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When Love complain'd of Wealth aloud,
Affirming Wealth debauch'd the crowd ;
Drew up in form his heavy charge,
Defiring to be heard at large.

The God consents, the throng divide,
The young espous'd the plaintiff's fide;
The old declar'd for the defendant,
For age is money's sworn attendant.

Love faid, that wedlock was design'd
By gracious heav'n to match the mind;
To pair the tender and the just;
And his the delegated trust :
That Wealth had play'd a knavish part,
And taught the tongue to wrong the heart;
But what avails the faithless voice?
The injur'd heart disdains the choice

Wealth strait reply'd, that Love was blind,
And talk'd at random of the mind;
That killing eyes, and bleeding hearts,
And all th' artillery of darts,
Were long ago exploded fancies,
And laugh'd at even in romances ;
Poets indeed stile love a treat,
Perhaps for want of better meat:
And love might be delicious fare,
Cou'd we, like poets, live on air.
But grant that angels feast on love,
(Those purer essences above)


Yet Albion's sons, he understood,
Preferr'd a more substantial food.
*Thus while with gibes he dress’d his cause,
His grey admirers hemm'd applause.

With feeming conquest pert and proud,
Wealth shook his sides and chuckled loud ;
When Fortune, to restrain his pride,
And fond to favour Love beside,
Op'ning the miser's tape-ty'd vest,
Disclos'd the cares which ftung his breast :
Wealth stood abalh'd at his disgrace,
And a deep crimson flush'd his face.

Love sweetly fimper'd at the sight,
His gay adherents laugh'd outright.
The God, tho' grave his temper, smild,
For Hymen dearly priz'd the child.
But he who triumphs o'er his brother,
In turn is laugh'd at by another.
Such cruel scores we often find
Repaid the criminal in kind.
For Poverty, that familh'd fiend!
Ambitious of a wealthy friend,
Advanc'd into the miser's place,
And ftar'd the stripling in the face ;
Whose lips grew pale, and cold as clay ;
I thought the chit would swoon away.

The God was studious to employ
His cares to aid the vanquish'd boy:


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And therefore iffu'd his decree,
That the two parties strait agree.
When both obey'd the God's commands,
And Love and Riches join'd their hands.

What wond'rous change in each was wrought,
Believe me, fair, surpasses thought,
If Love had many charms before,
He now had charms, ten thousand more.
If Wealth had serpents in his breast,
They now were dead, or lull'd to rest.

Beauty, that vain affected thing,
Who join'd the Hymeneal ring,
Approach'd with round unthinking face,
And thus the trifler states her case.

She said, that Love's complaints, 'twas known,
Exactly tally'd with her own ;
That Wealth had learn'd the felon's arts,
And robb’d her of a thousand hearts;
Defiring judgment against Wealth,
For falsehood, perjury, and stealth :
All which she cou'd on oath depose,
And hop'd the court would sit his nose.

But Hymen, when he heard her name,
Call'd her an interloping dame ;
Look'd thro' the crowd with angry state,
And blam'd the porter at the gate.
For giving entrance to the fair,
When the was no effential there.


To fink this haughty tyrant's pride,
He order'd Fancy to preside.
Hence when debates on beauty rise,
And each bright fair disputes the prize,
To Fancy's court we ftrait apply,
And wait the sentence of her eye;
In Beauty's realms she holds the seals,
And her awards preclude appeals.


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SING that graceful toy, whose waving play

With gentle gales relieves the sultry day,
Not the wide fan by Persian dames display'd,
Which o'er their beauty cafts a grateful shade ;
Nor that long known in China's artful land,
Which, while it cools the face, fatigues the hand:
Nor shall the muse in Asian climates rove,
To seek in Indoitan some spicy grove,
Where stretch'd at ease the panting lady lies,
To Thun the fervor of meridian skies,
While sweating slaves catch ev'ry breeze of air,
And with wide-spreading fans refresh the fair ;
No busy gnats her pleasing dreams molest,
Inflame her cheek, or ravage o'er her breast.
But artificial zephyrs round her fly,
And mitigate the fever of the sky.

Stay, wand'ring muse, nor rove in foreign climes,
To thy own native shore confine thy rhymes.
Aflift, ye nine, your loftieft notes employ,
Say what celestial skill contriv'd the toy ;
Say how this inftrument of love began,
And in immortal strains display the fan.

Strephon had long confess'd his am'rous pain, Which gay Corinna rally'd with disdain :


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