Who Are the True Children and the Church of God: The New Spiritual Unity Beyond the Christian Denomination

Front Cover
AuthorHouse, 2004 - 104 pages

Rocky McKay is still "conflicted" after all these years. He is estranged from his second wife, Lynette, who still brings his lunch by, occasionally from the Southerner. Rocky has retreated to the house where he grew up, a place full of bittersweet memories, and spends his time patching up the home place, trying to figure out where his life got off the track.

After finding Daddy Jack's old Underwood typewriter in the attic Rocky decides to set straight the family history while trying to connect the dots in his past. Perhaps, he can exorcise some of the demons that still keep him awake at night, the past running through his head like some black and white home movie. Maybe, he can even regain his sense of humor, which got lost somewhere along the way.

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