the former Grants of the Commons
French in their Winter Cantonments-Prince Fer- - His Majesty's Message on the imminent Danger
dinand's extensive Plan of Attack-Fritzlar and of Portugal-The Session closed with a Speech
several Magazines taken-General Sporken's rapid from the Throne-Extraordinary Change in the
Progress on the side of Saxony-First Check in this King of Prussia's Situation, occasioned by the
extraordinary career of Success-Steps taken by Death of the Empress of Russia-Steps immedi.
Marshal Broglio to drive the Allies out of Hesse- ately taken by her Successor, Peter III.-Deposition
Defeat of the Troops under the Hereditary Prince- and Death of Peter III.-Prudent Policy of the
The King's Sentiments on the proper use of Con. Empress Catherine II. - Sketch of the Prussian

...Page 11 Operations during the remainder of the Campaign

-Victory obtained by the Allies at Graebenstein

- This Action a Prelude to Enterprises in which
Grcumstances which led to the proposal of a Con. Gottingen and Cassel were recovered, and the

gress at Augsburg-Plausible Reasons for previ. French almost totally driven out of Hesse-State
ously setting ca foot a distinct Negotiation at Lon. of Portugal when threatened by the Bourbon Con.
don and Paris-Mr. Pitt unfavorable to a Peace- federacy-Memorial presented to the Court of Lis.
Secret intrigues of the French Ministry at the bon by the Ministers of France and Spain -Reply,
Court of Madrid-Difficulties about the mutual re- followed by a declaration of War-Immediate and
taining of Possessions-Survey of hostile opera. effectual Assistance afforded by Great Britain-
tions during the Suspension of the Treaty-Expe. Lord Tyrawley dissatisfied with the Portuguese
dition against Belleisle—the Negotiation resumed- Ministry, and recalled-Plan of the Campaign-
Remarks on the two main Points of Dispute-In- Progress of the Spanish Army under the Marquis
flexibility of the English Secretary-Some account de Sarria-Almeida taken, and a considerable part
of the Family Compact-Candid Inquiries on which of the Province of Beira overrun by Spanish
side the chief blame lay-The Treaty finally bro. Troops-Good Consequences of the Count de la
ken off ...

..... 18

Lippe's Arrival in Portugal-Surprise of Valencia

d'Alcantara by General Burgoyne-Another more

decisive blow struck by the same General and Colo.

Proofs of the King's Exemption from personal or po- nel Lee at Villa Velha-The Spaniards forced to

litical Prejudices-His Majesty's Choice of a Con- retreat to their own Frontiers-Triumphs of Great

sort, the Princess Charlotte of Mecklenburgh-Em. Britain at Sea-Descent on the Island of Martinico

bassy sent to make the Demand of her most Serene --Surrender of the Island - Submission of the

Highness; with an Account of her Voyage-Her Grenades, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, and other depend.

Journey to London, her Reception and Nuptials- ent Isles-Armament destined against the Havan.

Preparations made for the Coronation of their Ma. nah, its Harbor described-Siege of the Moro-

jesties-Entertainment given to the Royal Family The Moro stormed and carried by assault-Opera.

at Guildhall-Some rising Clouds in the political tions against the Town, and its Surrender-Im.

Hemisphere—The Spanish Ambassador's Explana. portance of this Conquest-Capture of the Her.

tion not deemed satisfactory-Orders sent to the mione, a Spanish Register-ship-- Invasion of the

Earl of Bristol at Madrid-His Excellency's Dis. Philippines designed – Celerity of the Prepara.

patches in Reply-Warm Debates in the Cabinet on tions made for it at Madras- Arrival of the Squad:

Mr. Pitt's Proposal to attack Spain without farther ron at Manilla-The Town taken by Storm, but

Delay-His Resolution, with the President's An. saved from a justly merited Pllage- The Galleon

swer-His Interview with the King, on resigning from Manilla to Acapulco taken- The only excep.

the Seals of his office-Lord Temple's Resignation tion to the Universal Success of the British Arms,

-Violent Conflict between the Admirers and the the Failure of a private Expedition against Buenos

Censurers of Mr. Pitt's Conduct sanctioned by the Ayres-Summary of the Disasters sustained by

Abbe Raynal-Farther Instructions sent by the Spain during her short Concern in the War-

new Secretary of State to the British Ambassador France involved in the like Calamities- Attempt

at Madrid-Steps taken by the Ministry-Meeting to burn the British Squadron in the Bay of Basque

of the New Parliament- His Majesty's Speech - Newfoundland taken and retaken-A Negolia

Message to the Queen; and the Dowry granted her tion the only resource of the House of Bourbon 39

in rase she should survive bis Majesty-Repeal of

the compelling Clause in the Insolvent Act-Alac-


rity of the Commons in providing for the service of Causes and Effects of the sincere dispositions of al.

the ensuing Year-Debate on the Expediency of Parties towards Peace-Motives of National Policy

for encouraging Pacific Proposals–Want of perfect |


Harmony in the Cabinet-Changes in Administra.

tion-Dukes of Bedford and Nivernois employed in Inquiry into the Causes of the Renewal of Hostili.

the Negotiation-Difference between this and the ties with the Savage Tribes of America-Extent of

Treaty in 1761-Conduct of the Courts with Re. the Governments of Quebec, of East and West

spect to their German Allies-Change in the Be. Florida-Incitements to War on the Part of the

havior of the British Ministry towards the King of Indians-Military operations against the Indians,

Prussia justified-France guided by the same alter- and Peace with them-Impolitic Suppression of

ation of Circumstances; and the Peace of Germany the commercial Intercourse between the British

restored – The Article relating to Portugal very and Spanish Plantations, and between the Ameri.

easily settled-Circumstance which facilitated the can Colonies and the French Islands Colonists

Adjustment of Great Britain's direct Concerns- refuse Compensation for the Stamp Duties-State

Extent of her Acquisitions in North America by of the British Logwood-cutters in the Bay of Hon-

this treaty-Terms annexed to the Surrender of St. duras-French atone for outrage at Turks Island

Pierre and Miquelon-Spain's Renunciation of her -Progress of American Stamp Act through both

Pretensions to the Fishery-Arrangement respecting Houses -- Prevention of Smuggling -- Purchase of
the French West India Islands- The Havannah re- the Sovereignty of the Isle of Man-A Regency

stored on very moderate Terms-Cession and Ex. Bill recommended by his Majesty-New Adminis.

change of the other Conquests in Africa, the East tration formed by the Duke of Cumberland..... 83

Indies, and Europe-Sacrifice made by France to

the honor of Great Britain, in suppressing the old


Claim on Account of Prizes before the Declaration Mir Cossim's Endeavors to shake off the India Com

of War-Preliminaries signed by the British and pany's yoke-Military Operations which effected

French Ministers at Fontainbleau-Disputes con. The entire Conquest of Bengal-Appointment and

cerning the articles of the Peace-Coalition be. departure of a select Committee for Bengal, Treaty

tween the Duke of Newcastle's and Mr. Pitt's Ad. concluded by Lord Clive with the Nabob of Oude-

herents-Meeting of Parliament-Conflict in the Violent Proceedings against the Stamp Act in

House of Commons-The Security of our Colonies North America-Debates and Proceedings in Eng.

-Majority in Favor of the Address-Arrival of land as to the right of Taxing the Colonies-Causes

three Cherokee Chiefs in England...
58 of a sudden Change in the Ministry...




Philosophical Survey of Europe at the Close of the Alarming Scarcity of Provisions-Dispute between
War--State of Russia-Of Denmark-Of Sweden the Proprietors and the Directors of the East India
- The King of Prussia and the Empress—Internal Company-Substance of the King's Speech at the

Distractions of France-Situation of Spain; and Meeting of Parliament-Bill of Indemnity-Reduc-

Security of Great Britain--Multiplied Concerns of tion of the Land-lax carried against the Minister

the English Government-Plan of Economy pur- - The India Company's Right to Territorial Ac.

sued by the Ministers-Scheme of the Supplieg- quisitions debated-Proposals of the Company ac-

Proposed System of Finance censured by the Oppo. cepted-Bill for regulating India Dividends--Duties

sition--Instructions and Petitions of the city of laid on certain Imports from Great Britain to

London against the Cider Tax-Earl of Bute's America; and measures taken to restrain the tur.

Resignation-His Majesty's Speech at the Close of bulent Spirit of the Assembly of New York--Some

the Session-Some Account of Mr. Wilkes, and of Changes in the Great Offices of the State-The

the Libel entitled the “North Briton"-Wilkes's Ministry strongly opposed on the Nullum Tempus

Commitment to the Tower-Writ of Habeas Corpus Bill – Corporation of Oxford reprimanded for

for bringing Wilkes before the Court of Common Venality-Popularity in Ireland of the Octennial

Pleas-He is remanded to the Tower-His second Bill


Speech at the Bar of the Court-Mr. Wilkes's Case

considered under three heads by Lord Chief Justice


Prate-Commitment not illegal-The Specification General Election-View of Wilkes's Conduct and

of Passages in the Libel not necessary in the War- Adventures since his Flight from Justice-Violent

rant-Validity of the Plea of Privilege allowed in Opposition to the Port-duties in America-Acts of

Cases of Libels--Attempts to bring about a Coali. the Convention-Debate-Wilkes's Petition to the

tion of Parties - Promotions occasioned by Lord Commons; and his Appeal to the Lords on a Writ

Egremont's Death-King's Speech at the Meeting of Error--Institution of the Royal Academy-De-

of Parliament-Message about Wilkes to the House bate on the American Atfairs-Civil List Debt-

of Commons-The North Briton voted a Libel Hearing of Wilkes's alleged Grievances - Suc-

Wilkes's Complaint of a Breach of Privilege-De. cessive Expulsions of Mr. Wilkes - War with

bate on the adjourned consideration of his Ma- Hyder Ally in the East Indies-Non-importation

jesty's Message-Pitt's Speech on the Surrender of Agreement, and other Proceedings in America-

Privilege-Other Arguments in support of Parlia. Desertions from Ministry-Changes that followed

mentary Privilege-The Resolution, " That Privi. -Endeavors of the Opposition to aggravate Dis.

lege does not extend to Libels," carried in the Com. content-London Remonstrance, and his Majesty's

mons, and concurred in by the Lords---Concurrence Answer-Grenville's Bill for regulating the Pro-

of the Lords in other Resolutions of the Lower ceedings on controverted Elections - Partial Re-

House concerning the Libel-The Sheriffs obstruct. peal of the American Port-duties-Affray between

ed in burning the North Briton-Duel between ihc Townsmen of Boston and the Troops ......113

Martin and Wilkes—The King's Message on the

Marriage of the Princess Augusta to the Hereditary


Prince (now Duke) of Brunswick-Verdict obtained Another Remonstrance from the City of London ;

by Wilkes in the Court of Common Pleas-Lord with the King's Answer, and Beckford's Reply-

Chief Justice's Opinion on the Illegality of General View of Wilkes's political Career--Dispute with

Warrants-Proceedings of the Cominons to ascer. Spain relative to Falkland Islands - Proceedings

tain the State of Wilkes's Health -- His Letter of the Commons against Printers; and Commit

from Paris deemed nugatory, and he hiniself found ment of the Lord Mayor, and of Alderman Oliver,

guilty of a Contempt of the Authority of Parlia. to the Tower-Bill for disfranchising the Members

meni-Convicted of being the Author of the con- of the Christian Club at New Shoreham - More

demned Libel, and expelled-His " Essay on Wo. Remonstrances to the Throne from the City of Lon.

men" laid before the House of Lords, who proceed don-- Unsuccessful Attempts to enlarge religious

against him for a Breach of Privilege, while he is Liberty-Act for restraining the future Marriages

indicted in the Courts below for Blasphemy-The of the Royal Family – Carolina Matilda falls a

Ministry very hard pushed in the Debate on Gene. Victim to the intrigues of the Queen Dowager of

ral Warrants-New Plan of National Supplies- Denmark-Changes in the British Ministry-Com.

Resolutions concerning the American Trade-Bill mittee of Secrecy – The Embarrassments of the

for restraining Abuses and Frauds in the Practice East India Company - Charges brought against

of Franking-Observations on General Conway's Lord Clive; his Acquittal; and Suicide--Bill for


67 Management of the East India Company's Affairs

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