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AuthorHouse, 2008 - 164 pages

Mr. Canary is another one of Mr. Warner's popular Krong The Watcher stories. It is about a young man by the name of Charles Melville who was born with the greatest singing voice in the entire history of the world. There is a problem, a big problem: Charley's ears are flawed and he can't hear the correct pitch. It is a disaster of the first magnitude, which could have ruined Charles' life if he had not been well adjusted and strong of mind and spirit.

One day, Charley remembers that the Watchers sometimes helps earth people, so he hurries off to see the Watchers and meets Krong who agrees to help him make a magic microphone which will correct his flawed voice so that he can sing correctly, which it does and Charley goes off and makes it very big in the singing world.

Everything goes well for Charley until he lets his fame and fortune go to his head, which turns him into a real jerk. He loses his friends and the people who work for him do so just for the money, which is very big for Charley because he sings so well.

People notice that Charley never sings except into his special mike, which make them wonder, but no one catches on that he can't sing well without it.

Charley, of course, can't understand why people are so mean to him, he hasn't done anything to anyone. He's like the drunk who won't admit he's a drunk.

Feeling down and blue, Charley goes down to the Huntington Beach pier to get away from it all for awhile, then he meets Linda Doolittle on the pier. Linda was the earth receptionist he talked to in the Space Needle when he went to see Krong months and months ago. He doesn't remember Linda, but she remembers him. She had followed his career from its beginning. Linda tells him who she is and they have a good time remembering when Charley came to the Space Needle. Charley suggests some coffee, mostly for something to do, so they take off and have some coffee and then a slow stroll around town. Afterwards, they take a ride in Charley's new Corvette, ending up at Linda's place a few blocks from the beach. From that accidental meeting, Charley and Linda get together, ending up as lovers. Charley has to get back to his singing career, so he leaves Linda, but comes back later and they go together until Linda finds our what a complete jerk Charley is when he is putting on his show and leaves him.

Some young thugs steal his special mike, which puts Charley out of business, so he hurries to the Watcher and gets another one. The Watchers never allow anyone to do anything to them or steal one of their machines so Starr, a beautiful young Watcher (see my novel Sex Radio) is sent after the special mike, capturing the thugs and getting the mike back. The thugs retaliate and shoot Starr, Charley, and Linda while they are standing on the curb in New York after Charley and Linda sang in Carnagie Hall. Starr is almost killed; Linda is badly hurt; and Charley was shot in the throat damaging his vocal cords. He may never sing again! If you like singing and a great love story you will like Mr. Canary.

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