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a proven and tried way by the experience what is to be believed as gospel, and what of many, and a way atteited unto by the not; for Paul here affirms, that the gospel faithful servants of the Lord in all ages, he was set apart unto, and was about to patriarchs and prophets; for it is the gospel preach, was conform to the writings of the that was promised long since by the pro. prophers, and nothing else but what they phets of the Lord, and for this cause he prophesied of in their writings, and the Would have it welcomed. .

| Lord promised by them in the Holy ScripV. It will abundantly stop our mouths, lures. an take all excuse from us that obey not VIII. However the meffengers of the the gospel of Jesus Christ, that not only it Lord be little regarded or respected in their is theme in fubstance with that, by which generations, and their message slighted and all under the Old Testament were carried undervalued, yet the Lord will own them tafe to heavu.. but also, that it is now no as his, and it will add to our guilt to reject more vailed undermes, ceremonies, and what they deliver; and the gospel should so promises, but clearly reveales and explained. I much the more be welcomed by us, that it And upon this score we should be moved to y 15 atcettad unso as truth, by such as the Lord welcome heartily the gospel, because it is owns as his proposongan now plain and perspicuous, and Christ now IX. Such is God's goodness to poor man. manifested in the flesh is no more wrapped that he will not only provide way how up as formerly; for so would Paul hence they shall be saved, but will make that way move them to a welcoming of his doctrine, known unto them, and therefore he will that it was of old but promised, and now fend prophets, to deliver it viva voce, and more clearly exhibited.

not only fo, but when they should cease, he VI. As all the promises of the Lord should will provide a more fure word of prophecy, be precious in our eyes, and their perform- 2 Pet. i. 19. and caufe the fame be written ances moft heartily accepted, and willingly that it might continue on record, and be embraced; fo in particular fhould the go- studied by all, and come to every one's hands, spel and the offer of a crucified Christ and that none may pretend ignorance; and hence Saviour be imbraced with all acceptance; surely, misbelief will be so much the more and it will tend to aggravate our guilt, if we a heinous sin, that it is committed after the neglect so great salvation, which the pro- Lard hath taken all that pains to assure us phets have enquired and searched diligently, of, and clear unto us the only way to hapanul xvhen unto them it was revealed, that piness; for here we see the gospel was progiot unto themselves, but unto us, they did mi- mised by the prophets, and then set down rifter the things which are now reported unto for the good of posterity in the holy Scripus, i Pet. i. 10. I 2. and therefore Paul tures. makes use of this as an argument, that the X. The Scriptures are holy, as having a thing he was about to do was the fulfilling | holy God for their author, and breathing of a promise made of old by tile Lord out nothing bur holings, and containing a

VII. The writings of the prophets of perfect rule how we should walk in all holia old, are so far from being laid ide now, ness, and therefore should be looked on and as useless to us under the gospel, that they used in all holy reverence; and theretore ne are to be acknowledged and looked on as the calls them the Holy Scriptures, and also were rule whereby to try which is the true go-wriiten by holy men of God, moved by the spel, and which not: the law and the pro- Holy Ghost, 2 Pet. i. 21. phets is to be a couch-Itone whereby to try

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