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And labouring while we time redeem,
We please the Lord, and work for him.
3 Happy we live, when God doth fill

Our hands with work, our hearts with zeal;
For every toil, if he enjoin,

Becomes a sacrifice divine,

And like the blessed spirits above,
The more we serve, the more we love.





10s & 11 s.


E servants of God, Your Master proclaim, And publish abroad His wonderful name; The name all-victorious Of Jesus extol; His kingdom is glorious, And rules over all.

2 The waves of the sea Have lift up their voice, Sore troubled that we In Jesus rejoice;

The floods they are roaring, But Jesus is here; While we are adoring, He always is near. 3 God ruleth on high, Almighty to save; And still he is nigh, His presence we have; The great congregation His triumph shall sing, Ascribing salvation To Jesus our King.

4 "Salvation to God Who sits on the throne," Let all cry aloud, And honour the Son;

Our Jesus's praises The angels proclaim, Fall down on their faces, And worship the Lamb. 5 Then let us adore, And give him his right, All glory and power, All wisdom and might, All honour and blessing, With angels above, And thanks never-ceasing, And infinite love.

860 "Peter and John went up into the temple at the hour of prayer."-Acts iii. 1.

WHO Jesus our example know,

And his Apostles' footsteps trace,
We gladly to the temple go,


Frequent the consecrated place At every solemn hour of prayer, And meet the God of mercy there. 2 His offering pure we call to mind, There on the golden altar laid, Whose Godhead with the manhood joined, For every soul atonement made; And have whate'er we ask of God, Through faith in that all-saving blood.



"Again His disciples were within, and
Thomas, &c."-John xx. 26.

IF but one faithless soul be here,


Jesus assembled with thine own,
Wilt thou not in the midst appear,
Thy resurrection's power make known,
Sprinkle the sinner with thy blood,
And show thyself his Lord and God.

2 Slower of heart than Thomas, I,
With thy sincere disciples meet
A conscious unbeliever sigh


For faith and pardon at thy feet:
Thy feet, alas, I cannot see,

Or feel the blood that flows for me.

3 But nothing can obstruct thy way
Thou omnipresent God of Love:
Come, Saviour, come, thy wounds display,
My stubborn unbelief remove,

And me among thy people bless,
And fill our hearts with heavenly peace.

4 Occasion from my slowness take
Thy faithful followers to cheer,
For a poor abject sinner's sake,
Jesus, the second time appear,
Increase thy saints' felicity,

And bless them all by blessing me.

7s & 6s (1-8).



air service.


“And we kneeled down on the shore and prayed."—Acts xxi. 5.

1 WO or three in Jesu's name,


According to his word

Humbly met, may boldly claim
The presence of their Lord;
He himself prepares the fane
With azure canopy o'erspread,
Ample dome to entertain

The members and their Head.

2 How august the hallowed place
To faith's discerning eye!
Hallowed by the present grace
Of him who fills the sky!

While the Spirit of love and prayer
Into their simple hearts is given,
Christ with all his church is there,
And turns their earth to heaven.

C. M.


For a week-day service.

BEHOLD us, Lord, a little space

From daily tasks set free,

And met within thy holy place
To rest awhile with thee.
Around us rolls the ceaseless tide
Of business, toil, and care,
And scarcely can we turn aside
For one brief hour of prayer.


2 Yet these are not the only walls
Wherein thou may'st be sought;
On homeliest work thy blessing falls
In truth and patience wrought.
Thine is the loom, the forge, the mart,
The wealth of land and sea;
The worlds of science and of art,
Revealed and ruled by thee.

3 Then let us prove our heavenly birth
In all we do and know;



And claim the kingdom of the earth
For thee, and not thy foe.

Work shall be prayer, if all be wrought
As thou wouldst have it done;

And prayer, by thee inspired and taught,
Itself with work be one.


L. M.

ESUS, where'er thy people meet, There they behold thy mercy-seat; Where'er they seek thee thou art found, And every place is hallowed ground.

2 For thou, within no walls confined,
Inhabitest the humble mind;

Such ever bring thee where they come,
And going, take thee to their home.
3 Great Shepherd of thy chosen few,
Thy former mercies here renew;
Here to our waiting hearts proclaim
The sweetness of thy saving name.

4 Here may we prove the power of prayer,
To strengthen faith and sweeten care,
To teach our faint desires to rise,

And bring all heaven before our eyes.

Lord, we are few, but thou art near;
Nor short thine arm, nor deaf thine ear:
O rend the heavens, come quickly down,
And make a thousand hearts thine own.

M. "The preparation of the heart."—Prov. xvi. 1. 865
ORD, teach us how to pray aright,

Though dust and ashes in thy sight,
We may, we must draw near.

2 We perish if we cease from prayer,
O grant us power to pray!
And when to meet thee we prepare,
Lord, meet us by the way.

3 Give deep humility; the sense
Of godly sorrow give;
A strong desiring confidence
To hear thy voice and live;

4 Faith in the only sacrifice
That can for sin atone;

To build our hopes, to fix our eyes
On Christ, on Christ alone ;

Patience to watch, and wait, and weep,
Though mercy long delay;
Courage, our fainting souls to keep,
And trust thee though thou slay.

6 Give these, and then thy will be done;
Thus strengthened with all might,
We through thy Spirit and thy Son,
Shall pray, and pray aright.

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