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4 The prophet of the cross no more
Again preach peace to me;
The voice of interceding prayer
A farewell voice may be.

5 While yet the life-proclaiming word
Doth through my conscience thrill,
Breathe life; and, lo, divinely stirred
I can repent; I will.

6 Thou that a will in me hast wrought,
Haste, work in me to do,

And lest the purpose leave my thought,
Now my whole heart renew.

7 Dying Redeemer, to thy breast,
A dying wretch I flee,

Bid me be reconciled and blest,
And born of God, through thee.

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1 THE God of Abraham praise,

Who reigns enthroned above,

Ancient of everlasting days,
And God of love:

Jehovah, Great I AM,

By earth and heaven confest;

I bow and bless the sacred name,
For ever blest.

2 The God of Abraham praise,
At whose supreme command
From earth I rise, and seek the joys
At his right hand :
I all on earth forsake,

Its wisdom, fame, and power;
And him my only portion make,
My shield and tower.

3. The God of Abraham praise,
Whose all-sufficient grace
Shall guide me all my happy days,
In all my ways.

He calls a worm his friend,
He calls himself my God;
And he shall save me to the end,
Through Jesu's blood.

4 He by himself hath sworn,
I on his oath depend;
I shall, on eagles' wings upborne,
To heaven ascend:

I shall behold his face,
I shall his power adore,
And sing the wonders of his grace
For evermore.





HOUGH nature's strength decay,
And earth and hell withstand,

To Canaan's bounds I urge my way,

At his command.

The watery deep I pass,

With Jesus in my view;

And through the howling wilderness
My way pursue.

6 The goodly land I see, With peace and plenty blest; A land of sacred liberty,

And endless rest:

There milk and honey flow, And oil and wine abound, And trees of life for ever grow, With mercy crowned.

7 There dwells the Lord our King,
The Lord our righteousness,
Triumphant o'er the world and sin,
The Prince of peace;

On Sion's sacred height
His kingdom still maintains,
And glorious with his saints in light
For ever reigns.

8 He keeps his own secure,
He guards them by his side,
Arrays in garments white and pure
His spotless bride:

With streams of sacred bliss,
With groves of living joys,
With all the fruits of Paradise,
He still supplies.


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QEFORE the great Three-One
They all exulting stand,

And tell the wonders he hath done,
Through all their land:

The listening spheres attend,
And swell the growing fame;
And sing, in songs which never end,
The wondrous name.

10 The God who reigns on high The great archangels sing; And, "Holy, holy, holy," cry, 66 Almighty King!

Who was and is the same,
And evermore shall be ;
Jehovah, Father, Great I AM,
We worship thee."

11 Before the Saviour's face
The ransomed nations bow;
O'erwhelmed at his almighty grace,
For ever new:

He shows his prints of love,-
They kindle to a flame!

And sound through all the worlds above
The slaughtered Lamb.

12 The whole triumphant host
Give thanks to God on high;

"Hail, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,'
They ever cry:

Hail, Abraham's God, and mine!
(I join the heavenly lays)

All might and majesty are thine,
And endless praise.

C. M.

"All his saints are in thy hand."

Deut. xxxiii. 3.

1 WHOM Jesu's blood doth sanctify

Need neither sin nor fear

Hid in our Saviour's hand we lie,
And laugh at danger near:

His guardian hand doth hold, protect,
And save, by ways unknown,
The little flock, the saints elect,
Who trust in him alone.

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2 Our Prophet, Priest, and King, to thee
We joyfully submit ;
And learn, in meek humility,
Our lesson at thy feet:

Spirit and life thy words impart,
And blessings from above;
And drop in every listening heart
The manna of thy love.

802 "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew


their strength," &c.—Isa. xl. 31.

AWAKE, our souls! away, our fears!

¡L. M.

Let every trembling thought be gone! Awake, and run the heavenly race,

And put a cheerful courage on.

2 True, 'tis a strait and thorny road,
And mortal spirits tire and faint;
But they forget the mighty God,
That feeds the strength of every saint.

3 0 mighty God, thy matchless power
Is ever new, and ever young;
And firm endures, while endless years
Their everlasting circles run.

4 From thee, the ever-flowing spring,
Our souls shall drink a fresh supply;
While such as trust their native strength
Shall melt away, and droop, and die.

5 Swift as the eagle cuts the air,

We'll mount aloft to thine abode;
On wings of love our souls shall fly,
Nor tire along the heavenly road.

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