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GEORGE SMALLFIELD, Printer, Hackney.

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SOME months after the republication in London of “ The Precepts of Jesus,” and the First and Second “ Appeals” of the Author in defence of that Work, the “ FINAL APPEAL” was received in England; and it is now printed by the Unitarian Society, in order to present the British Public with the whole of the writings of Rammohun Roy on the subject of Christianity, and in vindication of his own particular views of the Christian Doctrine. The numerous

6 Errata” of the Calcutta edition have been carefully corrected; as have also several other typographical errors not noticed in the Author's list. Some of the principal of these latter corrections have been included in brackets. The Paging follows that of the London Edition of the preceding Tracts, to which the references that are made in the Final Appeal to the First and Second Appeals have been adjusted.

T. R.

December 1, 1823.

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All the preceding works of the Author, on the subject of Christianity, were printed at the Baptist Mission Press, Calcutta; but the acting proprietor of that Press, having, since the publication of the Second Appeal, declined, although in the politest manner possible, printing any other work that the Author might publish on the same subject, he was under the necessity of purchasing a few types for his own use, and of depending principally upon native superintendance for the completion of the greater part of this work. This must form an Apology to the Public for the imperfections that may appear in its typographical execution.

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