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another, is an object of no small importance, and of some difficulty. That the historical incidents might be exhibited in a connected view, it has been necessary to omit those discourses of our Lord which were not connected with any leading event of his ministry. The system of arrangement adopted by Dr. Carpenter and Professor Palfrey has been observed; and the edition, by the latter gentleman, of the New Testament conformed to the text of Griesbach, has been followed in the Scriptural extracts. In a very few instances, the liberty has been taken of condensing the text by the omission of verses or words, where it was thought that a judicious reader in a family circle would have felt himself authorized to do the same.

It is hoped that the following pages may afford assistance, not only in family worship, but in private meditation; and by tle arrangement which they present of the events in the life of Jesus, may not be without their use in aiding the labours of the Sunday School Teacher.

Boston, April, 1832,

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S. G. B.

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