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In my pastorate of a quarter of a century at the Capital of the Nation, I have taught the Old Testament in two of the educational institutions of the city. While thus teaching the historical books in 1894, I was impressed with the need of a harmony for the profitable study of the period of the kings of Israel and Judah. I made inquiries at the Congressional Library, and wrote to several theological professors for information concerning an Old Testament harmony, and could find none.

I read a paper before the Presbyterian Association on the Peculiarities of Chronicles, the substance of which will be found in Appendix C, and was requested to prepare such a harmony for publication. I first prepared a harmony of the historical books, Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles. Later I enlarged the plan so as to include all parallel passages in the poetical and prophetical books narrating the history of the Monarchy from the first king to the return from exile.

My double labor of preaching and teaching prevented me from typewriting it for publication. While thus delayed, two works appeared almost simultaneously, one in America, and one in England, * that were similar in plan to the two I had prepared, but in neither of the two was the harmony arranged in parallel columns so as to correspond line for line, the parallel parts being often on different parts of the page, and sometimes on different pages.'

Having resigned my pastorate in 1898, I for the third time enlarged the plan of the book, and prepared, as I think, the first interwoven history of the period of the Monarchy, and combined with it the first harmony of parallel passages, which correspond to each other, and to the history on the opposite page, line for


This Interwoven History, which comprises all of six consecutive books and parts of four others, does for the Old Testament what the several Interwoven Gospels do for the New Testament. It is presented in modern literary form, doing away with the arbitrary divisions of Chapter and verse, save for reference, The Scripture language is not changed, but there is a rearrangement of the


By William Day Crockett, A.M., New York, 1897.

By Andrew Wood, A.M., London, 1896.

narrative of the teachings, incidents, and events of each book, and combining and interweaving the narrative of different books so as to make a complete, comprehensive and connected e pluribus unum story of the Royal Houses of Israel and Judah that attracts and interests and helps to a clear view of the period, as the separated narratives can not do.

Whenever and wherever there is more than one record of the same incident or event, there is an accurately arranged harmony of the parallel passages showing to the eye the likenesses or unlikenesses, the agreements or disagreements of the two records, and also the omissions or additions of either record. This correspondence of the parallel columns is made apparent 1, By blank spaces, which indicate the omission of either record. 2 By a parenthesis ( ), enclosing parts of passages in both columns which are similar in subject matter, but dissimilar in other respects. 3 By parentheses (( )) which indicate a difference, disagreement or discrepancy in the subject matter of the enclosed corresponding parts.

The harmony thus arranged is put on the page opposite the history, and corresponds to it line for line, so that the history is explained and veritied by the harmony, and the harmony is unified and made available to the reader by the history interwoven from it.

It is my hope that this first interwoven history of six consecutive books and parts of nearly as many other books of the Old Testament will furnish a ready reference for the busy clergyman, Sabbath School teacher and Bible reader, to obtain a complete knowledge of every incident, event or teaching recorded in one or more of the Scriptures of this period, and at the same time give a clearer understanding of the unified history as a comprehensive whole. G. O. L.



I—THE ISRAELITES DEMAND A KING Elders Ask for a King—God's Consent-Protest and Warning of Samuel-Saul the Benja

mite Designated and Anointed by Samuel-Elected King at National AssemblyJabesh-Gilead Delivered—Saul Inaugurated at Gilgal-Samuel's Address............

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II–Saul's DOUBLE DISOBEDIENCE Saul Offers the Burnt Offering—The First Sentence for First Disobedience-Jonathan's

Daring Exploit-Philistines' Discomfiture-Hasty Oath of Saul-Pursuit StoppedSaul's Wars–Second Disobedience and Sentence—The Kingdom Rent from Saul....


III-DAVID'S VICTORY OVER GOLIATH David Privately Chosen and Anointed by Samuel-Introduced to the Court of Saul as a

Harper—Goliath's Challenge—David Sent to His Brethren-David's Fight with Goliath-Jealousy of Saul Aroused by Women's Song....



IV-SAUL's INJUSTICE AND VIOLENCE TO DAVID Saul's Two Artful Proposals for David's Marriage with His Two Daughters-Attempts

on David's Life-Escape to Samuel-Flight to Jonathan—The Mutual Covenant—The Final Parting ........



V-DAVID A FUGITIVE AND OUTLAW David's Final Flight-Goes to Achish King of Gath-An Outlaw at Adullam-Psalms

LXVI, XXXIV–Saul's Massacre of Priests of Nob by Doeg—Psalm LII—Keilah Saved-Philistines Smitten-David Betrayed by the Ziphites-Coming of New Warriors—Psalm LIV—David Spares Saul's Life at Engedi-His Interview and Covenant With Saul—Psalms LVII, CXLII-Death and Burial of Samuel-Nabal and Abigail-Second Betrayal by the Ziphites,Second Sparing of Saul's Life—Psalm LXIII



VI-AN EXILE IN THE LAND OF THE PHILISTINES Second Flight to Achish King of Gath—Ziklag Assigned to Him-New Accessions-Con

fidence of Achish–Suspicion of Rulers—David Sent Back-Ziklag Smitten and Burned-David's Pursuit, Rescue of Captives and Recovery of Spoil-Divison and Distribution of the Spoil. ......




Two Philistine Invasions Repelled-Exploits against Philistine Giants-Hiram King of

Tyre Sends Messengers, Masons and Carpenters to David-David's Song of Thanks-
giving—Chief Officials—David's Kindness to Jonathan's Son Mephibosheth. .......... 48


First Victory Over the Ammonites—Victory Over the Syrians—Second Victory Over the

Ammonites-David's Double Sin-Death of Uriah-Marriage with Bath-sheba-
Nathan's Parable and Rebuke-David's Penitence-Penitential Psalm-Death of
Child Born to Them-Capture of Rabbah-Victory Over Moab-Syrians Defeated-
Victory in the Valley of Salt-David's Proposal to Build an House for the Ark-
God's Promises to David-David's Response. ......



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