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Containing the HISTORY of his LIFE, from his BIRTH to his SETTLEMENT in the Work of the MINISTRY.



R. JONATHAN EDWARDS was born October 1703, at Windsor, a town in Connecticut. His father was the Reverend Mr. Timothy Edwards, minifter of the gospel on the east of Connecticut river in Windfor. He began to refide and preach at Windfor in November 1694, but was not ordained till July 1698. He died January 27. 1758, in the 89th year of his age, not two months before this his fon. He was in the work of the miniftry above 59 years: and from his firft beginning to refide and preach there, to his death, are above 63 years; and was able to attend on the work of the miniftry and preach conftantly till within a few years before his death. He was very univerfally esteemed and beloved as an upright, pious, exemplary man, and faithful minifter of the gofpel; and was greatly ufe. ful. He was born at Hartford in Connecticut, May 14. 1669, received the honors of the college at Cam.. bridge in New-England, by having the degrees of Bachelor and Mafter of Arts given him the fame day, July 4. 1691, one in the forenoon, and the other in the af


On the 6th day of November 1694, he was married to Mrs Efther Stoddard, in the 23d year of her age, the daughter of the late famous Mr Solomon Stoddard of Northampton; whofe great parts and zeal for experi



mental religion are well known in all the churches in America; and will probably be tranfmitted to pofterity yet unborn, by his valuable writings. They lived together in the married ftate above 63 years. Mrs Edwards was born June 2. 1672, and is now living in her 89th year, remarkable for the little decay of her mental powers at fo great an age.

They had eleven children: all which lived to adult years, viz. ten daughters, seven of whom are now liv ing, and this their only fon and fifth child.*


* As the following more large and particular account of Mr EDWARDS's ancestors may gratify fome readers, it is inferted here.

Mr Edwards's grand father was Mr Richard Edwards. His first wife was Mrs Elifabeth Tuttle, daughter of Mr William Tuttle of New-Haven in Connecticut, and Mrs Elifabeth Tuttle his wife, who came out of Northamptonshire in England. His fecond wife was Mrs Talcot, fifter to Governor Talcot: by his first wife he had feven children, the oldest of whom was the Reverend Mr Timothy Edwards of Windfor, his father, before mentioned. By his fecond wife, Mrs Talcot, he had fix children.

The father of Mr Richard Edwards was Mr William Edwards, who came from England young and unmarried. His wife, Mrs Agnes Edwards, who alfo came out of England, had two brothers in England, one of them mayor of Exeter, and the other of Barnstable. Mr. William Edwards's father was the Reverend Mr. Richard Edwards, minifter of the gospel in London. He lived in Queen Elifabeth's day, and his wife, Mrs Anne Edwards, affifted in making a ruff for the Queen. After the death of Mr Edwards fhe married to one Mr James Cole. She, with her fecond husband and her fon William Edwards, came into America, and all died at Hartford in Connecticut.

Mr. Edwards's grandfather, (Mr. Solomon Stoddard, and his predeceffor at Northampton) married Mrs Mather, the relict of the Reverend Mr Mather his predeceffor, and the first minifter at Northampton. Her maiden name was Either Warham, daughter and youngest child of the Reverend Mr John Warham, minifter at Wind for in Connecticut, who came out of England, before which he was minister in Exeter in England: he had four children, all daughters; and Mrs Warham survived him, and had two daughters by Mr Newbury, her fecond husband.

Mrs Efther Warham had three children by Mr Mather, viz. Eunice, Warham, and Eliakim. And she had twelve children by Mr Stoddard, fix fons and fix daughters: three of the fons died in infancy. The three that lived to adult years were Anthony, John, and Ifrael. Ifrael died in prifon in France. Anthony was the Reverend Mr Anthony Stoddard, late minifter of the gofpel at Woodbury in Connecticut, who lived to a great age, and was in the work of the miniftry fixty years he died September 6. 1760, in the eighty-fecond year of his age. John was




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