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"Morning Star," the, or

the American Children's

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A few Short Years—and

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My Times are in Thy

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Old Sailor's Bible, the . 137

Return of a Missionary

Ship 13

Temporal Blessings . . 71

Thoughts—Suggested by

the death of the iter.

E. Smith, D.D. ... 75

What shall Perish 7 . . 56

Popish Pastimes . . 101, 145

Power of the Cross ... 43

Pure Gold 139

Ragged Tom—the Surety . 87

Rainy Day, the .... 20

Request of an Old Indian 29

Right Way to Read, the . 78

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Triumphal Mission Arch.—See page 12.


Yotj remember that, in the November Juvenile, we told you Mr. Burns had his lodgings broken into and all his money and books stolen. In another letter, received since that time, he says that at a city, called Choan-chow-foo, he was arrested. But you shall hear what he says himself:—

On Tuesday the 19th we went on shore and were particularly well received by the people; the demand for our books among people able to read them, was unusually

JANUARY, 1857. B


great. In the meantime, however, an alarming report o the presence of a foreigner outside the city having been carried to the authorities, we were in the evening- suddenly arrested in our boat, and, with all our books, &c., taken prisoners into the city.

THEIR EXAMINATION. On the night we were arrested, we were examined publicly by the chief magistrate, and, after the interval of a day, we were examined anew by a deputy, or chief magistrate of the department. On these occasions, my companion and myself had valuable opportunities for making known something of the character and objects of Christ's disciples in China; and as there was a great demand for our books, the work of many days seemed to be crowded into one or two. The magistrates examined us with great mildness and deliberation, seeming anxious to obtain information rather than to find fault; and on the evening of the 21st, the day of our second examination, a sub-official was deputed to inform us, that the magistrates found that we had been arrested on a false report, and that if the Canton merchants at Swatow, or any one of them, would stand security for us, wo would be allowed to return to that place.

SENT TO CANTON. The merchants came forward most willingly, but at last the magistrates said, that according to law, they must be sent to Canton. So, Mr. Burns says,—" On Saturday the 30th, I was put on board a river boat, and carried about a mile above the city. Here we remained till Tuesday morning, when being joined by a number of officials, high and low, in all occupying four river boats, and going to Canton, some in connection with my case, and some on other business, we commenced our journey.

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