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And the setting sun poured a flood of rich purple light over the group that stood there-over the workman in his overalls, over the lady with her golden hair, and over the proud-looking gentleman at her side.

Although it was a picture for a painter, the angels who looked down on it from heaven saw something more than a picture there.


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“ BEHIND TIME." ; A RAILROAD train was dashing along at almost lightning speed. A curve 'was just ahead, beyond which was a station, at which the cars usually passed each other. The conductor was late ; so late that the period during which the down train was to wait had nearly elapsed ; but he hoped to pass the curve safely. · Suddenly a locomotive dashed into sight right ahead. In an instant there was a collision. A shriek, a shock, and fifty souls were in éternity! And all because an engineer had been behind time.

A great battle was being fought. Column after column had been precipitated, and for eight mortal hours, on the enemy posted along on the ridge of the hill. The summer sun was sinking to the west, reinforcements for the obstinate defenders were already in sight; it was niecessary

the position with one final charge, or every thing would be lost. A powerful corps had been sum. moned from across the country, and if it came up in season all would yet be right. The great conqueror, confident in its arrival, formed his reserve into an at. tacking column, and led them down the hill. The whole world knows the result. Grouchy failed to appear. The Imperial Guard was beaten back. Waterloo was lost'.

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Napoleon died a prisoner at St. Helena, because one of his marshals was behind time.

A condemned man was being led out for execution. He had taken human life, but under circumstances. of the greatest provocation, and public sympathy was active in his behalf. Thousands had signed petitions for a reprieve, a favourable answer had been expected the night before ; and though it had not come, eren the sheriff felt confident that it would yet arrive in season. Thus the morning passed without the appearance of the messenger. The last moment was up. The prisoner took his place on the drop, the cap was drawn over his eyes, the bolt was drawn, and a lifeless body swung revolving in the wind. Just at that instant a horseman came into sigbt, galloping down hill, his steed covered with foam. He carried a packet in his right hand, which he waved partially to the crowd. He was the express rider with the reprieve. But he had come too late. A comparatively innocent man had died an ignominious death, because a watch had been five minutes slow, making its bearer behind time.

It is continually so in life. The best laid plans, the most important affairs, the fortunes of individuals, the weal of nations, honour, happiness, and life itself, are daily sacrificed, because somebody is *- “ behind time.” There are men who always fail in whatever they undertake, simply because they are behind time.” There are others who put off reformation, year by year, till death seizes them, and they perish unrepentant, because for ever “behind time.” The Allies lost nearly a year at Sebastopol, because they delayed a superfluous day after the battle of Alma, and came up too late for a coup de main, just twenty-four hours “ behind time.” Five minutes in a crisis is worth years. It is but a little period,

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yet it has often saved a fortune, or redeemed a people. If there is one virtue that should be cultivated more than another, by him who would succeed in life, it is punctuality; if there is one error more than another that should be avoided, it is being behind time.


Be thankful for sickness, be thankful for health,
Be thankful for poverty, thankful for wealth ;
Be thankful for friends, and be thankful for foes,
Be thankful for joys, and be thankful for woes ;
Be thankful for coldness, or sympathy's flame,
Be thankful in turn for both censure and fame;
Be thankful for ease, and be thankful for care,
Be thankful for patience your trials to bear.

Be thankful in joy, for a heart that can love
The Bestower of gifts, and his gifts can improve ;
Be thankful, indeed, in prosperity's hour,
If ye be not ensnared by the world's wily pow'r;
Be thankful in sorrow, for heavenly light,
'Mid darkness and coldness the stars are most bright.

Be thankful for all things, as God is your guide,
And so kindly directs whatever betide ;
For his grace and his love no measure can know,
Whether sorrow or joy your cup overflow;
Be thankful for promises, many and great,
Which meet every trial, which suit every state ;
Be thankful that God in all things you may find,
And all things in God, when to sorrow resigned.

E. W. H.

THE BOY AND HIS · FARTHINGS. At the anniversary of a Sunday School at Copthall, a village in Essex, on Sunday, October 5th, whilst the collection was being made, a little boy, about seven years of age, put a bag upon the plate. As it was rather heavy, the collector was curious to ascertain its contents. On examination, it was found to contain two hundred and eighty-five farthings, or five shillings and elevenpence farthing. Upon inquiry, it was found that the boy was in the habit of going on errands for his mother, and was allowed the farthings in change to be disposed of as hè pleased, which he perseveringly saved, and generously gave to the support of the Sunday School.

I wish all the little boys and girls who read this would think whether they could not deny themselves the gratification of spending their halfpennies and farthings on themselves, and seek to turn them to such real use as this poor little boy did, and have the great pleasure of feeling that, though so very young, they have been able to do good to others.Children's Friend.

COUNSELS FOR THE YOUNG. FIGHT hard against a hasty temper. Anger will come ; but resist it stoutly. A spark may set a house on fire. A fit of passion may give you cause to mourn all the days of your life.

If you have an enemy, act kindly to him, and make him your friend. You may not win him over at once, but try again. Let one kindness be followed by another, till you have accomplished your end. By little and little, great things are accomplished.

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