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woman, fairly roused up with concern for her visitor (who now stood before her in a new light), and rejoicing, too, in the resolutions which she had expressed. “I will seek to be useful in every way


I know not what to do; but I will do all for Christ, whatever it may be, and I will ask counsel of him."

She then expressed the warmest gratitude to the poor, meek, faithful sewing woman, for her faithfulness to her principles and for her faithfulness to her. So they parted.

Often they met afterwards, however, and conversed on the subject of religion. Often in the few next succeeding days they prayed together, and talked of the obligation they owed to the Saviour. The faith of the converted actress grew stronger every day. She became more and more confident that the hand of God was in all this—that this was the method he had adopted to snatch her as a brand from the burning. The more she thought of it the more she admired the amazing goodness and mercy of God in it. She felt that perhaps her heart would not have been reached so well in any other way. And this thought increased her gratitude. She gathered strength from day to day as she went on her way rejoicing. She is now in one of the Eastern States, where she has

ber residence for the present. She has made a public profession of religion, and joined herself to the people of God.

She writes often to her young Christian friend--the sewing woman-in 29th Street, New York, who related the whole facts of the case herself.

A letter was lately received from the actress, who says “My old associates sneer at me, and call me crazy;

but I have been enabled to draw two from the stage-one a

taken up



singer and the other a ballet-dancer. They are now seeking Christ, too. So I will do all I can to save thein."

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THE WAR IN CHINA. We have much need at present to pray for China and the Christian missionaries there. You know that our own Government and the Emperor of the French are at war with the Chinese. As might be expected, this has stirred up among the Chinese a strong feeling of hatred against Christians and Christianity. We are indebted to an American newspaper for the following piece of intelligence. The writer says :

“ The anti-Christian party is led by the Commanderin-chief of the Chinese army, Sang-Ko-lin-Sing, who is the author or promoter of a remonstrance against all concessions to the Christian powers. In the memorial this Chinese chief says that 'The Christian religion is utterly subversive of good morals. They make use of the false doctrines of Jesus to poison the minds of the simple, and employ Chinese gold and silver to corrupt the hearts of the intelligent; and, at this rate, in a few years the whole population will embrace the false religion of Jesus. Will not the people of China then become the tools of the barbarians, and then where will the mischief end ?'

To guard against this result, the Chinese Government has published an imperial statute, pronouncing the punishment of death, by strangulation, against all Europeans who shall teach, and all Chinese who shall adopt the Christian religion. The following is an extract from this statute :

“. Any native of the Western Ocean (Europe) who



shall propagate or teach the religion of the Lord of Heaven in the interior of China, or who shall clandestinely engrave or cause to be published any books of religion, or who shall establish places of meeting therein, to propound that religion and delude the people; and any member of the Eight Banners, or any of the Chinese people who shall receive the doctrine from a native of the West, and use it to convert the people, or who shall privately assume another title or degree (i. e. the title of “Holy Father,” or “Priest,"') to mislead the multitude, shall, on conviction, be sentenced, the principals to be strangled, with immediate execution ; and any who shall propagate that religion without taking a separate title, and the number of people imposed upon be not large, shall be condemned to be strangled, awaiting in prison the execution of the sentence.

' And any who shall have allowed themselves to be converted, and shall not reform, shall be sent to the cities in Turkestan, and be given to the high and low orders of Begs, and those able to control them, to be their slaves ; and the bannermen shall be struck off the muster-roll of the banner:

. If any persons spread evil and corrupt diseourses, the consequences of which are found dangerous, or by means of invocations and superstitious services shall impose upon the credulity of the people, they shall be dealt with according to law, in proportion to the gravity of the offence.'

Of course these threatenings do not apply to all China. The “Five Ports” are still free to missionaries and others, according to the agreement made with our Government at the close of the last war.


IDOL-MAKER. • The following advertisement of a Chinese idol-maker appeared in a Canton paper a few years since. The man could not surely believe in such dumb idols himself. Idolatry seems to be a very expensive religion, as well as a very useless one. Here is a translation of the Advertisement :

“I, Achen Tea Chinchen, a lineal descendant of Coup Boi Rache Chinchen, the celebrated sculptor and carver in wood, who, through his unremitting studies to promote rational religious worship, by the classical touches of his knife and chisel, has been honoured by emperors, kings, and rajahs of the East, and supplied with superior idols for public and domestic worship, now humbly offer my services in the same theological line, having travelled from hence, at a considerable expense, to perfect myself in anatomy, and in copying the most graceful attitudes of the human figure, under those able masters, Nollekens and Bacon. Achen Tea Chinchen is now in possession of casts of the most approved models and Elgin marbles. He is ready to execute to order idols from twelve feet high, well proportioned, down to the size of a marmoset monkey, or the most hideous monster that can be conceived, to inspire awe or reverence for religion. My charges are moderate. For an ourang-outang three feet high, seven hundred dollars; ditto rampant, eight hundred ; a sphinx, four hundred ; a bull with hump and horns, six hundred and fifty; a buffalo, eight hundred; a dog, two hundred; ditto couchant, one hundred and fifty; and an ass, in a braying attitude, eight hundred. The most durable materials will be used.

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Of statuary granite, brass, and copper, I have provided sufficient to complete orders to any extent. Perishable wood shall never disgrace a deity made by my hands. Posterity may see the objects of their fathers' devotions unsullied by the inclemency of the seasons, the embraces of pious pilgrims, or their tears on the solemn prostrations before them. Small idols for domestic worship, or made into portable compass for pilgrims. The price will be proportionate to the size and weight. No trust; ready money. Any order, post-paid, accompanied by a drawing and description of the idol, will be promptly attended to, provided one-half the expense be first paid, and the remainder secured by any respectable house in Canton."


TUNE_" The Happy Land.
Oh! come to Jesus nov,

Jesus is here;
All near Him lowly bow,

Jesus is here.
Too many go away,
Too many still delay,
Though Jesus bids them stay-

Jesus is here.
Oh! come this place within,

Jesus is here;
He sees you full of sin,

Jesus is here.
Poor, wretched, and undone,
Seeking Him, and Him alone,

Jesus is here.
Come, then, to Jesus


Jesus is here;
All low before Him bow,

Jesus is here.

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