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over so many mountains, and pardoning the more will the power of God's grace such a mulitude of transgressions, iniqui- kych in delivering us, in breaking the ries and fins, and walhing and purging such bars of death, and seting us free from the a qaltly, filthy, abominable heart: Where Navery of sin, and tyranny of death because fan abounded grace did much more abound. of sin, that as fin hath reigned, even fo

IX. How hainons and how numerous grace might reign. foerer a man's iniquities be, he needs not IV. Howbeit there be many and strong despair, or think that they could over. difficulties in: a believer's way towards come the grace and mercy of God; but heaven, which may make him afraid that if he will welcome the offers of a Media. he shall never reach the crown, but shoot for in the covenant of grace, he may be short thereof;. yet God's matchless love fure that there is a fuper-abundance (to and wonderful free grace and favour is so speak fo) in grace: where fin abounded, powerful and efficacious, as they shall cer. grace did much more abound.

tainly inherit life, and win to the end of X.. The Lord has so contrived the bufia their journey; grace is able to carry them dels of salvation in the covenant of grace, over all impediments whatsoever, it hath as that his wonderful, free and efficacious a super. eminent and transcendent power grace, and matchless love might gloriously and efficacy for that end: therefore grace tnine forth; and for this cause he will have 1 is faid to reign-unto life. the ordinary way of bringing finners in V. As the coudition of such as are now within the covenant, to be by conviction, in Christ is excellent, being in favour with and making them: sensible of their loft God, and enjoying his good-will, and livcondition in themselves, and of an impof. ing under the warm rays of his love; so ability of ever being justified or saved for that which they shall be advanced to after20y. thing in themselves, because of the ward, is a condition full of all blessedness, multitude of their transgreffions: there contentment, and all things desirable, yea, fore lays he, where fin abounded, grace and endless too; it is a life, and a life that did much more abound, and that it might Ihall never have an end, and hence called te lo, therefore the law entered.

eternal; even fo might grace-reign unto eter

nal life. ! From verse 21. OBSERVE, ...

VÍ. There is no inheriting of life eterI. As sin and corruption hath a kingly nal, until first we be covered with a righpower and authority within an unrenewed teoufness, seeing we are altogether unzan, drawing him away to sinful acts; fo clean and unholy of ourselves; and as grace has it a tyrannical force, draging them certainly carries us to heaven, so grace way to death, and the place of execu certainly provides the means, and the way 200: fin reigns unto death.

| how to win to it, and finds out a way | Il. All the tyranny, force and power how poor finners shall become righteous which death hath ayer any, floweth from faints; yea, and is excellent and glorious 2, fin being the sting thereof, and giving in every step of the way: So might grace I power and authority over the guilty reign through righteousness unto eternal life; 120: for where he said before, death grace reigns both as to the means and to agned, now he says, fire reigned unto the end..

VII. The righteousness which grace III. The more we be convinced of the hach provided, and is the way by which greatness of our flavery under fin, being it carries believers to the possession of eterband hard and foot over unto death, so nal life, is no righteousness of our own, but 'U we cannot escape, if we get not help; the righteousness of Jesus Christ, and here.


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