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Laws of Man must not contradi&t God's,

Loving Couples admit no Rivals,

Lemuel's Lady's Character above all,

Moderation in Drinking, &c. allowable,

Modern Luxuries out do the Heathen Gods,

Mercy display'd, a meek hearted Virtue, 106
Meekness exemplify’d,

Murder seldom scapes unpunished in this Life, 125
Magistrates apt to follow their King's Example, 131
Mediocrity the Standard of all Virtues,

Marriage is of divine Ordinance,

Marriage-Haters, satyrically ridiculd,
Mysteries of Faith above humane Understanding, 198
Merchandising in a Wife characteriz'd,

Manufactures inrich Families and Kingdoms, 203
Meat in due Season very requisite,

Mistress's Eye makes a House flourish,

Merchandise is of great Gain,

Manufactures of old praktis'd by great perfons,

Mafquerades are of dangerous Consequence,

Matrimony, a most honourable Calling,

Many Hands make light Work in Trade,

Miftreffes of Families to be very circumspect,

Majesty of a Royal Confort, extoll'd,
Mortgages are a Canker in an Estate,

Most Ladies fall short of the Queen's Chara&er,
Monopolies not comparable to Alms-Giving,

Melanahon calls this Lesson, The Ladies Looking-Glass, 361
Modern Marriages, almost parallel to Solomon's, 367

Nature must be helped by Art,

New-invented Liquors, prejudicial to Health,
National Peace endanger'd by drunken Riots,

Nature is content with a little,

National Cruelties of ill Consequence,

Neceffity, is the Mother of Wit,

No Value can be set upon a virtuous Lady,

Novelty causes great Errours of Judgment,

Navigation, an excellent Way of trafficking,

Needle-Works, C. good Employments for Ladies,









Nothing so uncertain as Court Favour,

354 Neutrality in Religion, condemn’d by the Gospel, No Medium between Resistance and Non-Resistance,

363 O. Oppressours, Info. mers, &c. to be discouragid,

62 Oliver once ruind this Nation, Offenders the mire honourable, the greater, Objections against Marriage, Solv'd and lampoonid, 163 Outlandith Rarities net so good as our own,

202 Oeconomy is an excellent Art,

210 Oftentation destroys the very End of Charity,

264 Oratory is very persuasive,

313 Outde-Ornaments, discover not the Heart,

352 P. Proverbs are the best Leffons of Life,

3,4 Pious Books, better than Balads, Plays, &c. Parents suid find out the bolt Masters, Tutors, &c. 17 People are apt to imitate their Superiours,

38 Precept ought to be confirm'd by Pra&tice,

44 Preferment, to be got by Sobriety,

45 Perising People most to be allowed strong Liquors,

65 Princes may be too liberal to worthless Perfons,

75 Poverty is an aflicting Story,

82 Prodigals meet with no Credit or Compassion,

88 Prisons pay no Debts, but by Death,

89 Pardoning, cfren more Prudence than punising, Peace is preserved by publick fuffice, Powietlion does not always give Right,

105 Perjury is the most complicated Crime,

124 Pauper-Canses mever ought t; be fighted,

132 Provid:nce takes Care of the Pior,

133 Philosophers-Scone, no such zugar Fest,

135 Piety, Conscience, &c. not to be forbid any Court, 142 Perication comes by V'irurg

144 Prudence, the Chain of all moral Virtues,

150 Presumprion, the Ruin of Princes,

171 Paulina's L ve to Sencca set forth,

180 Penelope's Diligence and Fidelity shewn,

194 Power of Love goes farther than Mortality,

205 Pawn-broking, c. abominable Sins,

240 Poor House-Ke pers, not common Deggars, to be pity'd, 260 Prisoners for Life, the greatest oljees of Relief, 265 Prilosophers did 125 liudly outward Habits,

278 Products of one's own. Ingenuity the best,





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Personal Goodness makes a King most popular,
Peace, not Pomp, the Way to Happiness,
Prating most disagreeable in Discourse,
Power and Right do not always go together,
Pains to be taken for Food and Raiment,
Promises move Youth to Virtue,
Praise due to Children that do wel,
Progeny of virtuous Parents, bappy,
Panegyrick of a virtuous Wife,
Physiognomy, &c. all fooliss Guess-Work,
Philosophick Souls can never be disturbid,
Plurality of Friends ridiculous,

Qualifications fit for a King,
Queens Virtuous make tbeir Kings Famous,
Queen's Qualifications describd,
Queen's glorious Character,
Queen Ann's conjugal Affe&tion remarkable,
Qualities of the Mind, not known by external Form,

Rapes, Incest, and Mock-Marriages, fatal,
Rare Examples of Temperance,
Relieving the distreßed, a great Duty,
Rigour better than Remisness to reform fome Vices,
Riches are often changing Masters,
Redressing of Grievances, the Glory of Kings,
Roman Laws provided fort for the poor,
Royal Presence in Courts would do well sometimes,
Regal Authority accountable to God only,
Redeeming of Slaves, &c. glorious in 4 Prince,
Respect of Persons not just,
Remorse of Conscience is the grearest Torment,
Refusal of Justice fatal in many Instances,
Religion is far above Morality,
Reviling of Husbands, the worst breeding,
Royal Exchange ought to be most encourag'd,
Retaliation, not lawful among Christians,
Revenge burt's our felves more than Enemies,
Religion of a virtuous Queen,
Royal Pair characterizd,
Religious Ladies delight in Dev tion and Divinity,
Robbers of Nations should be made to refund,
Rhetorick cannot reach tice Worth of Virtue,
Religious Fear, the Foundation of ol Virtues,

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Ring-leaders to be punish'd for little Offenders,
Royal Psalmist gives the best Idea of this Marriage, 366

Seraglio's not to be suffer'd in a Christian Country,

Sobriery is requisite in all Professions,
Scarvlings, the greatest obje&s of Compassion,
South-Sea Charity not commendable,
Sickness requires the greatest Comforts,
Sorrow to be banilli'd by good Wine,
Self-Murder never to be justified,
Scripture not disaffedted to a lawful Government, Ils
Scarcity of good Women remarkable,

146 Spendthrifts become minumental Beggars,

168 Single-State of Life full of Dangers,

172 Slochfulness is the Slavery of the Soul,

186 South-Sea Cheats deluded the fair Sex,

208 Servants no Slaves,

213 South-Sea Dealings have been Chimerical, Spinning, &c. deligbrful Offices,

243 Silk-Worm, an Embleme of the Resurrection,

252 Sufferers for Conscience. Sake deserve moft Relief, 265 Storms never disturb the virtuous,

272 Superfluiries of all sorts mightily exploded,

277 Sumptuary Laws necessary in a State,

278 Speech, to be discreetly govern'd,

312 Spiritual and secular Sovereigns, different Perfons, 341 Self-Intereft perverts all Friendlip,

353 Summary of all Virtues in Chap. 2. ver. Timothy, 362

T. Temperance is the noblest Qualification,

41 Trade failing, a Nation mourns,

72 Trusting in God never fails of Relief,

85 Thirft sweetens any Water to the Taste,

go Thieves, Pirates, &c, pretend to some sort of Fustice, 104 True Religion compared to our Saviour's Coat,

149 Travelling sometimes attended with ill Consequences, 200 Titbonus, an Embleme of Labour and Long Life, 229 Three Deftinies, the best Lefon for Spinsters,

259 Three Graces, an extraordinary Le&ture of Charity, 261 Table-Talk should not be impertinent,

315 Treasure in Heaven safe from Thieves of State, 344 Toleration Mould not be taken, Ell for Inch,

364 V. Vain Dressing, to be carefully avoided,


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Vices of the Tea-Table, recounted,
Vice is catching by great Examples,
Virtue is an immortal Bleffing,
Vice deserves the blackest Charaders,
Uxoriousness, a great Fault,
Variery is a natural Desire,
Vain Curiosities condemn'd,
Universal Commerce is very adviseable,
Vircuous Lovers light up Hero's Lamp again,
Union betwixt Man and wife, wonderful,
Ulury and Extortion detestable,
Vineyards might be more encouragʻd here,
Use and Exercise make Perfe&nes,
Vigilancy is very profitable,
Virtue deals in no probibited Goods,
Vetture of a virtuous Lady display'd,
Vanity of Beauty set forth,
Vicious Women severely reproach'd by a Greek Poet,

Women should not be deny'd any Learning,
Want of Education intails a Curse of Vices,
Whoring ruins Families and Estates,
Whoredom punish’d, borb divinely and bumanely,
Worthieft Persons ought to take place,
Wine drank moderately,of Sovereign Virtue,
Will cannot be compell’d in Point of Oarbs,
Wealth, the grand perverter of Justice,
Wedlock, the Seminary of all other Societies,
Work Houses neocllary for idle Sluggards,
Woolen Manufa&ories might be more encourag'd,
Watchfulness required in House-Keeping,
Woman of Industry, a real Cornucopia,
Widow's Mite, the greatest Charity,
Works in Silk, &c. used by Ladies of Old,
Way to Honour is thro' the Temple of Virtue,
Wisdom is above all other Bleffings,
Worship of God, the first Duty of all,
Whar Country-Men are Friends?
Wife worthy of Solomon,
Wisdom's Charader in Job apply'd, &c.
Wise King's Charadter,

Younger Clergy often marry tno foon,
Yoạth to be leafor'd with Virtue, like new Veffels,





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