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in Paul's practice here, who maketh use, the law, and are, as it were, without the of his own experience, by saying, that sin law : for Paul says, he was without the wrought in him all inanner of concupiscence. | law, instead of laying, he had couche

V. So prone are these naturally cor- thorough knowledge of the law.. rupted hearts of curs, to break out into all manner of actual transgressions, till grace VERSES 9. 10. 11. For I was alive with make a change, and diminish the strengt' out the law once : but when the communida and vigour of original corruption; that mert came, fill retired, and I died. . what ihould prove a curb, will prove a And the communa muert which was ordained. spur, and it will take cccasion at the law to life, I found io be unto death. of Go!, which should be a strong rampart | For fin taking occulion by the commandment, to keep it in, to break out more fiercely: Į deceived me, and by it few me. for it is this fin that takes occafion by the commandment, ta work all manner of concu. A Oreover the apofle bringeth arcpiscence.

| ther argument to prove that the VI. Let men blame the holy law of uw is pot the cause of sin, to this purpola, God as they will, and thereby think to. The law is so far from being the prope: Gvade God's just judgment because of | cause of sin, that it was the mean of briaga their gransgressions; yet in end it shall be | ing me to a thorough fight and sense of my found, that the law of God has had no miserable state and condition;, and had it hand in their iniquities, but at most was not been the law, I had perished for erei. a passive occasion, and that sin followed and my vain and groundless hopes had thereupon by accident, by reason of the given up the ghost with me : And here. strength of corruption: Therefore it is by also he confirmeth and cleareth how faid, that sin took occaj.on (none at all in was dead. So then, I. he fays, He given) at the command.

was alive without the law once; the tiine VII. Though corruption be very active was, while he, being a Pharisee puffed up and operative in itself, and continually with a good conceit of himfelf, imagining bringing out finful brood; yet it may be no danger, but looking upon himself as as dead unto such as swell with pride and safe, and fure of life, because he was free conceit of themselves, and trust to their of external out-breakings; his conscierce own righteousness, their minds being dark. | not condemning him for any thing of that ened, and their eyes blinded, so as they | nature, he then was alive, a thousand mile cannot see the mind of God fully in his from death or any danger, while he was law, but relt upon their own superficial without the law, that is, the true and ipigloiles, and half interpretations : for so did ritual meaning of the law, reiting upon hi it fare with Paul, while a Pharisee, not pharisaical glosses, which were most wide awakened, to him sin was dead, that is, to as Christ gives us to understand in his e his fight and apprehension his nature was mendations, Matth. v. and vi. Now bou not so vicious and corrupted as indeed it was this helped ?. when the commandmer was.

came; that is, when the true sense an VIII. Let men have as much external, meaning of the law was taken up, whic literal, head knowledge of the law as can | formerly was exiled and far out of figh be; yer so long as it doth not discover the when that came near hand, and was clea activity and strength of natural corruption, ly and distinctly seen; then, fin reviveu bringing forth actual transgressions, but lieth sin and corruption, which before was by as dead and harmless, working no evil, unknown as if it had been dead and burie they have indeed ro saving knowledge of 1 out of all mens fight and apprehenga


now gets up, and is now seen more fully selves as far from any danger; they have than ever; it is now brought above ground, no will to have any evil thoughts of themand appeareth as one risen from the dead: selves; and so long as they are in black and I died; that is, when I got such a light nature, lying under the power of fin and of fin now reviving, and appearing from Satan, they cannot see well how matcers under the ashes, I saw myself a lost man go witi: them, they fear no danger, they by the law; the more that sin appeared, have no thought of damnation, but please the more guilt appeared, and so I saw my.. themselves in their own dreams, and look. self more and more dead by the law. And upon themselves as alive; as Paul did once this he amplifierh by a sad consequent, while unconverted; he was alive oncé, which he hereby had found out by his own tho never more dead than then, when he experience; viz. That the law, which at thought himself alive. the begining was appointed to have been II. One main mean which lulleth natural the way of life, was now turned quite con- folk thus hard and fast alleep, and keeptrary unto him, and proving a way unto eth then thus up in their vain conceits, is death, because of his natural corruption; the their want of the spiritual sight of the law; commandment which was ordained unto life, a righe fight of the spiritual sense and be found to be unto death : The law which meaning of the law, would rouze finners at firit was appointed for this end to have out of their natural secure condition, by . been the way unto life, so as such as would discovering unto them their guilt, and their keep it perfectly should certainly have at-danger of eternal vengeance therefore: It tained unto life as a reward, was now bind. was Paul's being without the law was the ing him over to everlasting destruction, cause of his being alive; I was alive withbecause of the penalty annexed, Cursed is out the law once, faith he. wery one that abideth not in every thing 1 III. The right understanding of the law

riten in the book of the law, it now be being so necessary and useful for discovere ing broken daily thro' sin and corruption. ing folks natural condition, and their danAad because it seemed hard to say, that ger, and so a main mean of making them the law was a way unto death unto him, fall out of all conceit of fin; we may be therefore, verse 11. he cleareth the mat- abundantly convinced, that the law is not ter, and confirmeth what he had said, by to be blamed with our fins : for this is Lying, For fin taking occasion by the com- one reason, why the law is not sin, because

tandment, deceived me, and by it flew me ; he was alive without the law once, but when E that is, the blame is not to be laid upon the commandment came, sin revived, &c.

the law, that it is now turned to be unto IV. Conversion maketh a real change death, when before it was unto life; but upon the souls of finners, howbeit many

POD sin and corruption, which took may be in the dark as to the right taking ccasion by the law, seeing the law laying of it up, and may doubt thereof: for once bads upon it, it was stired up the more Paul was alive, and then dead, and this pale all the means and wiles it could, to is a great change; their thoughts of themraw the man unto fin, and so it deceived selves before and after conversion are very

m; and he being deceived and drawn different. . i mio the fnare, he was a dead man, by rea- V. As all the faculties of man are na2.9 of the coinmination added; and thus turally defiled with sin, and out of a right be commandment flew him.

posture; so in particular, there is great OBSERVATIONS.

ignorance and darkness upon their judgI. It is natural to all the children of ments, so as they are ignorant of those adap to ly secure, and look upon them- truths which are most neceilary to be



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