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Pope il. 1:166

Black. 53
Black. 130

Moses by Michael Angelo,

Thom. 2:8S

Most hands dispatch,


Sav. 84
Mother, yet no mother,
unenslav'd to nature's narrow laws, Sav. 84

Sav, 87
of soul severe,
nurse and fairy,

Gay 2:33
was ever who'd give her booby for another, id. 2 : 34
bled in the son's defence,

Black. 52
Motion inexplicable without God,

direction of, inexplicable,
and its cause, not the same,

Black. 131
must a power to move suppose,

Black. 198
involuntary in the body,

Black. 198
Motive dignifies the scar,

Pope od 4:109
Motives, like weights, prevail,

Prior 2:55
Motteux, Dryden to,

Dry. 2 : 142
Mount Edgecumbe,

Lytt. 85
Mountain in labour of a mouse,

Butl. 2 : 159
Mountains, use of,

Tbom. 1:4
lift their green heads to the sky,
overwhelm the rebel angels,

Milt. 1:194

Parn. 200
what are they in a lover's way?
Mountown, panegyric on,

King 347

Watts 250
Mouth to water, with longings,

Butl. 1:114

Sum. 369
padlock for,
Mouths, without hands,

Cow. 1:61
Mulberries change hue,
of snowy hue,

Hughes 59

Black. 55

Dry. 3 : 269


way of,

Mulberries turned red by Pyramus's blood, Hugbes 6:
Mules, securely slow,

Pope il. 2 : 293
- a strong laborious race,

Pope od. 3:133
Mulgrave, character af,

Dry. 1 : 118
essay on satire,

Dry. 1.: 112
Mullinix and Timothy, dialogue between, Swift 2:81
Mully of Mountown,

King 347

King 350
death of,

King 351
Multitude always in wrong,

Rojc. 219
Waits 192

Butl. 1 : 108
Mum, quoth Echo,
Mundungus, ill-perfuming seent;

Phil 4
trucks for viler rhymes,

Pope 3:103
Murder may pass unpunished for a cirat, Dry, 3 : 748
fitted to the rules of Art,

Tick. 102
Murderer dies for public good;

Gay 2 : 92
Murex, discovery of,

Dyer 77
Murmur, distrust make us wretched, God is just, Gay 2 : 186
Murmurs rising stay, nor dare arraign the wife Dilposer, Lyti. 73

Cow. 2:60
Murrain among tire cattle in Egypto.
in hogs and sheep

Buil. 1 : 227
Murdoch, versesto,

Thom. 2: 1811
Mascovitcs have mow'd their-chins,,

Muse, goddess of numbers, and of thoughts sublime, Hugkes 39
whose song can.fix heroic acts,,

Hugbes 39

Aken. 218
harmonious maid,

Aken. 218
o'er Time and Fame, unbounded power has, Cong. 28
by Heaven inspir'd,

Hugb 81



ode to,

Garth 93

Mufe, she’reathen Nine her absence can't supply, Muzbes 81:

tun'd to pious notes the Pfalmift's lyre, . Hugbes 82
fill'a Isaiah's breast with more than Pindar's fire, id. 82.
ne'er inspires against conviction, Swift 2 : 131
though the delights in fi&tiony, Swift 2:131
none proof against a golden shower,
the Bard inspires, exalts his mind, Pope od. 3 : 220
indulgent loves th' harmonious kind, Pope od. 3 : 220
· power of,

Cow. 2: 25, 26
birth of,

Cong. :o
and Time fet forth with equal pace,

Cong ao
and Time to all eternity contend,

Cong. 20
from Jove derive thy fong,

Cong. 2I
imp of Jove,

Thoin. I : 209
sacred should its product:be,
ifeer l pleafe, to thee I owe my honours,

Pite 265
· despising gain, strung not for gold her lyre,
but suffers now far other principles to hold, West 218

that man is worthless without gold, West 21
foe of flattery,
last dying song of,

Lans. 237
Muses are virgins, till they portions get, Broome 88
shine in trifles, like our ladies, ,

Broome 89
Nine, daughters of Jove,'

Pape il. 1 : 86
ever young,

Dry, 1:31-1
fly from Tyrants and..from Priests, -

Lytt. 34
daughters of reason and of liberty,

Lytt. 34
taught civil:lifo,
thron’d above the starry frame, Popeil

. 2 : 103


Butl. 1:33

West 217

Cow. 1:194

Wall. 174

Pope 1:8:


Muses write for glory, not for gold,

Young 3:179 conducted by their squire Apollo, Swift 2: 234 Mufic, ode in praise of,

Hughes 12 her soft, assuasive voice applies,

Pope 1: in cares, exalts the soul,

Popel: warriors fires with animated sounds, Pope I: conquers death, can soften pain to case,

Pope I:8: improve our joys below,

Pope antedate the bliss above,

Pope has charms alone for peaceful minds, Pope exalts man's nature,

Buck. inspires elevated thoughts, or kind desires, Back. blossom of delight,

A. Pbil 38! sphere-descended maid,

Collins : devote to virtue, fancy, art,

Collins 1. Dry. 2:22

power of,



Hugbes ry native voice of undifsembled joy, Tbim. 1: an universal good, resembles poetry,

Pope 1 : can tame the furious beast,

Prior 2:1 lulls the daughters of necesity, -- can raise and quell pasiion,

Dry. 2:: shall untune the sky,

Dry. 2:1 its influence on rage,

Cow.: charms despair,


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Milt. 3

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Music softens every care,

Lanf. 262
gives life to verses,

Wall. 108
every passion yields to thee,

Hugbes 117
is the voice of love,

Hughes 118
was herald of the peace,

Hug'bes 145
proclaim'd the Saviour's birth,

Hughes 145
must again call the nations under ground, Hughes 146
alone can calm the troubled mind,
has learn'd the discords of the state,

Hughes 162
and concerts jar with Whig and Tory hate, Hughes 162
first invented,

Milt. 2: 103
the banquet's most refin'd delight, Pope od. 4: 194
of the spheres,

Butl. 1:177
phantastical conceits of writers on,

Wef 119
Music-meeting, prologue to,

Garth 116
Mulk-apple commended,
Mustapha, prologue to,

Thom. 2:195
Musters false, bane of war,

Dry. 3:119
Mutable fair,

Wall. 87
Mutiny against Cæfar,

Rowe L. 215

Rowe L. 221
Mutius Scævola, motto for,

Gay 1 : 281
Mutual reverence, mutual warmth, inspire, Pope il. 2 : 87
Mycene in a hundred ships fends her powers, Pope il. 1:90

under Agamemnon, king of men, Pope il. 1:90
Myco, Argol,

A. Phil. 311
Myra, praise of,

Lans. 153

Lanf. 162
in her riding habit,
feems the God of love,


Pbil. go

Lonf. 161
Lanf. 161

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