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replied, with choking sobs, 'Too late,- too late. Oh,' he cried, 'no rest for me. I am going to some place I know not where. Oh, I know not where!' His head falls back upon the pillow. I cried, 'Ned! are you dying ?' But all I heard was-through the gurgling in his throat-'No rest,' and my dying shipmate was gone."

Another touching incident he related as intimately connected with his own conversion, bearing upon the danger of delay. It was at his own home. He had a very pious, God-fearing mother, who had never neglected any opportunity which offered to impress upon his young mind the urgent need of seeking a Saviour in his youthful days. But he had constantly neglected to pay more than a passing attention to his mother's admonitions, until one Sabbath morning his mother invited a young girl, a neighbour's daughter, to accompany them to the house of prayer. “She replied, in a light and triffing manner, 'Oh, po, I cannot go till next Sunday. I shall have a new bonnet then ; my old one is too shabby. Alas! that next Sabbath never came for her. On Monday she was taken quite sick. On Wednesday she died. My mother told me, with streaming eyes, as she came home from watching at her bedside, 'Emma is


I fear, without salvation. This was so sudden, so unex. pected, that it woke within my heart the cry, 'What must I do to be saved !' And, blessed be God, that cry was not made in pain. Jesus had mercy on my soul, He has been ever since that time the Rock of my salya, tion. Oh, come to him, all you who need the saving grace of a dying, risen Saviour! Will you take a sailor's counsel? Will you come ? God is calling! Come now."

There were not many dry eyes in the room at the close of this touching, tender, earnest appeal. It came from a

and gode,




warm heart, and it found its way to every soul. This same sailor made one of the most fervent, importunate prayers to which we ever listened.

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DIAMOND DUST. ONCE a Golgotha, Calvary has ceased to be a place of skulls. Where men went once to die, they now go to live.

To love a little sin is a great sin.

God waited many a day for the poor prodigal, but He did not make the poor prodigal wait a single moment for Him.

Of all earthly music that which reacheth farthest unto heaven is the beating of a loving heart.

HEAVEN will be inherited by every man who has heaven in his soul. “ The kingdom of heaven is within you."

IF, every time canscience was wrong it sighed, and every time reason was perverted it uttered complaints, no one could live for the moanings that would fill his soul.

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Question. July 10 The Great Phy- XXXVIII.-Ps. cxlvii. 1–3. Matt. viii. 14 to end.

sician. 17 The Passage of XXXIX.-Psalm cvi. 6-8. Exodus xiv. 10–31.

the Red Sea. 24 Promises and XL.-Psalm xxviii. 3-5. Matt. vii. 7-33.

Warnings. 31 The Manna. XLI. & XLII.-Psalm cxlv. Exodus xvi, 1–36.

15-18. Aug. 7 Doers of the XLIII. & XLIV.-Ps. xvii. Matt. vii. 24–29. Word.


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THE REVIVAL IN IRELAND. SOME of you may have heard before this of the great and good work of grace which is going on in the North of Ireland. Perhaps you, sometime, may have heard too that this North of Ireland is inhabited by the descendants of Scotch people who went over there many years ago. They are chiefly Presbyterians, and have been brought up in the enjoyment of similar privileges to those you enjoy yourselves. But many who profess to be Christians, and who have been brought up like Christians - both here and there are not so in reality. They have a name to live, but are dead. But God has been arousing these people from this state of death. Very wonderful have been his doings amongst them for months past. Men and women, boys and girls, young and old,

AUGUST, 1859.

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have been “struck down” with an overwhelming anguish, and desire for salvation, which have laid them prostrate for days together. Here are some of the

Results of the Revival. The ignorant, whether young or old, are docile; they are learning to read that they may search God's Word for themselves ; the boisterous and quarrelsome have become calm and peaceful; enemies love one another;

the mouths that bellowed forth cursing and blasphemy, now praise and bless God's holy name; the Sabbath-breaker now remembers and keeps holy the Lord's-day; the impure have abandoned their pollution; the drunkard is sober, notwithstanding many temptations ; some publicans have abandoned their sinful callings; Sabbath schools, prayer-meetings, and places of worship are crowded; books and tracts are in great demand ; many, very many pray who never prayed before ; liberality to the cause of Christ is on the increase ; Papists and Unitarians have been turned to the Bible as the only guide, and to Jesus ! as the only Divine Saviour; the godless multitude are awed into solemnity, the Lord Jesus is greatly glorified.

Who would not rejoice at these blessed results, and pray that the work may go on until all Ireland, and all the world, shall be brought under its power ?

Scoffers and Blasphemers saved. A young man, speaking of his conversion, says, “I served the devil just as well as he (the devil) could wish till last week”- that is, until the Lord gave him a new heart and right spirit. Another young man was 80 wicked that once he urged the overseer of the mill where he worked to have the engine stopped, that all the



men might assemble for ten minutes to hear how he could blaspheme the name of Jesus. Now, he is a humble devoted servant of Christ, striving to adorn the doctrine. Here is another bold, proud, self-willed man, who once sneered contemptuously at the whole work ;

but one evening, as he returned home from a prayer-meeting, he was so broken in heart, and in such agony of soul that he was compelled to go down on his knees on the street, and plead for pardoning mercy.

Praying in Earnest.

Reader, did you ever pray to God in real earnest ? The Jailor did, and Paul did, and many others did, and do: but have you? These people in Ireland-boys and girls even-pray in earnest.

A little girl seven or eight years old, who was anxious about her soul, cried out, her eyes streaming with tears, O Christ, come to me! O Christ, come to me! an' when ye dae come (you do come) dinna lea'e me (do not leave me), but aye stay wi' me.”

“O Christ !” pleaded a boy eleven years old. “O Christ, thou didst wear the crown of thorns for me! Oh! oh! I could wear them for thee! Oh, I hate to go back to my old companions—my old ways. I care not for anything. Oh, what care I for anything but for thee! If it was thy will, O take me now home to thyself! Oh! oh! Why do they not spit on me. Oh! oh! they sput (spat) on thee, and thou never sinned. Oh! it was for me, for me--for my sins. Oh! take my heart and turn it inside out-clean the dirty nasty filth out of it, and make it pure, pure. Oh, Jesus, give me but one crumb, one crumb; one, one, only of thy bread! One drop, one

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