The Queens of Egypt

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D. Appleton, 1908 - 250 pages

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Page 192 - And Solomon made affinity with Pharaoh king of Egypt, and took Pharaoh's daughter, and brought her into the city of David, until he had made an end of building his own house, and the house of the Lord, and the wall of Jerusalem round about.
Page 119 - Thou makest the seasons of the year to create all thy works ; The winter making' them cool, the summer giving warmth. Thou makest the far-off heaven, that thou mayest rise in it, That thou mayest see all that thou madest when thou wast alone.
Page 119 - Thou createst the land by thy will, thou alone, With peoples, herds, and flocks, Everything on the face of the earth that walketh on its feet, Everything in the air that flieth with its wings. In the hills from Syria to Kush, and the plain of Egypt, Thou givest to every one his place, thou framest their lives, To every one his belongings, reckoning his length of days ; Their tongues are diverse in their speech, Their natures in the colour of their skin.
Page 40 - the gold that we found on the noble mummy of this "god, together with his amulets and necklaces which " were on his neck, and the wrappings on which they " rested. We found the royal wife likewise. We tore " off all that which we found from it likewise and we OF QUEEN NUB-KHA-S I2Q " set fire to their wrappings. We took their furniture
Page 33 - ... top of which he placed two marble statues seated in a throne, designing, by these monuments, to perpetuate the fame and glory of his name to all succeeding generations. The revenue arising from the fish taken in this lake, he gave to his wife to buy her dresses, which amounted to a talent of silver every day. For there were in it two-and-twenty sorts of fish, and so vast a number were taken, that those who were employed continually to salt them up, (though they were multitudes of people), could...
Page 209 - May he grant everything that is good and pure, by which the divine (nature) lives, all that the heaven bestows and the earth brings forth, to the princess, the most pleasant, the most gracious, the kindest and most amiable queen of Upper and Lower Egypt, the sister of the king...
Page 202 - ... presented themselves with all things good to behold —gold, precious stones, garments of cotton — (before his Majesty), who had put on the serpent-diadem, in order to inspire respect for his presence. But several days passed before they dared to supplicate his Urseus. Then (Nimrod) sent forth (34) his wife, the queen and daughter of a king, Nes-thent-nes, to supplicate the queens and the royal concubines and the king's daughters and sisters. And she threw herself prostrate in the women's house...
Page 32 - ... blind, to divert attention from the real passage, which stood ostentatiously open. A plunderer has, however, fruitlessly mined his way through all these blocks. On going down the real passage, another dumb chamber was reached ; another sliding trap-door was passed ; another passage led to a third dumb chamber ; a third trap-door was passed ; and now a passage led along past one side of the real sepulchre ; and to amuse explorers, two false wells open in the passage floor, and the wrong side of...
Page 35 - For it has twelve courts enclosed with walls, with doors opposite each other, six facing the north, and six the south, contiguous to one another ; and the same exterior wall encloses them. It contains two kinds of rooms, some under ground and some above ground over them, to the number of three thousand, fifteen hundred of each. The rooms above ground I myself went through and saw, and relate from personal inspection. But the underground rooms I only know from report ; for the Egyptians who have charge...

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