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LETTER FROM CHINA. A VERY interesting letter has just been received from the Rev. Darid Sandeman, one of our Missionaries at Amoy, in China. It is dated 2nd June, 1858. Mr. S. says:

"DEAR SIR,–We have still to record the mercy and kindness of God toward the missionaries and native Christians of Amoy and the neighbourhood. No disturbance or any annoyance has been permitted to touch u3, though war has been carrying on to the south, and we believe now, to the north, of this station.

A Labourer Fallen. “ The death of the wife of one of the American missionaries has been a great loss. She met with the China women for prayer and the reading of the Scriptures once a week, and was much beloved and looked up to by them. But He in whose hands are all events, knoweth how to bring spiritual blessings out of temporal trial.

" Fruit unto Holiness. “ The large number of Christians who followed the earthly remains to the last resting place were deeply mored-many in tears; and since then there has been a marked quickening among the native brethren ; and there may have been a more closely looking to their "lamps," and a firmer “girding of their loins,” lest the “Son of Man”--the glorious bridegroom-should come on them suddenly. Inquirers have been led to deeper searching of heart-seeing that death, to all out of Christ, is but the prelude to everlasting woe, and this may arrive to them at any moment of any day. Among other hopeful cases, I understand that five Chinese women are applicants for baptism in Amoy at present. We may not 136


complain when Jesus removes well-established believers, even though they be missionaries or their helpmateswhen he causes many to stand up in their room-new precious souls from among the heathen.

“Nor let any one remain at home merely for the sake of unconverted relations how dear soever they may be to them.

"A Family Sared. “While the departed sister in Jesus lay a dying here having quitted a home in America, the only converted child I believe out of a large family—what was God doing in that house ?

" The father, if a Christian, had been buried in, and the seed all but choked by, the cares of this life : his soul then got a quickening; the old praying mother called it a baptism, which she believed would remain in him even to the end; the eldest brother of the family had been hopefully converted, and the youngest daughter and many acquaintances! Faithful is he that hath promised.

A Visit to the Churches. • I lately paid a visit to Chiohbey, the country church of the American brethren. Mr. Talmage was going for the communion season, and I accompanied him. The situa. tion somewhat resembles Pechuia.

It stands upon a river with pretty high hills. Six or eight of the believers had come over from Pechuia, and some from Beh-pih, having walked on the Saturday twelve miles ; those from the latter place twenty. The teacher from Chang-chow, of whom you have already heard, was also present, and gave proof of having advanced considerably in the knowledge of divine truth. Indeed, some hoped that he had found pardon of his sins. His


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countenance was changed, and he was like a man who had been relieved of the heaviest of all burdens-unforgiven guilt. But time alone can test the reality of the work in his soul. “I, the Lord, search the hearts." stranger coming among the brethren at Chiohbey, what had chiefly struck him was, 'How these Christians love one another!

“On the opposite side of the same table, at evening worship, sat a man, who now, for eight or nine years, has been hanging about the door of Christ's house, trying to enter in, but has not been able ; and for why? Because he would serve both God and Mammon-he would fain make a gain of godliness. How many at home thus wait to enter the straight gate and thus are never able!

'Hoping and believing that the church at home will continue to plead on behalf of the brethren and of myself,

“I remain, yours very sincerely,


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A COUNTERFEIT guinea may be passed; but it will soon be discovered. A counterfeit friend may deceive: but he will soon be discovered. A counterfeit Christian may impose upon men ; but he cannot hide hypocrisy from God. He that will have life and see good days must refrain his tongue from evil, and his lips that they speak no guile ; for not every one that saith, “Lord! Lord!" shall enter into the kingdom of heaven, but he that doeth the will of God which is in heaven.

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THE SABBATH, SiR ROBERT Peel, once said, “I never knew a man to escape failure, in either body or mind, who worked seven days in the week.”

“ THE LORD OUR GOD IS A SUN." SOME children think the word of God is meant only for grown people. They suppose a child need not try to read it ; for if he did, he would not be able to spell the words, nor tell what they mean. Now, just look at the verse that stands at the head of this article. There is not a long word in it. It came from the pen of one of the best men of olden times, and he wrote it just as God told him. Many more like it may be found in the Bible.

Even a boy may learn & great deal by thought. So



let us think awhile, and see if we cannot find out something of what this text means. What does the sun do ? It makes things grow; it casts light and joy on all things ; it gives warmth and comfort ; it gives beauty and life. Of the sun come all earth's plensant things. Should the sun set to rise no more, a dreary waste would our world soon become.

- The Lord God is a sun.' “From Him cometh every good and perfect gift.” He made the sun, and it is only his will that the sun performs. But it is those who have God's love in their hearts, who best can tell how God is a sun. I will tell you how, by the story of a flower-root.

In the beginning of winter I put a root deep in the ground. Through all the long, cold days it lay there. Those who did not know might have thought it was dead.

But when spring came the rays of the warm sun struck through the earth to the root. Then came up the green shoots. The sun smiled on them, and caused the gentle flowers, with their lovely colours, to come forth. Just só, root or seeds are planted by friends in the heart of some dear child. The sun of God's love comes, in the course of time, and warms them till they bud, and grow, and bloom. And oh! these blossoms of early love from a young heart are lovelier far than the fairest of earth's flowers. Pray, my young friends, that God may be a sun to your hearts.

If you are not tired, I will tell a story of a bird. This, too, may show you the power of the sun, and help to ehow what the text means.

A friend was walking out one cool day. She saw a bird that seemed to be dead. It lay in the shade close

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