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The History of John Gilpin ....
The Yearly Distress, or Titbing Time at Stock in

Lines addressed to Dr. Darwin
On Mrs. Montague's Featber Hangings.
Sonnet addressed to H. Cowper, Esq..
The Morning Dream ...
Verses printed at the Bottom of the Yearly Bill of

Mortality of the Town of Northampton, Dec.

21, 1787.
On a Similar Occasion, for tbe Year
Inscription for the Tomb of Mr. Hamilton..
The Poplar Field.
Idem Latine Redditum..
Epitaph on a Harc. ......
Epitapbium Alterum
Note to Line 7, Page 85. ....

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Page 3, line 22, for umber, read lumber.

271, 4, for Mrs. read Lady.

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Historical dedu&tion of seats, from the stool to the Sofa.-A

School.boy's ramble.--- A walk in tbe country.The scene described.--Rural sounds as well as fights delightful.Another walk.--Mistake concerning tbe charms of solitude corrected. Colonnades commended, —- Alcove, and the view from it. The wilderness. The grove. --The thresher.- The necessity and benefits of exercise. The works of nature superior to, and in some instances inimitable by, art. -The wearisomeness of what is commonly called a life of pleasure.--Change of scene sometimes expedient.-A common described, and the charater of crazy Kate introduced.-Giplies.The blessings of civilized life.-That siate moji favourable to virtue.-Tbe South Sea islanders compassionated, but chiefly Omai. --His present state of mind supposed.---Civilized life friendly to virtue, but not great cities.-Great cities, and London in particular, allowea their due praise, but censured.--Fete

champetre. The book concludes with a reflection on the fatal effects of disipation and effeminacy upon our public measures.

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SING the Sofa. I, who lately sang
Truth, Hope, and Charity *, and touch'd with awe
The solemn chords, and with a trembling hand,
Escap'd with pain from that advent'rous flight,
Now seek repose upon an humbler theme ;
The theme though humble, yet august and proud
Th' occafion--for the Fair commands the song.

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Time was, when clothing sumptuous or for use,
Save their own painted skins, our fires had none.
As yet black breeches were not; latin smooth,
Or velvet soft, or plush with shaggy pile :

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