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The Learned and Autặentic Jewisk Historian.

“This HISTORY 18 spoken of in the highest terms by men of the greatest learning and the soundest judgment, from its first publication to the present time.

“The fidelity, the veracity, and the probity of Josephus, are universally allowed : and Scaliger in particular declares, that not only in the affairs of the Jews, but even of foreign nations, he deserves more credit than all the Greek and Roman writers put together. Certain at least it is, that he had that most essential qualification of an historian,-a perfect and accurate knowledge of all the transactions which he relates; that he had no prejudices to mislead him in the representation of them; and that, above all, he meant no favour to the Christian cause. For even allowing the so much controverted passage, in which he is supposed to bear testimony to Christ, to be genuine, it does not appear that he ever became a convert to His religion, but cortinned probably s malous Jew to the end of his life."

Pride Biskop Porteus's Titanes: Vol. II. 234.

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