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the evils of correction are for our good; the evils of punishment are the neceffary penalty of difobedience.

To conclude: amidst all diftreffes and all afflictions, there is one fovereign confolation; if we fubmit ourselves to GOD, we cannot be miferable. His grace is fufficient to make us triumph over every difficulty. The dignity of confcious innocence, the hopes of inmortality, and the secret inspirations of the Holy Spirit infufe a peace which paffeth all understanding, in the gloomieft fcenes of horror and diftrefs.

WHERE We want this, we either want faith; or have the memory of fome old fins to deftroy the comforts and tranquillity of a good confcience.

If our confcience is clear, we have nothing to fear; occafional weaknesses and indifpofitions of mind affect not our effential interefts: they are the excufable effects of weak fpirits and a frail conftitution. But if we have any

It will then

fins upon our mind, affliction should lead us to repentance. have its proper ufe, and we may safely throw ourselves upon the merits of that advocate, who died for our offences and rofe again for our justification.

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Of Redemption.

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