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Himself I refug'd, and his train reliev'd;
'Tis true ; but am I sure to be receiv'd ?
Can gratitude in Trojan fouls have place!
Laomedon still lives in all his race!
Then, shall I seek alone the churlish crew,
And with my fleet their Aying fails pursue ?
What force have I but those, whom scarce bofore
I drew reluctant from their native shore?
Will they again embark at my desire,
Once more sustain the seas, and quit their second Tyre?
Rather with steel thy guilty breast invade,
And take the fortune thou thyself haft made.
Your pity, fifter, first feduc'd my mind;
Or seconded too well, what I defign'd.
These dear-bought pleasures had I never known,
Had I continu'd free, and still my own;
Avoiding love, I had not found despair :
But shar'd with favage beaits the common air.
Like them a lonely life I might have led,
Not mourn’d the living, nor disturb’d the dead.
These thoughts she brooded in her anxious breast;
O. board, the Trojan found more easy reft.
Resolv'd to fail, in sleep he pass’d the night;
And order'd all things for his early fight.

To whom once more the winged God appears :
Hi: former youthful mien and shape he wears,
And with this new alarm invades his ears.


Sleep'ít thou, O Goddess-born! and canst thou drown
Thy needful cares, so near a hostile town?
Beset with foes : nor hear'st the western gales
Invite thy passage, and inspire thy fails ?
She harbours in her heart a furious hate;
And thou shalt find the dire effects too late;
Fix'd on revenge, and obftinate to die:
Haste swiftly hence, while thou hast pow'r to fly.
The sea with ships will soon be cover'd o’er,
And blazing firebrands kindle all the shore.
Prevent her rage, while night obscures the skies;
And fail before the purple morn arise.
Who knows what hazards thy delay may bring?
Woman's a various and a changetul thing.
Thus Hermes in the dream ; then took his fight,
Aloft in air unseen ; and mix'd with night.
Twice warn'd by the celestial messenger,
The pious prince arose with hasty fear :
Then rouz'd his drowsy train without delay,
Halte to your barks; your crooked anchors weigh?
And spread your flying fails, and stand to sea.
A God commands; he stood before my sight;
And urg'd us once again to speedy flight.
O sacred pow'r, what pow'r foe'er thou art,
To thy bless'd orders I resign my heart:
Lead thou the way ; protect thy Trojan bands;
And prosper the deign thy will commands.
He said, and drawing forth his flaming sword,
His thund'ring arm divides the many twisted cord:




An emulating zeal inspires his train;
They run, they snatch ; they rush into the main.
With headlong halte they leave the desert shores,
And brush the liquid seas with lab’ring oars.

Aurora now had left her saffron bed,
And beams of early light the heav'ns o'erspread,
When from a tow'r the


with wakeful eyes, Saw day point upward from the rofy skies : She look'd to seaward, but the sea was void, And scarce in ken the sailing ships defcry'd : Stung with despight, and furious with despair, She struck her trembling breast, and tore her hair. And shall th' ungrateful traitor go, she said; My land forsaken, and my love betray'd? Shall we not arm, nor rush from ev'ry street, To follow, sink, and burn his perjur'd feet? Hafte, haul my gallies out, pursue the foe : Bring flaming brands, fet fail, and swiftly row. What have I said? Where am I? Fury turns My brain ; and my distemper'd bofom burns. Then, when I gave my person and my throne, This hate, this rage, had been more timely shown. See now the promis'd faith, the vaunted name, The pious man, who rushing through the flame, Preserv'd his Gods, and to the Phrygian shore The burthen of his feeble father bore ! I should have torn him piece-meal ; ftrow'd in floods His scatter'd limbs, or left expos'd in woods:




Destroy'd' his friends and fon : and from the fire
Have set the reeking boy before the fire.
Events are doubtful, which on battle wait ;
Yet where's the doubt, to souls secure of fate!
My Tyrians, at their injur'd queen's command,
Had toss’d their fires amid the 'Trojan band :
At once extingush'd all the faithless name;
And I myself, in vengeance of my shame,

, Had fall’n

upon the pile to mend the fun'ral Alame.
Thou sun, who view'st at once the world below;
Thou Juno, guardian of the nuptial vow ;
Thou Hecat, hearken from thy dark abodes;
Ye furies, fiends, and violated Gods ;
All pow’ss invok'd with Dido's dying breath,
Attend her curses, and avenge her death.
If so the fates ordain, and Jove commands,
Th’ungrateful wretch should find the Latian lands,
Yet let a race untam’d, and haughty foes,
His peaceful entrance with dire arms oppose ;
Oppress'd with numbers in th' unequal field,
His men discourag'd, and himself expellid,
Let him for succour sue from place to place,
Torn from his subjects, and his son's embrace :
First let him fee his friends in battle flain;
And their untimely fate lament in vain :
And when, at length, the cruel war shall cease;
On hard conditions may he buy his peace.




Nor let him then enjoy fupreme command;
But fall untimely, by some hostile hand:
And lie unbury'd on the barren fand.
These are my pray’rs, and this my dying will:
And you, my Tyrians, ev'ry curse fulfil.
Perpetual hate, and mortal wars proclaim,
Against the prince, the people, and the name.
These grateful off rings o: my grave bestow;
Nor league, nor love, the hostile nations know :
Now, and from hence in ev'ry future age,

When rage excites your arms, and strength supplies


rage :
Rise some avenger of our Lybian blood,
With fire and sword pursue the perjur'd brood:
Our arms, our seas, our shores, oppos’d to theirs,
And the same hate descend on all our heirs.

This said, within her anxious mind she weighs
The means of cutting short her odious days.
Then to Sichæus' nurse she briefly said,
(For when she left her country, hers was dead)
Go Barce, call my fifter; let her care
The folemn rites of facrifice

prepare :
The sheep, and all th’ atoneing off'rings bring;
Sprinkling her body from the crystal spring
With living drops: then let her come, and thou
With facrod fillets bind thy hoary brow.
Thus will I pay my vows to Stygian Jove ;
And end the cares of my disastrous love.



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