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ment, to keep Christ's word and not deny his name,” that when he shall say, “Behold, I have set before thee an open door"—he will not fail to add, as in the text," and no man shall shut it.”

For Christ is, as we have already observed, supreme in the orders of his Providence. The holy One and the true, he that hath “ the key of David," will take care that, as when he shutteth, none shall open, so that when he sets before us an open door, no man shall shut it.

Christ also has all hearts in his hands. He turned away from his Church the persecution of the furious bigot Saul, by that grace which made him " preacher of the faith which once he destroyed." He

opened the heart of Lydia." His “hand was with the apostle at Antioch, and “many believed and turned unto the Lord."

Christ can, moreover, overrule all apparently ad, verse events to the ultimate good of his Church.

My thoughts are not as your thoughts, saith the Lord; neither are your ways, my ways; for as the heaven is high above the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.” “The wrath of man shall praise him, and the remainder of wrath he shall restrain.”

Christ also, after humbling and chastising his Church, is generally pleased to exalt it. A season of peculiar difficulty, of little strength, of extraor. dinary depression, trial and sorrow, is often the prelude to great spiritual success. When the door seems close shut, and no one to go in or go out; then unexpectedly the portals open, and grace is vouchsafed from on high. It is in this way that man is humbled, and instruments seen to be ineffectual of themselves, and Christ alone magnified and extolled in the operations of his grace.

Never perhaps was such a door opened as to external things, for usefulness to a Church and nation,

since the ascension of our Lord, as is now opened to us in British India. The universal peace for twenty years past resembles, in some degree, that which preceded the first propagation of the Gospel. If, then, we “keep Christ's word and deny not his name” during our weakness as to the details of Christian worship, doctrine, and the extension and success of missions, we may humbly hope that Christ will approve our incipient attempts, and will set before us, both in temporal and spiritual respects, “an open door which no man shall be able to shut.”

Let each one, then, first apply the general subject we have been discussing, to himself and his own salvation. Let each one enter by the opened door of faith and grace in Christ Jesus. “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the Churches.” The door of utterance and usefulness as to the Church, is the door of salvation as to you. Whatever be your larger or smaller opportunities outwardly, there stands open spiritually, the door of grace in the gospel, by which you are invited to enter. Yield then to Christ's invitation. Knock as a suppliant at the gate of mercy. Repent and turn to God. Enter in before the Bridegroom cometh, and they that are ready having gone in with him to the marriage, the door be shut. “Now is the accepted time, and now is the day of salvation." The Bible is open before you. Salvation is open before you. He that hath key of David” presents himself to you in his gospel. And he will open to you and admit you amongst his invited guests, and give you pardon and acceptance and every blessing, if you apply to him aright.

But, remember, he is “the holy One and the true.” And that nothing but heartfelt personal repentance

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and faith, evidenced by “works meet for repentance,” can ever stand in his sight.'

Let us, then, remember what "little strength” we have, and how constantly we need all public and private means of grace, in order that it may be in. creased, and that we may “keep Christ's word” with more fidelity, and that he may open before us a wider door of grace and consolation, of peace and truth, of stability and honor in the gospel.

Outward helps of themselves will never save our souls ; sacred edifices will never save our souls ; ministers, Sabbaths, Bibles will never save our souls; the opened doors of mercy will never save our souls, if we rely presumptuously on these external aids, and do not use them devoutly and spiritually for the ends for which they are designed.

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At Delhi the following passage was inserted, Let us all, in the next place, enter the opened door for the worship and honor of Almighty God, which is here so remarkably set before us. If

you kept Christ's word and not denied his name, when you had no Church, and but "little strength," how much more should you do it, now that he has vouchsafed you this ine building for the celebration of the Sabbath and for the solemn performances of prayer

and praise. We are responsible to Almighty God for every blessing he bestows. Let not then slight excuses prevail to detain you from the Courts of the Lord.

Almost all other religionists in India put to shame the langor and indifference of nominally Protestant Christians. How punctual are the Mohammedans in attendance on their religious offices, how devout in appearance is their conduct, how solemnly silent before the ministers of their worship, how prefound their prostrations. Whereas we come to church, or abo stain, at our pleasure. We arrive late or not, as it may happen. We sit unconcerned, perhaps, during the most solemn acts of prayer and praise. We listlessly wait for the gratification of curiosity in the sermon to be delivered. Every thing seems to occur to our minds except the solemn thoughts which ought to swallow up all others--the honor of the great God and Savior in whose presence we appear, and the obligations we are under to worship him, " in spirit and in truth,” in proportion to our clearer light and more abundant advantages. The beautiful Church of Delhi will condemn, instead of blessing; those who neglect the public worship of Almighty God which it has been so piously and munificently reared to celebrate,

Lastly, let each one enter in at the door of activity and usefulness, as respects the instruction of Heathens and Mohammedans, as Christ may be pleased to set it open before us. He that enters the door of grace as to his own salvation, will not stand without, when opportunities are presented for diffusing the knowledge of Christ over India. And these opportunities are never altogether wanting. The position of our country in India is most favorable for every prudent effort to make known the glorious Gospel of the blessed God.' Circulate, then, suitable books, establish schools. Aid and support pious and discreet missionaries. Pray to him that hath “ the key of David, who openeth and no man shutteth; and shutteth and no man openeth," to set before our Church an open door. Fear not the temporary opposition or lukewarmness of a few. No man can shut, when Christ openeth. The safety of our country is bound up with the discharge of our duties as a Christian nation. The events of Providence are at the disposal of Christ. He is “ the holy One and the true.” The sovereignty of India is given us, not for temporal ends only, but that we may hold forth “ Christ's word,” and not deny his name.” If we honor Christ, he will honor us.

keep his word,” he will set before us here, in a more exalted sense than he has yet done, an

open door.” Nothing can be more honorable, more dignified-if I may be forgiven for saying so—or acting with higher intentions than the Civil and Mili


If we

1 At Delhi I added here, The erection of this church will be the talk of the neighboring provinces. The Native inhabitants around will see that we have a religion.

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tary Services in India. Let only the piety and love to Christ, which is now, I trust, diffusing itself more and more throughout those Services, go on increasing, and the blessing of the great Arbiter will rest still upon British India.

If, however, we fail to enter in at the door which he is opening to us, we must not wonder that the fearful judgments which have fallen on the Asiatic Churches should ultimately overtake us.

Where are now these ancient cities ? Ephesus is lost ; Sardis reduced to a miserable village; Pergamos and Thyatira covered with Mohammedan darkness; Laodicea is a complete desolation. Smyma and Philadelphia alone have been saved." Amongst the Greek colonies and Churches of Asia, Philadelphia," observes Gibbon," is still erect, a column in a scene of ruins.” And, may we not in like manner say, where are the European nations, who preceded us in the career of Indian power? Where the Portuguese, the Dutch, the French ? Would we, therefore, contribute in the highest sense, to the safety of our country-would we strengthen the foundations of her dominion-would we raise her name amongst the Christian powers who have ruled in Asia, would we diffuse a community of feeling between our native subjects and ourselves—would we aid in making known the greatest benefit which our God and Savior has ever bestowed upon man, we must“ keep Christ's word” in the 'presence of the people around us—we must enter in at the “opened door" of his providence and grace-we must inscribe on the temple of Britain's glory, the name of our God.

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