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act, yea, rather, working all their works | Heb. ix. 15. with Acts ii. 33. for in him ia them, Phil. ii. 13. guiding them in the all the promises are gea and amen, 2 Cor. ways of the Lord, by becoming a Spirit i. 20. yea, Christ himself promises this to of wisdom and revelation, Eph. i. 17. 18. all, John sy. 26. and xiv. 16. 17. and xvi. filing them with wisdom and spiritual un- 14: and all their neceffities call for his efderstanding, Col. i. 9. acquainting them fectual presence, seeing without him they with the lecrets of God, i Cor. ii. 10. 11. can do nothing, John xv. 5. they need 12. 13. 14. and giving them the know- | strengih, light, life, comfort, and perfeledge of his glory, &c. 2 Cor. iv. 6. and so verance, all which worketh that one Spileading them in all truth, John svi. 13. rit: for here, the weight of our regene1 John ii. 20. 27. supporting them in dit-1 ration is laid upon it, so that if any have ficulties, Psal. li. 12. Rom. viii. 26. Phil. l not this, he is none of Christ's, he is not in i. 19. by calling to their minds what may the Spirit. rend thereunto, John xiv. 16. 17. and stir- XVI. As the Spirit of the Lord is faing up their graces, Rom. V. 3. 4. 5. hence miliar and homely with believers, not go, we are called the temples of the Holy Ghost, ing and coming now and then as a stranger; 1 Cor. iii. 16. 17. and vi. 19. See Psal. so is his presence constant and permanent, li. Il. Gal. ix. 6. 2 Tim. i. 14. Eph. i. however believers under defertion, may 13. 14. Rom. v. 5. John xiv. 16. 17. and miss him, and think him gone altogether, xvi. 13. i Cor. ii. 12. If the Spirit of God and as to much of his comfortable presence, dwell in you.

because of their grieving him by their sins, XIV. Among other works which this he may really be departed : yet shall he Spirit of God is working in believers, he never finally and totally be taken from sadvancing the work of holiness, restrain them; the feed of God Thall still remain, ing them from iniquity, and strengthening for so runeth the promise, Isa. lix. 21. tbe things which remain, Rev. ii. 2. renew- John xiv. 16. hence they are said to be ing their youth as the eagles, Psal. ciïi. 5. set- realed, 2 Cor. i. 22. Eph. i. 13. and iv. 30. isg on work his own graces, Gal. v. 25. 26. and to partake of the divine nature, 2 Pet. - Epb. iij. 16. 17. and thus he is a fountain of i. 4.; so here, he is said to dwell in them,

pater, springing up unto eternal life, John verse. 9. yea, to inhabit, or indwell in 18. 14. and hereby may believers fafely them, verse 11. Edge of their estate, whether they be in XVII. There is a strait union and the Christ or not: for he says, Ye are in the between Christ and all and every true beSpirit, if to be the Spirit of God dwell in liever; ap union, tho' not essencial, as is su; and hereby he would have them try- che union of the three persons of the God. ug, whether they be in the Spirit or not. head, nor personal, as Christ's divine

XV. This privilege of having the Spirit, human nature is united. (for we keep still is not a privilege belonging to the apostles, our own personality, and he his) nor such a fome few eminent Christians in the pri- as betwixt matter and form, nor beiwixt zitive times, tho'chen he did communicate the water and the cup, nor as two things

any extraordinary gifts; in which re- / mixed together, nor as a genus and a Spespect, we find them oft said to be filled cies, nor as an accident in a subject; yet eith the Holy Ghost, Acts ji. 4. and iv. 8. is it a real union, and no imaginary thing; 21. and in many more; but it is common a súbliantial union, betwixt whole Christ, n all believers in some measure, this be- as God and man in one person, and the

a promise of the new covenant, Isa. lix. whole person of the believer, foul and bo21. Ezek. xxxvi. 27. which belongech to dy; 'a close and intimate union, so as Christ 21, Luke xi. 13. and purchased by Christ, I and believers make up one Christ mystical,

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