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who is their Head and Cautioner giving | in due time of the fruits of his resurrection, death's wounds unto their old master, as to growth in grace, and to partake of glodead, therefore they are said to be dead, ry at length; for as he was our Head in be that is dead; there is not such an union, the one, so in the other; and there is as tye, and obligation betwixt corruption and close an union betwixt Christ and us in then; that obligation is gone and broken. the one as in the other.' The proposition

XII. Believers being thus legally dead he confirmeth, verse y. where he says, unto their old tyrannous master, they are knowing that Christ being raised from the freed from any command and authority dead, dieth no more ; death hath no more which sin had, and from any power and power over him. The proof may be contyranny which before corrupcion did, or ceived thus; If Christ, being now raised could exerce over them: He that is dead from the dead, shall never die again, but is free from fin.

live for ever, and so the fruits of his re

furrection and life never decay, but be still VERSES 8. 9. 10. Now if we be dead with | freih and green; then fuch as live with

Christ, we believe that we hall also live him must advance in holiness till they come with him :

to glory : But so it is, Christ dieth no Knowing that Christ being raised from the more, death hath no more power over

dead, dieth no more; death bath no more him; therefore he is now freed from the dominion over him.

state of death and humiliation, which he For in that he died, he died unto pin once : ) willingly underwent for the behoof of the

but in that he liveth, he liveth unto God. elect, and is no more under the bondage

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L ERE is another argument, Mewing, verse 10. saying, For in that he died, he

I that the state of the justified is such died unto fin once : but in that he liveth, as suiteth well with holiness; yea, such as he liveth unto God. As if he had said, are justified shall advance in holiness, and death can no more have dominion over grow up in grace, and the work of vivifio him, for, 1. He died unto fin once ; that is, caiion shall not go back : And thus he being cautioner in our room, he freed himproveth it; If believers, or such as are felf of that obligation he lay under, and justified by faith in Christ, do and will live, satisfying justice, he cancelled the bond, with Christ, and partake of the fruits of and so took the life of fin away, that it this resurrection and life, they shall pro- thould no more kill, and that once for all; move and grow up in the work of holi- and therefore having done the bulness, ness and fanctification, and that work shall death can have no more power over him. not utterly decay and go back again : But And, 2. He liveth unto God; that is, he so it is that the justified do and shall live is now freed from the state of humiliation, with Christ, doc. Therefore, doc. The and is living a glorious and heavenly life, assumption he confirmeth in these words, free from Satao's temptations, and the miIf we be dead with Christ, we believe we series he underwent as our Cautioner, bee mall live with him ; that is, it is a truth | fore. firmly to be believed, that as Christ was

OBSERVATIONS. our Head when he died, and we in a man. per died in him, and are now made par. I. It is useful and advantageous for betakers of the fruits of his death, to the lievers to be often remembering their unimortifying of sin; so was he our Head on with Christ in his death, and their inwhen he arose, and we, in a manner, roleterest therein, he being their Head and with him, and so thall be made partakers | Cautioner, and this may be the ground of


lievers to be ofteand advantageous for her

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