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Mail. 312
Mall. 312
Som. 240

Wall. 1?5

Wall. 103

Fent 225

Ladies, their happy spots the nice admirer take, Pope 2 : 107

with shame and decency at war,
into vice intrepid rush,
advice to,
hardthip upon,

Swift 2:291
new fimile for, by Sheridan,

Swift 2 : 319

Prior J: 148
Lady, to a fair,
Prior to,

Prior 1:67
who made pofies for rings,

Cow. I:114
in retirement,
who offers her looking-glass to Venus, Prior 1 : 126

Rowe 67
fitting at her glass,
reading art of love,

Fent 225
who made a present of a silver pen,
complaining of the Dean's stay in England, Swift 2:27
answer of, to Hudibras,

Bull. 1: 112
strange riddle of,
fond of fortune-telling,
advice to,
sincerity to bear, your mcrit,

Lytt. 40
buried in marriage,

Sben. 162
ep file to,

Gay 1: 159 210
China is the pasion of her soul,

Gay 1: 210
- epiftle from, to a gentleman,
verses to, before marriage,

Tick. 218
form‘d by nature, and refin’d by art,

Tick. 218
of quality, to,

Shen. 101
who wanted heroic verses to be written on her, Swift 2:17


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Som. 195

Butl. 2:125

Prior 2 : 244

Lytt. 39

Tick. 127

Broome 45

Parn. 39

Lady to, with paterns of flowers,

Sben. 108
and looking-glass, dialogue,
and wasp,

Gay 2:41
Lady's lamentation,

Gay 1:256
and complaint,

Savife 2:60

frin 1:62
prayer-book, verses in,

Hughes 87
Laertes kills Eupithes in battle,

Pope od. 4: 255
faints at discovering Ulyffes, Pope cd. 4 : 248
son of Arcesius,

Pope od. 4: 255
Lahor, now fam'd for wool,

Dyer 69
Roe first open'd trade to,

Dyer 69
Laius' blood thed by the murdering son, Pope 1 :

his bed violated,

Pupe 1:293
Lake-resounding frogs,

Mit. 3:101
Lamb, renown'd for cutting corns,

Swift 2 : 294
Lambard, epistle to,

Fent. 306
Lambent dulness play'd around his face, Dry. 2 : 113
Lambs, castration of,
new-fallen, care of,

Dyer 44
with wolves thall graze the mead, Pope 1:52
Lamentations to be short and concise,
Lainenting or lamented, all our lot,

Young 2:31
Lamp, infcription on,

Prior 2 : 196
of day is quench'd bencath the deep, Pape od. 3 : 95
-Lances into scythes 11all bend,

l'ope 1 :

Land none, but yields advantage,
rejoicing, and a people bleit,

l'ope od. 3 : 227
Landau falis,

Add. 65


Dyer 42

Adl. 197

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Poil. 37

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B 2

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Lands of singing or of dancing flaves,
Language to be well observed,

pure, gives profit and delight,

changing forbids immortality, Languages patch'd and py-ball’d,

curse of Babylon, Lansdowne, poems of,

verses by, at twelve years, - to the king,

to Waller,

to Waller's memory,
-- on the queen's picture,

on the queen,
progress of beauty,
on lady Hyde,
to Myra,
in praise of Myra,
verses in a garden,
to Daphne,
to a learned lady,
Thyrsis and Delia,
verses by a lady,


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Lansdowne, Muse's last dying song,

- verses to princess royal,

British enchanters,

epiftle to,

Young 3: 167
Lanx Satura, what,

Dry. 7: 147
Laocoon, story of,

Dry. 5: 359
and his two sons,

Thom. 2:87
Lap-dog, elegy on,

Gay 1:251
poor Shock is now no more,

Cay : 25:
Lapitha and Centaurs, fray of,

Dry. 4:83

Bull. r: 202
Lapland witches sell bottled air,
Laplanders, character of,

Thom. 1:182
Łark, messenger of day,

Dry. 3:77
upprings, thrill-voiced,

Thom. 1:23
the meffenger of morn,

Thom. 1:23
he mounted fings,

Thom. 1:23
to dare with a hobby,

Som. 153
Laih and laihing smile, ill befits a lofty style, Swift 2 : 22
Last day,

Young 1:7

Pom. 344
- judgment,
Late, who lies down, as late will rise,

A. Phil. 317
Latian blood the Punic ghosts alone,

Rowe L. 44
kings, line of,

Garth 142
line continued,

Garth 148
Milt. 3 : 229
Add. 69

Latins, defeat of,

Dry. 7:44
Latinus king of Latiuit,

Dry. 6:159


Rowe 50

Lasio poems,


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