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P R E F A C E.
HE completion of the XXVIth vol. of the GENTLEMAN'S MAGA:

ZINE, again requires that we should look back upon a work which has

been gradually produced as the last year was passing away, to see what new obligacions we owe to our friends, and how we have attempted to deserve them.

The public events that have taken place during the laft twelve months, are so numerous and fo important, that more than the usual proportion of each number has been appropriated to record them. It must, indeed, be confessed, that in recording these we have recorded the sufferings and the disgrace of our country s but they were not less neceffary to be known, because the knowledge of them was less pleasing ; and we hape that in this respect we have a clain to the fame merit as he who hangs out a beacon on the rock that has destroyed one veffel, in order that it may be avoided by others. But we have not only. Thewn in the conduct of our own nation what should be avoided; we have shewn in the conduct of another what should be perfued. The King of Prusia by the fagacity and fecrecy of his councils, by the speed and the vigour with which they have been carried into action, and the publication of the chicanery and perfidy which he had detected, has afforded such materials for forming a fyftem of government equally glorious to the prince, and advantageous to the people, as perhaps are not to be found in any history of former times.

But though our principal attention has been neceffarily drawn to these particulars, yet we have ftill maintained that intercourse of knowledge, which by the favour of our friends, we fave been long able to carry on between the learned of many diftant countries, of whose casual productions our work has been long the "repository. For natural history and antiquities, the volume io which this is the preface, is distinguished in a particular manner, there being many articles in these branches of learning which would do honour to any, work, not only because they are in themselves curious and important, but because they were communicated to us by gentlemen who have been long eminent as members of the most learned focieties in Europe, before they were published in any other work. The memoirs of philosophical societies, in which new inventions and improvements are recorded, are usually published at distant periods, and then it has happened that the inven. tion has been known to a neighbouring nation before it has been published in our own; and as often as this has been the case, they have affumed, the honour of the invention; and by first communicating it to the world from the press, have secured to themselves what they have fo injuriously purloined froin us, A remarkable instance of this happened very lately: Mr Sayory invented a new method of measuring small angles in the heavens, and communicated it to the Regal Society at London, but before it was published in the Transactions, an account of it was transmitted to France, upon which one Bouguer arrogated the invention to himself, and first published it under the title of The New Heliometer. The invention was then claimed by Savory, but Bouguer ftill infifted it was his own, notwithstanding the remonftrances of the society and every other possible proof that Savery had communicated it to the society here before it was heard of in France.

It has therefore been thought necessary to give such articles a more fpeedy publication, and upon this occasion we desire to express our gratitude to thole who bave chosen our work for this purpose in preference to any other'; in this respect we are ready to acknowledge that they beltow the very, merit which they reward, and by one donation produce the superiority which induces them to honour us with another. In return for these favours and many others, we can only aeknowledge our obligation, and promise that we will in that part of the work which is our own, howeyer small, inviolately preserve the stricteft regard to trath, and relate whatever is alledged in any contest that excites the publiek at." tention, and whatever events may bring honour or disgrace upon those who shall transact the public affairs of this kingdom, with the most dispassionate impartiality, equally uninfluenced both by hope and fear, without attachment to any party, or implicit confidence in any person. 206-14

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To Mr URBAN, on compleating the Twenty Sixth V8


RBAN! fill faithful to the changing Age,

The World beholds its Image in thy Page ;
Each Scene this Mirrour to our Sight returns,
Here sport the Muses, there the Battle burns :
Here, in calm Solitude, the Sage explores,
The various Herbage on a Thoufand Shores ;
Through busy Multitudes there Commerce flies,
And here attainted Chiefs ftern Justice tries.

O could thy Hand, with honeft Pride record,
Still as of old the Feats of Britain's Sword!
Vain wish!- 'twas giv'n thee once with Joy to tell,
What Palms brave Vernon won at Porto-Bell ;
What prowess seiz'd from France her Royal Ine *
What Wreaths in Scotland sprung from William's Toil:
Reluctant now, by Truth and Sorrow led,
You shew Minorca left, and Braddock dead;
Show wrong'd America, who sues in vain,
That Peace may bless her ample Shores again:
Rise! Britain rife! by Arms her Peace restore,
And yet again be what thou was before;
Truft all thy Thunders to some faithful Hand,
Thy Thunders fill fall fake each hoftile Land.
Old Ocean pleas'd shall recognize the Sound,
And bear thy Trophies to his utmost Bound:
For thee, on Plains, remote, see Prussia fight,
Patroclus conqu’rring in Achilles' right,
Come forth thy felf, the Terror of the Field,

That future Tears may wonted Honours yield. ******************** *******

Cape Breton, called by the French assistance to Britannia, who seems to The Royal,

grant the request, by pointing to an The principal figures in the fron emblematical figure representing militatispiece represent America fuing for

ry force.

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More in Quantiep and greater Dariety than ang Book of the kind and Price.

I. Lite of George Villiers Duke of Buck-XVIII. List of the Britist a y.

ingiam, now first written.

XIX. Holley and Newton on the return

II. Journal of American affairs.

of comets.

in. Further acc. of the late earthquakes XX. On the causes of suicide.
IV. Meteorological journals of weather. XXI. Contests in Pensilvania.
V. Einpioyment for New-year's day. XXII. Efreets of lightning in Morrland
VI. Fith, why not used in sacrifices. XXIII. Project for preventing them
VII. Humourous remarks on the tran- XXIV. Recipe for making Eau .te Lice.

ilation of Dr Haller's Physiology. XXV. Earthquakes accounted for fivin
VIII. Infolenceoflervants, to whatowing Micles's philofophy:
IX. Case of Ld Harry Powlett. XXVI. Account of the new tarce,
X. Of the cultivation of the American XXVII. Aprealcf Lucas to city of Lond.

XXVIII. POETRY. Song set to music,

XI. Scheme for frustrating invasions. hiymn to Aurora ; Drurkenneis, a

XII. No intermediate itate between fatire *r. Or.

death and judgment.


XIII. Cruelty to cocks censured.

French K's memorial, and Mr Fox's

XIV. History of rimerican settlements answer to it.


XXX. Bitlis, deaths, marriages, &c.

XV. Tomochicbi, his char. & importance. IXXI. Monthly bill of mortality

XVI. Brendons further iliuitrated. XXXII. Books public'do with reinarks.

XVII. Surprizing fish-market in Wales. (XXXIII. Price of stocks and corn.

With an accurate Map of the kingdoms of Spain and Portugal, exhibitios the

opposite coasts, and another of the mouth of the Topw, shewing the firnaton,

of Eclen, Ljoon, &c. also a monument, by Walks; a fing, and otheit Cats


LONDON: Printed by D. HENRY and R. Cave, at si bor: Gise

Where complete setts may be had in Twenty-five Volumes, beginning with 1721.


CO N T E N T S. Le our Filliers, fete valike of Ext vetene tine wand Brande deurened

Ketages sagrifiaien of Brazauss st s birtis , famliy, mi aacomple- Sarprising fie staniket is Wales

Corapicat iifted the Britifo navy Wie erkäntndue bar to court, and Halm and Noradit ca the return ad cara progrefs there

enitects & comart propoles a journey to Set with dire ---That o 2538 terme deserved by difprinse

Ferent atonemars Artifiue to pratire the sing's Cos Anexpected to akomt the year

3758 -The king reperits

- That of 16feca fons times at Torrial o tricants

equal sepervaloc 59.5 years -Juances of the ruchies of the Exo -Correté may approach wery near the

earth New Englus Fork at OTROSTO

Artances of their proximity to loveother account of be fedis of the of the planets Zune Cartaguaket, particularly in Bar That af 1689 knott rosacted the ibary

fun, and its hest comprated - Avoin feres de parts of England 6 #fall or the body of the lus ir bersrological intrat

fomefuture sefulut

Box Sexable articction on November The planets mot fentibiy affected by ag

76 thene for 3000 years paft Extravagancro fpepa-fiiris:fauna. -May pelude Teneticial sortiaquences ed on idle napes-off richss

ho the falar (ylem -Thongktkhrele the 'courge of prodha Gaithe causes of cricie Eatity

ib Difpure between the Penllousians and Fir, why not pled in the phone with 12 their ggasrnor crifices


wellages med sepiacations 10 Hasaron emas on 2 tralatian In portant queftion to the governor *t Hailee Phyogy

sconcerning the true caufe of the site -Plain Englifo cecommended

dan sevalt The world

Strange effe&c of ligittning ip NaPade of forvants copied for the rwand pride of their matters

-Realy 2yesf prexeniigits miíchie hances of their increachments 44 VORS Dos lequences Cae of La fiarry Porselet

Genuine raceipt for making tre Eau de -Pelolutions of a court Inatial chevs. Lace

P ME TRY. o the cultivation of Erics

A song let to muúc The Aenenisex fir-tece and üks spe Horace, . L. ede 39, translated cice

ist Hysnn £6 Aurora-ler's birthday Scheme for su trating ar ünvařor it Code Enermediate fate betviden deata and Pralone and epilogue to the appren. guēgment denied

tice Obicure text of [cmptum illuftrated it --Bukomek, a fatire

37 Character and cruel perfecution of HISTORICAL CHRONICLE. Labastidioser

Freechkirg's spemaris! -Hiftory so! Britik settlanette in Arns --- Secretary Fox's anlwer thereto mica concluded

City petition for.a new bridge Nori Goorgiz, its late eitellsthment ib New.icheme for saving supplies -Oylethorp'e Scheme

it Procurile adjudged by the faciety for To mochichi, his.character and impor erfimaging arts


Litt et devinte durkhe year 2756 Lonteft between Georgia and

Caso Bitiis, axiages, deaths, c. line, about the navigation of the ri Peeterinente, benkaupts, billofanart. 44 W Savanzo

Aku Beckspilltidha, id semarksa 5-67 Objections to Mr. Pegg's explanation Price o focks, Gua, &c. *** The Mup.anuxad to this Magazine gives a wiki?!'iew of the Kingdoms of Spain ord Portugal, ans'.ar de jeune cime fienu the one coefs on the Beilagyjide. es jer su os que readers.couli form an idea of the openi plautian ni blibon, and a servirons, 47 de general vad vi EV'ETS ?e's attenti011 qu.ts #ught protein to give a Alas For at of the Tagsr, in a loya-Sak, rubans the ferro e noentry "tar es ent, fi tlm. 12:? Vard' izena kolartiu del E.



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