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tion, burning up the rooi of it, by a real XV. As such as are making conscience efficiency discovereth to us the evils there. in fincerity, of mortifying the deeds of the of, helpeth us in our addresses to God, body, may expect life and salvation for verse 16. caileth to mind the cross of ever hereafter; so may they, in God's Christ, discovererh a fulness in him, and ordinary course of dealing, look for a helpeth us to wait upon him, and expect peaceable and comfortable life, even here daily supply from him; therefore it is add. away; sin which was as a thick cloud ined, 'If je through the Spirit do mortify tercepting the beams of God's love, being the deeds of the body. See Gal. v. 24. 25. / removed; tho' God may dispense otherEzek. xi. 19. and xxxvi. 26. Ila. Ivii. 17.18. | wise with some for his own holy ends, as

XII. Tho'this work of mortifying the with Heman, Píal. Ixxxviii. if ye thro deeds of the body, be mainly the work of the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the body, the Spirit, who works all our works in us, ye shall live. Isa. xxvi. 12. as faith, 2 Theff. i. 11. Col. XVI. Tho' there be no such connection i. 12. and prayer, Zech. xii. 10. yea, our

beiween the mortification of fin and life every willing, ihil

. ii. 2 3.; yet is it still cur ternal, as betwixt a cause and its effect, duty, and an act of obedience in us; we life being the gift of Gol, Rom. vi. 23.; mortify, the Spirit acting his graces in us, yet is there a connection between then and facilitating the work, oiling the wheels as berwixt the means and the end ; morwith his continual influences : If ye mor- tification is the way to life, as the end : If tify, through the Spirit, &c.

je mortify the deeds of the body, je lball live. XIII, Tho' unregenerate me!), may, up

XVII. Tho' God hath unalterably deon some carnal account, forsake the prac- termined the end of his own to be life, tice of some sin, and seem to get the vieto- for the glory of his great name; yet as he ry now and then over scine corruption, hath in the same decree determined both which hath broken forth to their great the means, and the end which they lead to, trouble, and threatens sad judgments to so will he have the means used, although come upon them, and they cry out and we have a promise of the end made us; firive against it, so as it may ly still for a therefore, though he faid before, verse i. while; yet let such use never so much die that there was no condemnation to them ligence, earneslness, and watchfulness, they that were in Chrift, and then afterwards fhall never be able to mortify one lust: it allerted them to be in Christ; yet he says is cnly the believer, who hath this Spirit here, If ye mortify the deeds of the body, of Ged, by which this is gotten done, a ye frall live. biding in him; therefore he speaks to believers, and says, If ye mortify.

From verse 14th OBSERVE, XIV. In mortifying the deeds of the 1. Whom the Lord has chosen to bimself body, there should be much fincerity used, from all eternity, those, in his own time, and an universal aim againit all and every he not only bringeth into a state of favour one of its deeds, flowing from a real and reconciliation with himlelf, but also hatred again t fin, and every sin; and it is into a state of adoption, whereby they are an unprofitable and unsucceisful course, to received into the number of his fons, set about the killing of one fin, keeping John i. 12. having the Lord for their Fa. truce with another; our stroke of mortifi- ther, 2 Cor. vi. 18. and have a right to all cation should be against all sin without ex. the liberties and privileges of the fons of ception; therefore we are commanded to God; thus they are called the fons of God. mortify the deeds of the body indefinitely, 11. Tho' believers, being brought out of none excepted. See 2 Cor. vii. 1.

Bature into grace, have received the principles and habits of grace, and so being - VI. Tho' wicked persons do partake of enlivened are inore able to walk in the the influences of God, as to their natural way of obedience than before; yet so actions, seeing in him they live, move, ar:1 weak is grace in them, who see only but have their being, Acts vii. 28. and are actin part, and so itrong and active is corrup-ed by him in respect of external gifts and tion, that they cannot walk in the ways of endowmenis; yet is is peculiar to the chil. obedience without help; they are as blind dren of God only, to be so acted and in. men, and liule children, needing one to fluenced with divine and saving influences : guide them and lead them; they are led For as many (and no more) as are led by by the Spirit.

the Spirit of Gou, they are ile sons of Gol. III. The guide which believers have VII. Sanétificat:on, and tc:lowing the received to lead them is the Holy Spirit of warm and kind motions of the Spirit of God, who, as he infufeth the habits of God, in the constant tract of our life and grace, doth bring the same forth to act, daily walk, is a sure mark of our adopcior, hy daily renewed influences, and fo illumi. and interest in God as our Father; For as nates their minds more and more, to know many as are led by the Spirit of God, they the will of God, and sweetly moveth and are the fons of God. inclineth them to obedience: they are ied VIII. As fin and iniquity doth much by the Spirit of God.

darken and overcloud folks interest in God IV. Albeit the Spirit of God, in his as their Father, that they cannot read and cutletings of saving influences, whereby understand the fame; so the privilege of his people are guided and directed, be a adoption itself, yea, and the perceiving mot free agent, both as to the measure and clearly seeing of the fame, should of them, and the renewed grant, as to firongly move and induce us to follow hoparticular occasions, fo as many at leve liness, and labour to morrify corruption, ral occasions may be left to fall, 2 Chron. and the body of sin: for this is an argu. xxvii. 31. as we see in Noah, David, ment presing mortification of corruption, Solomon, &c. yet as to the keeping in that who ver are led by the Spirit of of the life of grace, and as to the ac. God, are the sons of God. tuating it fo, in their habitual tract of IX. As it is the Spirit in and by whom walking, as they shall certainly enjoy the we get fin and corruption mortified, as we crown, there is some necelliry, and to af- cleared, verse 13. Doctrine XI. ; fo the surance, that they shall be constantly led best way to get this matter eilectuated, is by the Spirit; for by this, that they are to be giving up ourselves wholly unto the led by the Spirit, they might know that guidance and direction of the Spirit, and they were the fons of God.

to be welcoming, and not opposing, reliftV. Tho' believers cannot walk nor acting, nor impeding the influences of the but as they are guided by the Spirit of Spirit: for taking this verse as rendering God; yet this doth not loose them from a a reafon of what was affirmed last, thele moral obligation to obedience: Tho' we words, lest by the Spirit of God, are exegeshould not see a harmony and sweet con. tical of these, mortify the deeds of the cord between the physical influences of the body. Spiric upon the wills of believers, and the X. Adoption is an undoubted arles of free actings of their wills in obedience, everlasting falvation; for hereby he conyet there is ; for although he says here, firmeth, that they that mortify the deeds that they are led by the Spirit of God. yer of the body shall live; because they who he prefféth them before, io the mortifying are led by the Spirit of God, they are the of the deeds of the body.

uns of God.

VERSES 15. 16. For ye have not received and wrath, and fear left they should be for..

the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ever banished from God..(2.) Though ye have received the spirit of adoption, once, would he say, you was laid into the

whereby we cry, Abba, Father. stocks by the Spirit, and knew no way to I he Spirit itself beareth witness with our escape, and was once at your wit's end, Spirit, that we are the children of God. yet it is not fo with you now, there is a

happy change, and you thall no more be HE last argument which the apostle troubled with fuch sharp exercises, by

made mention of, verse 13. viz. the Holy Spirit, as formerly; You have That such as mortified the deeds of the not received again, &c. (3.) This Spirit body, through the Spirit, should live, he of adoption is farther amplified from a confirmed, verse 14. by an argument,

sweet fruit and effect which he works, viz. which also, as we shewed, serves as a new a holy, bold approaching unto God as a reason to press this duty of mortification. Father, and a confident laying open our And this confirmation, set down, verse 14. wants unto him, as our Father; whereby he maketh good in all its parts. We may we cry, Abba, Father : Crying imporis take up the reason thus: All that are boldness and confidence, and Abba, Father, the children of God hall live; but such is is to shew, that there is now no difference as are led by the Spirit, or by the Spirit between Jew or Gentile, such as used the do mortify the deeds of the body, are Syriac language or the Greek; Abba is a the sons of God; for we may take the one Syriac word, and Pater is a Greek word. as exegetical of the other, as was shown. 2. Next he says, verse 16. that this Spirit The proposition he confirmeth, verse 17. beareth witness with our Spirits, that we If children, then heirs, &c. the assumption are the children of God; that is, this fame he confirmeth in verses 15. and 16. Spirit witnefseth the same with our con

But he so speaks to the confirmation sciences right informed, viz. That we are thereof, as applying it particularly to the the children of God. believing Romans, and so as it might serve to clear their interest in God as their Fa

OBSERVATIONS. ther, and point forth undeniable grounds I. As the elect of God, po less than oof their adoption; and for this cause he thers of the lost children of Adam, are by giveth several evidences of their sonship; nature dead in sin, drowned over head and evidences which undeniably prove the same. ears in the sea of sin and misery, kept in As, 1. The Spirit of adoption which they llavery and chains under Satan's command, have received; that is, the Holy Spirit, Eph. ii. 2.

Eph. ii. 2. 2 Tim. ii. 26.; so it seemeth which clearech and confirmeth them of good in the Lord's eyes, to make even their adoption, and which uniteth fouls to those who are his own chosen vessels, to Christ, and so beltoweth upon us the right meet with bonds of another kind, because of adoption, applying Christ to us, and us of their fins, and to fasten them in fetters to Christ, by faith. And this is amplified of iron, under the guilt of sin, and due and further cleared, (1.) from the effects stroke of justice: Even these who are chilof this fame Spirit upon the same persons, dren, and made partakers of adoption, did laying them in fetters, under the lash of once receive the Spirit of bondage. the law and curse of God, by manifesting II. When the Lord is thus dealing with unto them their sin and misery; and hence his own chosen, he so discovers unto he is called the Spirit of bondage, which them the spiritual meaning and power of once they had received as a gift of grace; the law, Rom. vii. 9. whereby they fee and from this followed fear of God's curse 'chemselves condemned, and armech con


science against them, to pannel and accuse IV. Albeit the Lord, who is the holy them of their tranfgrefling the law, and One of Israel, and must not be limited, that so and so often, and fo and so heinous. may, and doth sometimes, bring home some ly; and that so convincingly, that they can of his own in their young and tender years, have nothing to speak against the accusa. Luke i. 41. 44. 2 l'im. iii. 15. Maith. xix. tion given in, but are forced to acknow- 13. 14. with Mark x. 13. and Luke xvii. leze themselves guilty, Acts ii. 37. Isa. lix. 15. &c. and others more sweetly and gent12. Pfalmol. 21. and then beareth home ly, and others more calmly and quickly, the due sentence of death, which in justice lo as they do not taste much of the bitterthey cannot but expect, and so maketh them ness of this work of bondage; yet in the to tremble, Acts xvi. 29. and unable to Lord's ordinary way of cailmg home his stand, Ezek.xxii. 14. and filleth them with own, he first becomech a spirit of bondage, forrow and grief, Pfalm cii. 9. and trou before that he become a spirit of adopblerh them, that they scarce know what tion. The Lord thinks it fit, to the end to do, seeing no help from one hand or that they may the more easily be weaned another, but looking on themselves as from corruption and sin, brought to a high utterly gone, for any thing they can prizing and valuing of inestimable Jesus, fee; and this locketh them up into the and to a willingness to accept of him upon stocks, out of which they cannot win un- any terms, that they may be more fited til his own time; therefore this case of for comfort, and engaged to watchfulness theirs is called a case of bondage. in time coming, patience under tribula

III. Though Satan be a spirit of bon-tion, boldnels in time of opposition, to dage

, keeping his own in the basest save thankfulness, Psalm cxvi. 3. 4. 6. 12. love, ry that is, 2 Tim. ii. 26. keeping them in- verse 1. and a humble way of walking all der the command and dominion of fin, their days; as also for the glory of his and also accusing them fometimes for sin, own justice, Lam. i. 10. 33. truth, fo as they despair of help, being bound power, Heb. x. 31. Mal. iji. 2. mercy, with the bonds of death, and chains of Eph. ii. 4. 1 Pet. i. 3. i l'im. i. 13. Psalin darkness

, as was Cain and Judas, and so clxv.9. and ciii. 8. and goodness, Rom. ii. hereby drives them to destruction; yet wisdom and holiness, Exod. xv. 11.; for the ftrong convictions of guilt and misery, these ends, I say, the only wise God thinks which the eleet of God, unconverted, ly fit to make the cords of hell compass about under, when their consciences are awaken- his own, Pfalm xviii. 5. 6. and to bind ed, and the law is staring them in the face, them over in fetters of iron, and so put and the wrath of God appearing as due them in the stocks before he enlarge by law, whereby they are driven in to then; he will first become a spirit of bonChrit the only city of refuge, and who dage, locking them up in prison, before only can save, Acts iv. 12. flow from the he become a spirit of adoption : Ye have Spirit of God, whose work it is to convince not received the spirit of bondage again, of fin, John xvi. 9. and who dealeth with says he, but the spirit of adoption; and so men and woinen as with rational creatures, the one is said to go before the other. Convincing them of their need of a physi- V. Albeit the Lord deal not with all cien, that they may be driven in to Chiilt; who are come to age, in this manner, affor they are said to have received the Spirit ter one and the same measure, as we see, of bondage ; and so it is the Holy Spirit, Matth. ix. 9. compared with Acts ii.

37. for it is said to be received, and is the same but some are kept longer in the place of with the Spirit of adoption, and diiters on- breaking forth of children, as some who are ly in working a different effect.

more froward, Aas xvi. 24. altogether igNomb, IV.

4. ii. 15.

() о


norant, Acts xvi. 14. enemies to Christia- | such a sharp dispensation, while they are nity, as Paul, Acts ix. who have led a lying under it; hence they are said to remolt wicked life, have had many warnings, ceive this spirit of bondage. It is a gift

, are settled on lees, Jer. xlviii. 11. and to and a gift of free grace, Aowing from the cannot be gotten easily weaned from fin; | bowels of everlasting love. and others are brought a fhorter cut; yet VIII. When the soul is thus under the the Lord acquainteth those of his own, lashes of the spirit of bondage, it is lying whom he bringeth home at age, with so under great fear of being cut off for ever much of this work of bondage, as maketh by the hand of justice: it is a spirit of fina burden unto them, Matth. xi. 28. loth-bondage to fear. See 2 Tim. i. 7. Heb. fome, and that which they dare nət tamper with again; and maketh the poor finner IX. Howbeit the children of God, who go out of himself altogether, and become are made partakers of the spirit of adophumble in his own eyes, so as the fadest tion, and brought in to Christ, may lie dispensations thall be welcomed; and also under great trouble of mind, and have maketh the foul prize Christ, and close many grips and pangs of an accusing and with him upon his own terms, over the troubling conscience, Pfalm xl. 2. yea, and belly of discouragements, without further posibly forer throws than ever they mec excuses and delays, Marth. xviii. 19. And, with before, by reason of Satan's increafing in a word, he so far convinceth them of the jealousy which their deceitful hearts their fin and misery, as they fee no reme- hach against God, and otherwise working dy, but Chri{t, and are content to submit upon the heart, thro' God's permission; to him with all their heart, and make the Lord also, for wise and holy ends, peace with him upon his own terms: withdrawing the influences of his Spirit,

Therefore he says of all the believing Ro- whereby they might be supported and mans indefinitely, that they had received comforted; yet the Spirit of God doth nethe spirit of bondage; Ye have received | ver become a spirit of bondage to them the spirit of bondage.

again, convincing them of being in a ftate VI. Wnile the eleet of God are under of fin and enmity, and of being under the the grips of the spirit of bondage, though curse and condemning wrath of God, and they be in some near capacity for, and not as lying under God's vindictive justice as far from the kingdom of God; yet are yet unsatisfied : le have not received the they all that time in a state of nature, /pirit of bondage again. there being but two states, under two co- X. After God has sufficiently humbled venants; for as long as they are under his own people, under the hand of the the Spirit of bondage, they have not receiv- spirit of bondage, he bringerh them into ed the spirit of adoption.

a gracious state of adoption, and the work VII. Albeit unregenerate finners may of the spirit of bondage ends always thus fet about these means which God hath ap- in the elect, Isa. Ixi. 1. 2. 3. Pfalm cxxvi. pointed for conviction of guilt and misery, 5. 6.: Ye have not received the spirit of such as prayer, Psalm cxix. 18. preach bondage again.---but ye bave received the ing, &c. yet, there being no necessary con- Spirit of adoption. nection between these duties and this fpirit XI. This noble privilege of adoption of bondage; it is an act of the Spirit of grace, which is peculiar only to the elect, Eph. who bloweth where and when he listeth, i. 5. whereby, of God's free love, Eph. i. to take his own and shut them up in pri: 3. 5: ! John iii

. 1. through Christ as fon, and so proceedeth from love, though purchaser, Gal. iv. 5. Eph.i, 11, 1 Pet. i. shey read nothing but anger and wrach in 3. 4. and deriver, as head of all the reit,

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