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their faith and repentance, get actually i science; being justified by faith, we have Jardoned, and possibly the pardon inci- peace. mate to their consciences; yet it is not the X. All mankind since the fall, having act of justification reiterated thereupon, as lost communion with God, are living in if either thereby the former pardon grant- open rebellion against him, and there is ed were null, (for whom God pardoneth, nothing but rank enmity and red war behe absolutely pardoneth, not purposing to twixt God and them; for until men and revoke the same upon any condition, so women be justified, they are not at peace that he rememberech chem no more, &c.) with God; being justified, we have peace. or be were put out of his former justified However, at the begining, man walked state, and needed that a new act pass, for in peace, communion, confidence and boldinlaing him of new; for being once jufti- nefs with God; yet now by sin, this peace fied, they are at peace with God, and so is broken up, and there is enmity on our Dice for ay put into a state of reconcilia- part, against God, Col. ii 20. 21. Rom. v. tion and friendship; and this state is not 10. and viii. 7. and not only so, but also alterable.

on his part, so as we are under his wrath, VII. This justification being an act of John iii. 36. Eph. ii. 3. abominated of him, God, who is wise, just, and holy, pur- Psalm xi: 5. 6. our duties rejected, Prov. chased by the righteousnefs of Christ, and xv. 8. 9. a sentence lying above our head, being bad by faith, which is a real grace, Gen ii. 17. Deut. xxvii. 29. and God enHeb. xi. Ia is a most real thing, having gaged to execute the fame, being just and real effe&ts and fruits flowing therefrom : righteous, Rom. i. 32. 2 Thes. i. 6. See as here, peate with God, which cannot 2. Cor. v. 18. 19. 20. Eph. ii. 13. 14. 15. follow upon a chimera, or a non-ons, but XI. God being of purer eyes than he upon that which is a real efficacious thing: can behold iniquity, Hab. i. 1 3. and just being justified by faith, we have peace and righteous in all his ways, faithful and will God,

true in all his sayings, there is no way ima- } VIII. This justification by faith being ginable how this enmity can be taken ao a real deed (as is shown in the last) it mak way, and peace made up betwixt God and eth a real change in the believer ; not phy finners, but by geting their fins pardoned ; sical, for it doth not abolish the very ef so long as fin stands up unremoved, there fecce of fin, but moral and legal, in a law is no peace: for justification must go before lense; not perfonal, (which change fancti | reconciliation and peice; being justified by fcation only makes, but in our estates, faith, we have peace. ind that before God: for now being jusli XII. Believers being now justified by fed by faith, we have peace with God, faith, notwithstanding they were once enewhich we had not before. See Hof. i. 10. mies to God, and God wroch 'with them., 1 Pet. ii. 10. Ezek. xvi. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. i Tim. Psalm vii. i 1.; yet they are now at peace 113. Eph. ii. 1. 2. 3. 4. and iv. 20. 2 Tim. with God, the feud is removed, and the i 9. Tit. ii. 3.

Lord wholly and throughly reconciled and | IX. This justification which is here faid pacified, so that no difpenfation they can to be by faith, is not that justification meet with, how sharp and fad foever it be which is id folk's own confcience; but is a in itfelf, shall flow from pure wrath; yea, real justification before God, because it and this is a lasting peace, that no miriluch a justification as goeth before peace carriage in us fhall break up again, Isä. ad reconciliation with God; which may ix. 7. and liv. 10.; for, being justified by be where there is no justification in con- faith, we have peace with God."


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speak more of the fruits of Christ's pur-| liberty to approach unto him, whereby, in chare; and for this cause he trace:h up che exercise of their graces, they may enthe matter to the fountain, and ihewech, joy intimate fellowihip and communion how Christ is not only the procuring with bin; and may freely and confidently cause of peace, but also it was in and thro'l hold forth their wants, and speak their him that we were at first brought into this inint unto himn with confidence, as unto state of friendship, and reconciliation; as their father: By whon also we have access. he procured peace to us from the Father, II. Howbeit wicked graceless folk, wbo by satisfying justice, so hach he taken us were never reconciled to God, may imaby the hand, and let us up to court, tha | gine they have great access unto God, the reconciliation might be mutual, leit having some over fowings of gifts, and any hould have thought, that Christ did fo:ne kind of carnal liberty in the exerno more, but only satisfy ju.lice for our cise of then, on fume fuch frail grounds; oltences, and so made a patent door for us, yet this access, and confident approaching that we might come and get a kiss of the unto G , is proper and peculiar only to King's hind, if we pleased; so that what such as are at peace with God, being jusever more was done, we may thank our- tified by faith, the rest being banished selves for it, and thus should facrifice to from the Lord's gracious presence, and our own preparations and doings; and so living in en nity: for we (that is, we who the whole work of recozciliation fhould being ju tited by faith have peace with not have been wought by Christ, but Got) have access, fuys he. much of it, if not the inot part, by our [H. Seein, God is a consu ning fire to selves: for this caule the apeitle faith, finners out of Christ, Heb. xii. 2y, and By whom alo we have access, or have had there can be no union or coinmunion ber diiefs, as the verb may be rendered, unto twixt Corilt and Belial, betwixt light and this, (or this save, meani Ig that of peace darkness, 2 Cor. vi. 14.15. therefore there last mentionel) gra e wherein we stand; as I is no access to God with boldness and con if he had said, Not only bith Christ pro- filence, ho fan liar approcching unto him, cured peace to us, on Goi's part, but also till tin, which feparates bapt God and he hath taken us, and led us by the hand, us, Ifa. lix. 2. be renoveda". pardoned, who had no wil to the juriey ourselves, and frien i hip mi le up; for this bold ac(as the vor.I will inpori) preparing us, cess is a fruit of juiti curion by faith, and an] mwing us to accept of the ofer, and Aveh fron ju tificativa and reconcilido working fuith in us, by which we are put tivn: By co bon af we hrve access. into a state of favour; and so he hach IV. is it is in and thro' Jesus Chrit, broug'it us in o this state of favour win the vied a or betwist God and nan, by G3), wercin we enjoy God's favour and whom alon: pace is made up betwise God good-will, of his inere free grace and and us, and we are brought into fivour bounty; a state which is permagent and with Goj, he having fucisfied ju lice, and usulirable, wherein all believers perse- raken away the enmity; fo is it in and vere a d en 'ure to the end; a state througi hin that we have this liberty in wherein we stard, fixed immoveably. I approaching wito God; he openech the

door and brings ys into the chamber of If we take the first part of this verse

presence, where we may enjoy the favour in the firit leute inentioned, we may OB-l of God freely: By also we have acSERVER

I. Beside peace and reconciliation, the V. As the darkness of believers as to Lord all weth his people free access and I their state and condition, and loling light of

enjoy God" pour win 7., 10. 1

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their interest in Christ, mareth much of , first offer of peace and reconciliation comes their boldness in approaching to God, and bever on our side; naturally we are unwillprejudgesh them of much sweetness of fing to be at peace, and we love to live at communion, which oiherways they might variance, therefore we must be led, as is enjoy ; so the lively exercise of faith is the were, by the hand, as the word signifieth: only way of wining to this privilege; so we have this manuduction, or access. that the more lively our faith be, in grip. IV. Christ Jesus being a complete Me. ing and resting on Christ, and the more diator and days-man berwixt God and us, clear apprehensions we have of our inte. would not only remove the enmity on reit in Christ, the greater will our liberty God's part, by fatisfying justice, but would and access be: By whom also we have ac. also take away the eninity on our parts, cess by faith.

and bring us to a willingness of agreeinent; VI. So averfe and backward are even and fo as he brings. God down to man, lo believers, who have right unto the enjoy doih he bring man up to God: by him. it ment of this comfortable and precious pri- is that we have access into this grace in vilege of access to God, to the making which we fiand. use of it according as they ought and are . V. The way how we are brought to allowed to do, that Christ, in a manner, lay down arms, which we have been bearmust take them by the hand, and lead them ing against God, and become reconciled in to the court, and this he doth by his unto him, is by faith embracing an offered Spirit, Eph. ii. 18. the word imports this, Mediator, and resting upon him; by whom fignifying a manuduction, a leading in.. we have access into this grace by faith.

VI. This state whereinto believers are Taking the words in the later senfe, we

brought by faith, is a state in which LEARN,

much of God's grace shineth eminently; I. A spiritual soul cannot win foon off grace did first contrive it, grace doth bring the meditation of the sweet and excellent it about, and grace perfects the fame : and privileges and benefits purchased by Christ's a stare it is of much friendship, good-will, mediation; but one particular calleth an- favour, and kindness; it is a state which is other to mind : therefore says he, By all grace, and altogether free, man conwhom we have access into this grace. tributing nothing ihereto, and is therefore,

II. The covenant of grace is so framed, called grace; we have access into this grace. as man's hand is clean as to the procuring VII. Howbeit true believers may decay of the spiritual benefits contained therein, in grace, for a long time, in many partiand Christ being the Mediator thereof, is culars, and may, through their failings, to be acknowledged, both as to the rise, lofe many tokens of God's love and goodprogress, and perfection of every spiritual will, and so miss that peace of conscience, blessing promised in the new covenant ; for that joy in the Spirit, Psalm li. throughout it is in and thro' him that we have even and other clear evidences of their interest the very access into this grace; he it is who | in Christ, and right to glory; yet seeing first openech the door, and bringeth us in. God's act of justifying a sinner, believing - III. Tho' we had done the offence, and in Christ, is complete and perfect at first, was the only party offending, and could and needs not be renewed, and Christ has have no happiness nor life without him, made a complete and full satisfaction, se whom we have offended ; yet such is our that he needeth not die the second time folly and madness, that even when we are and hath hereby procured peace and re invited and called to come back and make conciliation betwixt God, who lovet h peace, we are averse and unwilling; the I the end, and men, whom he has made will

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