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against the rock Christ Jesus, we may be blessed amongst thy children, and be carried into our country, the land of glorious promises, there to reign with thee, who livest and governest all things, world without end. Amen.

PSALM CXXXVIII. A Prayer and a Thanksgiving for God's Mercies. O Lord God, who hast magnified thy name and word above all things, make good thy loving-kindnesses towards us, and endue our souls with much strength; that thine hand being stretched forth upon the furiousness of all our ghostly enemies, and we being saved by thy right hand, may praise thee and all thy glories, serving thee here with a lowly mind and a great industry: that at last we may worship thee in thy holy temple, in the midst of all the myriads of angels, where thy glory is great and far exalted above all gods. Grant this for Jesus Christ's sake, our Lord and only Saviour. Amen.


Morning Prayer.


A Meditation of the Omnipresence of God, and u Prayer

that we may always walk as in his Sight. O LORD our God, who art infinite in wisdom, and present in all places, filling heaven, and earth, and hell, with the effects of thy mighty power, and communications of thy glorious essence; let thy hand lead us, and thy right hand hold us in all our ways, always considering that thou art present, understanding our thoughts and words even long before they are, and seeing our most secret ways as clearly as in the sight of the sun: print thy fear mightily upon our souls, that we may be as fearful of committing sins in secret, as in the eyes of all the world : that we, hating all iniquity, and loving thy counsels as our dearest treasures and guide, may, by the paths of a holy life, be conducted into the way everlasting; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

PSALM CXL. A Prayer for Deliverance from the Mischief of all wicked


O Lord God, thou strength of our health, thou that avengest the poor, and maintainest the cause of the helpless, deliver us, O Lord, and preserve us from the evil and wicked man, that neither his example may corrupt us, nor his counsels mislead us, nor his prosperity scandalize us, nor his strife disquiet us, nor his mischief disturb our safety: but do thou cover our heads in the day of battle and contestation against all our bodily and ghostly enemies ; that although they hunt us to overthrow us, yet we may prosper upon earth under thy favour and protection, and at last, being removed from all fears, and sadness, and dangers, may continue in thy sight amongst the congregation of the just for ever; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


A Prayer for the Virtue of Religion, for Holiness of Life,

and for Deliverance from the Snares of our Enemies. O Lord, our trust and confidence, haste thee unto us, and consider our voice, when we call upon thee in our trouble and necessity ; let our prayers ascend up unto thee as incense, and be as the savour of the evening and morning sacrifice. We beg of thee nothing but grace and power to fulfil thy will : let not our hearts be inclined to any evil. Set

watch, O Lord, before our mouths, and keep the door of our lips : let us not be busied in ungodly works, that we may never offend in our thoughts, or words, or actions; and when we do amiss, do thou smite us friendly, and reprove us with the checks of a tender conscience, that thy fatherly correction may, like precious balm, curè all the wounds made by our own infirmities; that we, 'escaping all the shares of wickedness, may for ever hear and obey thy sweet words, and our souls may never be cast out of thy presence, but for ever may rejoice in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

Evening Prayer.


A Prayer in all Sadness, and in the Hour of Death. O LORD God, thou art our hope, and our portion in the land of the living; consider our complaint and misery: thou art our place to flee unto, thou only art our sanctuary. O hide us under the covert of thy wings, keep us from all the dangers which multiply upon us, when our spirits are in heaviness, and our bodies pressed with infirmities: be thou always at our right hand, and assist us so with the strength of thy grace, that our temptations and our enemies not being above our strength derived from thee, our souls may with confidence go out of prison, and give eternal thanks unto thy name in the companies of the righteous; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

PSALM CXLIII. A Prayer that God would pardon our Sins, and direct us in

the Way of Righteousness. O Lord our Judge and our Redeemer, hearken unto us for thy truth and righteousness’ sake; deliver us from the guilt of all our sins, and those great punishments which are due to us for the same. Enter not into judgment with us, for in thy sight no man can be justified by any worthiness of his own. Endue our souls with the righteousness of a holy faith, living and working by charity. Show us the way

that we should walk in; teach us to do whatsoever pleaseth thee; quicken our souls in the paths of life, and so continue the conduct of thy Spirit to us, that it may never leave us, till we be brought forth of this world into the land of righteousness, to dwell with thee eternally; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.



Morning Prayer.

PSALM CXLIV. A Thanksgiving for Victory, and a Prayer for the Blessings

of Peace. O LORD our strength, our hope and fortress, our castle and deliverer, our defender in whom we trust; bow the heavens, O Lord, come down and save us, send down thy hand from above, deliver us and take us from the great waters, from those miseries and afflictions which come upon us by reason of our sins, and from the condition of mortality, and from the hand of strange children, whose right hand is a right hand of wickedness. Give us, O Lord, victory and peace, and all the blessings of thy peace, with which thou usest to adorn and beautify the dwellings of the righteous, that we may be happy in the continual descent of thy favours; but above all, our happiness may consist in being thy people, and thou being our God, that we may be blessed for ever in so blessed a relation; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

A Meditation of the Glory and Majesty of God, and the

Mightiness of his Kingdom. O God our King, thou art marvellous, worthy to be praised, and there is no end of thy greatness: give us enlarged and sanctified hearts and lips, that we may sing of thy righteousness, and magnify thy glory, thy worship, and wondrous works. All thy works praise thee, O Lord, and thy saints give thanks unto thee. Make us holy and righteous in thy sight; we are already the works of thine hands : and then we have a double title to praise thee : uphold us, O Lord, that we fall not, and lift us up when we are, down. Give us meat in due season for our souls and for our bodies; that we, being filled with the plenteousness of thy mercies bere, may have our best, and all our desires fulfilled and satisfied hereafter amongst such as fear thee, and give thanks unto thy holy name for ever.

Grant this for Jesus Christ's sake ; to whom with thee, O Father, and the Holy Spirit, be all honour and glory, now and for ever. Amen.

PSALM CXLVI. A Prayer that we may trust in God only; und not in an Arm

of Flesh.

O Lord God, who reignest a King for evermore, give us grace that we may make thee our help, and fix our hopes in thee, for thou only art able to give deliverance. Feed our souls, O Lord, and satisfy us with thy salvation, when we hunger and thirst after righteousness; help us to right, when we suffer wrong; heal our backslidings; raise us when we are fallen; enlighten the eyes of our souls that we walk not in darkness and the shadow of death ; and do thou take care for us in all our ways and in all our necessities : that when our breath goeth forth, and we turn again to our earth, we may reign with thee in Sion, thy celestial habitation, for evermore; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Evening Prayer.

PSALM CXLVII. A Celebration of God's Wisdom and Providence in the Mi

nistration of the Things of this World, and of his Goodness

towards them that fear him. O Lord God, whose power is great, and thy wisdom infinite, give us broken and contrite hearts, meek spirits, a fear of thy name, and a trust in thy mercy; that thou mayest arise upon us with healing in thy wings, giving us medicine to heal all our ghostly sicknesses, and thy delight may be in' us, delighting to do us good, to feed us when we call upon thee, to set uš above our enemies, to give us knowledge of thy laws, to build up Jerusalem, and to repair the breaches of thy church, that we may sing praises unto thee, O God, and be thankful to all eternity, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

PSALM CXLVIII. An Invitation of all the Creatures in the World to praise God.

O Lord God, whose name only is excellent, and thy praise above heaven and earth; we adore and bless thy mercy and thy power for creating us after thine own image; thou spakest the word, and we were made ; thou commandedst, and we were created. And as thou hast esta

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