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bled, and been discouraged at his speak-, adhering to him, and living in him, will ing of their needing to be strengthen- by this means strengthen and comfort one ed, &c. by mitigating what he said for- another, and also admonish and exhort merly, in this 12th verse.

| such as faint, and are like to weary, and XV. The best way for pastors, or others, hereby the strongest will be profited by to prevent the discouragement that young the weakest; for it was by their mutual beginners are obnoxious unto, is not to faith that Paul says, he would be comforted harp too much upon their weakness and toget her with them. infirmities, but rather to be putting chemselves in the same case and condition with VERSE 13. Now, I would not have you them, as needing the same fupply and ignorant, brethren, that ofientimes I purhelp that they stand in need of; and so posed to come unto you (but was let himiaking the case common, it will be the therto) that I might have foine fruit aless grievous and burdensome unto weak

mong you also, even as among other Genbeginners: therefore Paul tells them, he tiles, had need of exhortation or consolation, (for the word will bear both) as well as A Nother argument much to the same they, and that from them, as well as they A purpose: Not only have I been defrom him.

sirous of a prosperous journey to come XVI. There is none so far advanced in unto you, and instant with God by prayChristianicy, while they are on this side er, that my desire might be granted, but of the fun, as not to need help and com- moreover I have been labouring for opfort even from others that are their infe portunities, and casting in my mind, how, riors, as Paul teacheth us, while he con- and what way, and what time, I would fefseth here, that he would be comforted, win unto you; and oft-times laying down or exhorted, even by these Romans to resolutions, that, at such or such a time, whom he was writing.

I would come to you; only the Lord XVII. Asiron sharpeneth iron, fo Chri- thought good to lay some impediment in stian communion and fellowship, when my way, and nothing but that keeped me righly improven, will prove a mean from coming unto you; and that not for whereby Christians will be mutually edi. any particular of mine own, fave what fied, and built up; as Paul teacherh us, concerneth you, that some of you that while he fayeth, that his conversing with are not yet brought in to Christ, might be them would tend to their mutual comfort. brought in, and so my ministry should . XVIII. Then is christian communion have fruit among you, as it hath among well managed and used, when thereby others. Therefore, mutual discoveries and evidences of the HENCE LEARN, reality of God's grace in them is held I. As it is not enough for people to forth; and proof given of their know. be praying for that which is for their beledge of, and faith in Christ, and menti- | hoof, but also should moreover be so se. on made of their mutual experiments of į rious, and earnest in endeavouring after God's love, &c. for the mutual faith both the same, as that they ought to be laying of Paul and these Romans, was to be inade hold on every fair occasion whereby they known and discovered, when they were may attain what is prayed for ; fo, in to meet together.. ."

particular, ministers of the gospel should XIX. Believers meeting together, and not think it enough, to'pray for such or by conference, or other exercises, shewing such means, whereby they migh, edify the to one another their embracing of Christ, 1 people, but also study to lay hold on the


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