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EVELYN'S DIARY. 45 Engravings. 4 vols. Each $1.50. Bohn.

Half calf, the set, $12.00.


GREENE.-Marlowe and Ben Jonson. $1.00. Bohn. HALES.-Essays and Notes on Shakespeare, etc. By J. W. HALES, M.A HERBERT.-The Temple: Sacred Poems and Private Ejaculations, By GEORGE HERBERT. With Engravings after Albert Dürer, Marcantanio, Holbein, and other Artists. 12mo. Cloth extra, full gilt edges. pp. 252. $2.00

HERRICK.-Poetical Works.

Edited by GEORGE SAINTSBURY. 2 vols.


12mo. Cloth. 75 cents each. JOCELINE.-The Mother's Legacy to her Unborn Child. By ELIZABETH JOCELINE, Anno 1622. Reprinted from the Sixth Impression. With an Introduction by the Lord Bishop of Rochester. 16mo. Buckram, paper label. pp. 114. $1.25.

LAMB. Specimens of English Dramatic Poets who lived about the
time of Shakespeare, including the Extracts from the Garrick Plays. By
CHARLES LAMB. Now first edited anew by ISRAEL GOLLANCZ, M.A.,
Christ's College, Cambridge. Extra Illustrated. The Temple Library
Edition. 2 vols. 16mo. $4.00.

Limited large-paper edition. $7.00.
Printed on hand-made paper. $15.00,

The present edition differs from its predecessors in the following respects: (1) the "Garrick Extracts" have been incorporated with the "Specimens," and the whole has been rearranged chronologically, or approximately so; (2) erroneous statements as to the authorship of plays have been corrected; (3) the text has been revised throughout, and countless errors, due to faulty quartos, and often to scribal carelessness, have been amended according to the best editions; (4) dates of the earliest quartos of the plays are given at the end of the volumes; in the old editions only the "Garrick Plays" are dated, and often wrongly; (5) the identification of the “Garrick Fragments."

Tales from Shakespeare. Edited by Rev. A. AINGER, M.A. Golden Treasury Series. 18mo. $1.00.

Tales from Shakespeare. Chiswick Series. 75 cents.

Specimens of English Dramatic Poets. $1.00. Half calf, $2.25. Bohn. Elia and Eliana. $1.00. Half calf, $2.25. Bohn.

Letters. 2 vols. Each $1.00. Half calf, $2.25 each. Bohn.

The Works of Charles Lamb. With a Memoir by Sir THOMAS NOON TALFOURD. 8vo. $3.00.

LOCKE (J.).-Some Thoughts concerning Education. With Notes by

the Rev. R H. QUICK, M. A. Pitt Press Series. 16mo. 90 cents. Conduct of the Understanding. With Notes, etc., by T. FOWLER, M.A. Clarendon Press Series. 16mo. 50 cents.

Essay concerning Human Understanding. Edited by A. C. FRASER,
LL.D. In the Press.

LOCKE'S Life and Letters. $1.00. Bohn.
Philosophical Works. 2 vols. Each $1.00.

MASSINGER.-A New Way to Pay Old Debts.
With Introduction and Notes by K. DEIGHTON.
12mo. Cloth. pp. 134. 40 cents,

MOULTON (R. G.).-Shakespeare as a Dramatic Artist. Third Edition,

revised and enlarged. $1 90.

The Ancient Classical Drama. $2.25.

Half calf, $2.25 each.

By PHILIP MASSINGER. Bell's English Classics.

MILTON.--The Life of John Milton. By DAVID MASSON, M.A., LL.D.

8vo. Vol. I. $6.00; Vol. II, Shortly: Vol. III, $6.00; Vols. IV and V, $10.00; Vol. VI, $6.00. Index volume shortly.

Poetical Works. Globe Edition, Edited by Professor MASSON. $1.75.
Poetical Works. Edited by Professor MASSON. With Portraits. 3 vols.
8vo. Uniform with the Cambridge Shakespeare. $15.00.
Poetical Works. Edited by Professor MASSON. With Portraits. 3 vols.
16mo. $5.00.

Poems. 2 vols. Each $1.00. Half calf, $2.25.
Petical Works. Edited by Dr. BRADSHAW.

British Poets. 2 vols. 75 cents each.


Aldine Edition of the

Poems. Edited by R. C. BROWNE, M.A. 2 vols. Fifth Edition. Clarendon Press Series. 16mo. $1.75.

Sold separately. Vol. 1, $1.00; Vol. II, 75 cents.

In paper covers-Lycidas, 8 cents; L'Allegro, 8 cents; Il Penseroso, 8 cents; Comus, 12 cents; Samson Agonistes, 12 cents. Minor Poems. With twelve Copper Plates, engraved by A. H. PALMER, after Samuel Palmer. Royal 4to. $7.50.

Also a large-paper edition, bound in vellum. $37.50. Arcades and Comus. Edited by A. WILSON VERITY, M.A. Pitt Press Series. 16mo. 90 cents.

Comus. Edited by VILLIAM BELL. English Classics.
L'Allegro, Il Penseroso, Lycidas, Arcades, etc.

BELL. English Classics. 16mo. 40 cents.
Lycidas and Other Poems. Edited by A. WILSON VERITY, M.A. Pitt
Press Series. 75 cents.
Paradise Lost. Book I. With
Boards, 40 cents; cloth, 50 cents;
Paradise Lost. Books I and II.
Classics. 16mo. 40 cents.
Paradise Lost.
and Index by A.
Paradise Lost.
and Index by A.
lege, Cambridge.
Books III and IV.
Paradise Lost.

16mo. 40 cents

Edited by WILLIAM

Notes by Rev. H. W. BEECHING. 16mo. white parchment, 90 cents.

Edited by M. MACMILLAN, B A. English

Books I and II. With Introduction, Notes, Glossary, WILSON VERITY, M.A. Pitt Press Series. 16mo. 60 cents. Books V and VI. With Introduction, Notes, Glossary, WILSON VERITY, M.A., sometime Fellow of Trinity ColPitt Press Series. 16mo. 60 cents. Pitt Press Series. Books XI and XII. SON VERITY, M.A. Pitt Press Series. Samson Agonistes. Edited by J. C. Collins. Clarendon Press Series. 16mo. Limp. 25 cents.

Samson Agonistes. Edited by H. M. PERCIVAL, M.A. English Classics. 16mo. 40 cents.

WILSON VERITY. Pitt Press Series.

16mo. In the Press.

With Introduction, etc., by A. WIL16mo. 90 cents.

Samson Agonistes. Edited by A.


Half calf, $2.25 each. Bohn.

Prose Works. 5 vols. Each $1.00. Areopagitica. Edited by JOHN W. HALES, M.A. Clarendon Press Series. 16mo. 75 cents.

Tractate on Education. Edited by OSCAR BROWNING, M. A. Pitt Press Series. 16mo. 50 cents.

Milton's Prosody. By ROBERT BRIDGES. Small 4to. $3.00. PEPYS (SAMUEL).-Diary and Correspondence. 4 vols. Each $1.50. Half Bohn.

calf, $3.00 each.

The Diary of Samuel Pepys, M.A., F.R.S., Clerk of the Acts and Secretary to the Admiralty. Completely transcribed by the late Rev. MYNORS BRIGHT, M.A., from the Shorthand Manuscript in the Pepysian Library, Magdalene College, Cambridge With Lord BRAYBROOKE'S Notes, edited, with Additions, by HENRY B. WHEATLEY, F.S A. In 8 volumes. Published quarterly. Now ready, Vols. I-IV. $1.50. Bohn.

Also an edition on large paper, limited to 100 copies, sold only in sets. $5.00 per volume. RANSOME.-Short Studies of Shakespeare's Plots. By CYRIL RAN

SOME, M.A. 8vo. Cloth. $1.00.


The set in box, $27.00.

Edition. A New and Revised Edition. M.A., LL.D In 9 vols. 8vo. Each $3.00. Edition de Luxe of the Cambridge Shakespeare. Sold only in sets. On hand-made paper, bound in Irish linen. In 40 vols. Superroyal 8vo. Each volume containing a single play. $2.00, each. Temple Edition. Edited with Glossary and Notes by ISRAEL GOLLANCZ. Text amended from Cambridge edition, and lines numbered in accordance with Globe edition. Square 18mo. Limp cloth, 45 cents. Paste-grain roan, 65 cents. Teachers' edition, on writing-paper with margins for notes, 65 cents.

Globe Edition. Edited by W. G. CLARK and W. A. WRIGHT. $1.75.

Also an edition printed on India paper, cloth, $3.00.

The same bound in full morocco, $7.50.

The Victoria Edition. In 3 vols. Each $1.75; or the set, in paper box, $5.00. Vol I. Comedies. Vol. II, Histories. Vol. III, Tragedies.

The set, in box, handsomely bound in half calf, gilt tops, $10.00.
Three quarter levant morocco extra, $12.50.


Dramatic Works. Edited by S., W. SINGER. With a Life of Shakespeare
by W. W. LLOYD. (Uniform with the Aldine Edition of Poets.) In 10 vols.
16mo. $8.00.
Critical Essays on Shakespeare's Plays. By W. WATKIN LLOYD.
16mo. Cloth. $1.00. B.

Plays and Poems. With Notes and Life by CHARLES KNIGHT, and 40
Engravings on wood by HARVEY. 8vo. $3.00.

Select Plays. Edited by W. G. CLARK, M. A., and W. ALDIS WRIGHT, M.A.
16mo. Limp.

The Merchant of Venice. 30 cents.
Macbeth. 35 cents.

Richard the Second. 35 cents.
Hamlet. 40 cents.

Edited by W. ALDIS WRIGHT, M.A.

Richard the Third. 40 cents.
A Midsummer-Night's Dream. 35


The Tempest. 35 cents.
Julius Cæsar. 40 cents.
King Lear. 35 cents.
Coriolanus. 40 cents.
Twelfth Night. 40 cents.
As You Like It. 35 cents.

Henry the Fifth. 40 cents.
King John. 40 cents.
Henry the Eighth. 40 cents.

SHAKESPEARE. Edited, with Notes and Introduction, by K. Deighton-
English Classics.

16mo. 40 cents each.

The Tempest.

The Merchant of Venice.
Much Ado About Nothing.

18mo. $1.00.

Poems. 75 cents.

Henry the Fourth. 2d Part.
Henry the Fifth.

Antony and Cleopatra.
King Lear.

King John.

A Midsummer-Night's Dream.
King Richard II.


As You Like It.

Romeo and Juliet.

Julius Cæsar.

Twelfth Night.
The Winter's Tale.



Henry the Fourth. 1st Part.

Richard III. Edited, with Notes, by C. H. TAWNEY, M.A. English

Classics. 16mo 40 cents.

The Tempest. With Notes by JEPHSON.

Songs and Sonnets.

18mo. 30 cents

Edited by F. T. PALGRAVE. Golden Treasury Series

75 cents.

Sonnets and Poems.
Life. By ELZE. $1 50.
Dramatic Art. By Dr. HERMANN ULRICI. 2 vols. Each $1.00. Bohn.
SHAKESPEARE and FLETCHER. – The Two Noble Kinsmen.

Edited, with Notes, by Professor SKEAT. Pitt Press Series. 16mo. 90


STOKES (H. P.). An Attempt to De rmine the Chronological

Order of Shakespeare's Plays. 16mo. $1.50.

WARD (T. H.).—English Poets. Selections, with Critical Introductions by
various writers, and a General Introduction by MATTHEW ARNOLD
Vol. I. Chaucer to Donne.

4 vols.

Vol. II. Ben Jonson to Dryden.

Vol. III. Addison to Blake.

Vol. IV. Wordsworth to Rossetti.
Student's Edition. Each volume $1 00.
Cabinet Edition. 4 vols., in box, $5.00.

The same, bound in half calf, in box, $12.00.
Half morocco extra, gilt top, in box. $12.50.
The set, 4 vols., English Edition, $9.00.



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