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who is their Head and Cautioner giving | in due time of the fruits of his resurrection, death's wounds unto their old master, as to growth in grace, and to partake of glodead, therefore they are said to be dead, ry at length; for as he was our Head in be that is dead; there is not such an union, the 'one, so in the other; and there is as tye, and obligation betwixt corruption and close an union betwixt Christ and us in them; that obligation is gone and broken. the one as in the other. The proposition

XII. Believers being thus legally dead he confirmeth, verse y. where he says, unto their old tyrannous master, they are knowing that Christ being raised from the freed from any command and authority dead, dieth no more ; death hath no more which fin had, and from any power and power over him. The proof may be contyranny which before corruprion did, or ceived thus; If Christ, being now raised could exerce over them : He that is dead from the dead, shall never die again, but is free from fin.

live for ever, and so the fruits of his re

furrection and life never decay, but be still VERSES 8. 9. 10. Now if we be dead with fresh and green; then fuch as live with

Chrisl, we believe that we shall also live him must advance in holiness till they come with him :

to glory : But so it is, Christ dieth no Knowing that Christ being raised from the more, death hath no more power over

dead, dieth no more; death hath no more him; therefore he is now freed from the dominion over him.

state of death and humiliation, which he For in that he died, be died unto fin once : willingly underwent for the behoof of the but in that he liveth, he liveth unto God. elect, and is no more under the bondage

thereof. And this he further confirmeth, HER ERE is another argument, Mewing, verse 10. saying, For in that he died, he

that the state of the justified is such died unto fin once : but in that he liveth, as fuiteth well with holiness; yea, such as be liveth unto God. As if he had said, are justified shall advance in holiness, and death can no more have dominion over grow up in grace, and the work of vivifi- him, for, 1. He died unto fin once ; that is, cation shall not go back : And thus he being cautioner in our room, he freed himproveth it; If believers, or such as are felf of that obligation he lay under, and justified by faith in Christ, do and will livesatisfying justice, he cancelled the bond, with Christ, and.partake of the fruits of and so took the life of sin away, that it this resurrection and life, they shall pro- fhould no more kill, and that once for all; move and grow up in the work of holi- and therefore having done the business, ness and sanctification, and that work shall death can have no more power over him. not utterly decay and go back again : But And, 2. He liveth unto God; that is, he so it is that the justified do and shall live is now freed from the state of humiliation, with Christ, bc. Therefore, &c. The and is living a glorious and heavenly life, assumption he confirmeth in these words, free from Satan's temptations, and the miIf we be dead with Christ, we believe we series he underwent as our Cautioner, bejhall live with him ; that is, it is a truth fore. firmly to be believed, that as Christ was

OBSERVATIONS. our Head when he died, and we in a man. per died in him, and are now made par. I. It is useful and advantageous for betakers of the fruits of his death, to the lievers to be often remembering their unimortifying of fin; so was he our Head on with Christ in his death, and their inwhen he arose, and we, in a manner, rose terest therein, he being their Head and with him, and so thall be made partakers | Cautioner, and this may be the ground of


{weet inferences, full of consolation; there. | raised, and not as if he did not raise himfore he mentions believers being dead with self, he being God equal in power with Christ over a rain, and hence infererh their the Father, but to fhew, that God receivunion with him in his refurrection, saying, ed satisfaction, and, in teftimony thereof If we be dead with Christ, we believe, &c. came, were, and brought him out of

II. Considering qur interest in Christ's prison: Christ being raised from the dead, resurrection, and how he arose as our VI. When Chriit Jesus was raised from Head, and for our advantage, we may be the dead, his state of huiniliation was so persuaded that believers shall live in new- fully at a period, and justice fo fully faness of life, and shall have influences tisfied, as he was never to undergo the coming from him; whereby they shall be least degree of humiliation again: He dieth quickened and advanced in grace; for no more, death hath no more dominion over this is the apostle's argument, We believe him. that we shall also live with him.

VII. The confideration of this, that III. However we are not made par-Christ is now exalted for ever, and shall takers of all the fruits of Christ's Media. never taste of death again, may abundantly torship at once; yet whoever are partakers ascertain believers, that feeing they live of one; fhall be partakers of all, in due time; with him, and he liveth for ever, and is for whomsoever he did one piece of his me- continually sending out sweet streams of diatory office, for these he did all of it; and strength and influences, for the upholding particularly, for whomsoever he died, for and carrying on of his members, they shall these allenarly he rose again; so that who- never fall away and lose the life of God eyer can claim any interest in his death, may altogether, and turn dead again; but shall lay claim also to his life, and whoever Nill advance forward towards glory: for, finds the good of the one, shall find the says he, We shall also live with him; good of the other. in due time; for the knowing this, that Christ being raised from apostle would have them concluding, and the dead, dieth no more; death bath no certainly persuading themselves of the more dominion over him. truth of the one, from the other, saying, VIII. Our Mediator Christ being so If we be dead with him, we believe that excellent a perfop, his death was so full a we shall also live with him.

price, and to satisfactory unto justice, for IV. Christ Jesus having taken on our all these ones for which it was offered up, debt, was brought to a low pafs, and made that it needeth not to be repeated, but 10 undergo the miseries of this life, yea, once for all this facrifice was offered: He and to be under the command of death died once. See Heb. vii. 27. 1 Pet. iii. 18. for a time, as a prisoner in his goal: thus IX. Whatever victory believers get os it is supposed, when it is faid, Death hath ver corruption, it is in and thro' the death no more dominion over him, that says, it had of Christ, by which their final victory, in once dominion over him; and all this was the Lord's own time, was purchased; he, not against his will, but voluntarily; he as our Head and Cautioner, conquered fin, fubjected himself to this state, for our be- and killed that strong one: He died unto, hoof.

fin once. V. Chrift by his death did fo far fa- X. Christ having conquered death, and tisfy justice, and pay for all which he un- satisfied justice, was advanced to great hodertook, that the Father, who was the nour and dignity, having a name above evecreditor, (to speak fo) came and took him ry name, Phil

. ii. 9. and now liveth a gloout of prison, as having no more to re

rious life: He liveth unto God. quire of him; therefore he is said to be XI. Christ, in his death, killing fin the



arch-enemy, and that as our Head, and in Lord and Governor; their Head and comour name taking possession of glory, and mon person : Through Jefus Christ our who are his members, that certainly lin III. By virtue of this union betwist fhall not be their death, or utterly over Christ, as a Lord and Head, and believers, come them, but shall so decay, as at length as his members, believers may persuade it, fhall utterly be destroyed, and grace themselves of a full victory over fin, and shall so grow, as at length it shall certain of a thorough sanctification, having a right ly end in glory, and they shall live unto thereto in Christ their Head, though they God as their Head doth now; for to this win but to the possession of it in part, purpose doth the apostle use this expres. while they are on this side of time; they fion, In that he died, he died unto fin: and may conclude themselves dead unto fin, in that he liveth, he liveth unto God. and alive unto God, tho' at present they

be mastered with corruption, and a body Verse 11. Likewise reckon ye also your of death: Likewise reckon ye also yourselves

felves to be dead indeed unto fin; but a dead indeed unto fin, but alive unto God, live unto God through Jesus Christ our through Jesus Christ our Lord. Lord.

IV. The life of holiness is a life tending

much to God's glory and honour, being His is the conclusion of the whole wholly spent for him, as eyeing his advantage

preceding discourse; he would have mainly; and a life tending to the everbelievers casting up their accounts, and lasting possession of glory, and communion concluding, that seeing Christ their Head with God there: They are alive unto God. and Lord is dead unto sin, and alive unto God;, so they who are his members, and VERSES 12. 13. Let not fin therefore reign who were represented by him as a common in

your mortal body, that ye should obey person, are wholly dead unto sin; that is, it in the lufts thereof. freed from the power and swing thereof, Neither yield ye your members as instru. and alive unto God; that is, perfectly ments of unrighteousness unto fin : brei fanctified. This is not to be understood, as

yield yourselves unto God, as those tha if believers were thoroughly mortified, are alive from the dead; and your meni and perfectly fanctified; this is not to be bers as instruments of righteousness unt understood; but thus, That though, in God. themselves considered, the work be but imperfect, yet it is complete in their Head, IN this second part of the chapter,

th a common person represented them, and in tification and justification go together, h that respect they may by faith reckon it so does now press all believers, who thri with themselves.

faith are put into a state of justificatio

to mind holiness, and a life of sanctificatio OBSERVATIONS.

The duty is set down in two part I. Believers being married to Christ to wit, in mortification and vivificatio through faith, may by faith lay claim unto First, Let not fin reign in your mortal bod Christ dying and rising, and may conclude Thus he, 1. sets it down in general, th their right unto the fruits of his media- they would look on that master-sin, a tion : Likewise reckon ye alfo, &c. natural corruption, which always abidei

II. Jesus Christ bath a special relation and is the root of all other fins, as their á to believers, and they to him; he is their versary, and as a tyrapt whose tyranny ih


should labour to diminish, and oppose all, is a shame for you, who have been rescued they can. 2. He sets it down more clear- from the bondage of sin already, and jy, in two branches; (1.) That ye should brought out from its black quarters, ko obey it in the lusts thereof; that is, beware be lacking hands with that cruel tyrant. that you become not a supple fervant to

OBSERVATIONS. fin and corruption; do not so much as yield obedience to the very first motions I. Believers, so long as they are on this and risings of fin in you; strive against the side of eternity, will never be free of an very first orders of that tyrant : And, (2.

) indwelling body of death; but, do their Neither yield ye your members as initru- belt, that arch-enemy of their salvation ments of unrighteousness unto fin; that is, will be keeping house-room within them ; as you would not obey this tyrant, so be This is supposed when they are desired, not a soldier under his command, to ad- not to suffer it to reign, it says there it will vance his interest; bear not arms under abide. him; let not your members of body, or II. Even believers, who have smarted faculties of soul, be at his service, as de. sore by the dominion of fin in them al. voted unto unrighteousness, to work no- ready, are in hazard to be again captivatthing but n. Secondly, The other part ed, and to look on sin as their king, by of the duty is in these words, But yield complying therewith, yielding obedience yourselves unto God, as those that are alive, thereunto, and promoting the interest and from the dead, &c. That is, give yourselves designs thereof: This is also supposed wholly away to God, as your Lord and here, for if they were not in hazard of Master; yea, and dedicate all that is in this, there needed not such directions and you; your faculties and members give them motives. away to God, as instruments for working III. It is the duty of all believers to be righteousness, and what is well-pleasing in constantly exercising themselves in oppo

fition to the domineering tyranny of a body Moreover, in the words there are some of death within them, which is still feekarguments couched, the more to pressing to have the throne, and the swaying bome this duty; as, I. in the word there- power of all; and it will take up a believfore, which has reference to what he was er all his days, even to get this much done, saying before, as if he had said, Since you to get corruption kept out of the throne are now in a justified, state, united unto and from tyrannizing over, and mastering Christ, and have ground to expect from and flattering them : Let not sin reign. him virtue to fubdue fin, and to live unto IV. The state in which believers now God, therefore look like such, and let stand, being justified through faith in not corruption have, full swing and sway. Christ, by which they have near access to 2. In your mortal body; that is, in your him, yea, have an union with him, and body, which will shortly return to diffolu- by virtue thereof have a good warrant to tion ; your battle will not last always, and make use of the great stock of strength therefore strive the more courageously: which is in Christ, should animate and enOr thus, Your'body is but weak and feck- ! courage believers to set against this tyrani, less, it is mortal, and tending to diffolu- | and oppose him all they can. There is tion, therefore you have so m:ch the more an argument in the particle therefore, Let Deed to take heed that corruption get not not fin reign therefore in your mortal body. the upperhand there. 3. A third argu.

V. The confideration, of the shortness ment is in these words, As those that are of the time of fighting, of our mortality, wive from the dead: As if he had said, I and of the weakness of the mortal body


bis eyes.


to resist, if once fin get up its head, should the soul, for that time; and the resisting encourage and press us to a constant war- of corruption here is a good mean to bear ing and opposing of this body of death, 1 down this tyrant: Neither yield ye your that it may not fway the sceptre in us, and members as instruments of unrighteerijness sule us at will : Let not Jin reign in your

unto fin. mortal body.

X. Howbeit sioners may put fair faces VI. This tyrant fin, and a body of sin on their actions, and have good thoughts which is within us, has a number of con- of much that they do; yet there is nothing stant attendants, as so many ready servants, which this body of death withint them seeking to subdue the poor man : It has prompts them to, and which they do in lufts, these are the first risings and morions obedience unto that tyrant, that is any of the foul towards sinful objects; these thing but unrighteousnefs; the very menacts of concupiscence are the lusts and first bers that afteth sin are called members brood of this mother sin; the lusts thereof. / and instruments of unrighteousness.

VII. Though the believer cannot be XI. Whoever makes no reüllance unto keeped free from those motions of a body this body of fin within them, but yields of sin and corruption within, but they still obedience, and acteth what the commands, attend that tyrant, and are sins before they carry themselves as if they were deGod, being lusts of siz; yet it is a believ- voted to fin, and as if their members had er's duty, who would not willingly be- no other office, and were for no other tray himalf into the hands of this deadly use; and so are called instruments of unadverfary, to be opposing the very first righteousnejs. inotions and incursions of this adverfary; XII. Believers should look upon themand to be confenting unto these first sinful felves as given up and surrendered to the motions of this body of sin, is a way to help Lord, and thould daily be yielding up this tyrant to the throne, and therefore the themselyes unto the Lord, offering thembeliever should refuse all consenting there felves and their services unto him, with unto: Thut ye should obey it in the lufts willingness, chearfulness, and faithfulness: thereof.

yield your seives unto God. VIII. When this body of death has XIII. As believers, by their profesion, goten its motions yielded unto, it will not do declare themselves devoted unto God reit till it have the outward man set on and his service; so should they make it mawork to act what is conceived; as it has nifest by their daily walk and carriage, and goten the mind and will mastered, so will ihow, that all the parts of their bodies are it labour to have the members on foot for given up to him, and at his command, by promoting of fin, and bringing it to per- being employed in his service, and helpfection ; thus, When luft conceiveth, it ing forward his interest, and work of hobringeth forth fin, James i. 15. Therefore linefs in themselves and others; we rauft he must farther advise them, not to yield yield ourselves, and our members alja, as their members unto fin.

instruments of righteousness. IX. When a believer is so far over- XIV. However many have a prejudice fwayed with corruption, as that not only at the way of God, and of godliness, and its first motions are confented unto, and weary of his yoke; yet the truth is, the entertained with delight and complacency, Lord puts his people to noble service, but also the outward man is actively carry- they do nothing in his service but work ing on corruptions, designing and bringing the works of righteousness; our members out sin into act, then has this master fin are in/truments of righteousness. goten the throne, and is swaying all in XV. Whoever are not walking as de

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