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fo here they are called, sufferings of this ' VII. Would we live more by faith than present time.

| we do, and take up the inheritance, which 111. It is the little looking unto the is to be had in possession one day, arighi;, other side of the sea, and conlidering of and consider, how transcendently it goeth the shortness of the duration of our pre- beyond the sufferings in this earth; lo that rent afiliations, and how foou the blaft will they being but for a moment, and light too, go over us, that inakes us so ready to faint cannot be laid in the balance with that glounder, and unwilling to take on handsome ry which is eternal, and whore weight is ly the yoke of affliction which God carves exceeding great, 2 Cor. iv. 17. we would out for us, and so ready to take sinful not be fo timorous of suffering as weare, nor courses to put it off; therefore to encou- lo affraid of the yoke: this is his argument, rage them, he calleth their sufferings, fuf- whereby he presseth them to a willingness ferings of this present time.

to receive the yoke of affliction, For I IV. Such as get a right look of the rich reckon, that the sufferings of this present reward which is kept in fure custody | time, are not worthy to be compared with for believers, will not think their afflictions that glory which is to be revealed. Jong, tho’they were of the fadest sort, and VIII. It is the height of delusion and of the longest continuance; and a right madness for any to dream or imagine that "view of that heavenly inheritance of the there can be any worth, dignity, or merit fons of God, will much lighten their afllic. 1 in their sufferings, how sad loever they be, tions; for Paul, a man as much acquaint- as if thereby they could purchase a right ed with afflictions as any, concludes, that to the crown; seeing the apostle says, that the sufferings of this life, are not worthy the sufferings of this time, are not worthy to be compared soith the glory which Mall be of (and thus the words may be read the revealed.

glory which is to be revealed... V. Tho'believers have many tweet and excellent days of communion with Gol, e. | VERSES 19. 20. 21. 22. For the earnesi exven in this world; yet their best days are in pectation of the creature waiteth for the reversion; the eye hath not seen, nor the manifestation of the fons of God. eye heard, what God has laid up for them, For the creature was made fubject to vanilia. Ixiv.4. Psal. xxxi. 19. I Cor. ii 9.; as 1 ty, not willingly, but by reason of bim it is hid from their eyes, so it is sure, and who hath subjected the same in hope: kept in sure cuflody, being laid up for Because the creature itself also shall be dethem, i Joho iii. 2. Their glory is a glo livered from the bondage of corruption, ry which is to be revealed.

into the glorious liberty of the children of VI. Tho’this excellent state of glory, God. which believers shall one day be put into, For we know that the whole creation gron. be now bid, for the most part, from their l eth, and traveleth in puin together until eyes, and the eyes of the world, and that

now. so much the more, because of the fad and heavy afli&tions under which they groan TOR the further illustration and conmany a day; yet the day is coming when it firmation of the last argument, the Thall break forth from under the cloud; and apofile fheweth, 1. How that this glory is how despicable foerer believers seem now, excellent, and shall certainly be revealed; yet their glory shall be made manifest one and, 2. that therefore we should wait for it day, and that day is certainly coming: The with patience, and in the hope thereof englory, says he, wbich shall be revealed in dure tribulation and affliction chearfully: us,

I and this he doth unto ver. 26. ard so here

by by would farther encourage believers un- , they were thus subjected in hope, becäüjë to patience and willing submission under the creature itself fall also be delivered fron crofles and sufferings.

the bondage of corruption, into the glorious In these verses he brings in the creature, | liberty of the fons of God; that is, as för that is, the fabric of the world, heaven man's sin, these innocent creatures were and earth, and the rest of the insensible and punished and made liable to corruption; irrational creatures, and makes use of them fo when the glory of the sons of God thall in a figurative manner, and speaketh of appear, that the fame may be the more them in borrowed expressions, that hereby famous and remarkable, all the creatures he might incite believers the more, both shall be put into a new condicion, not as if to expect certainly that glory which is to they were, or could be partakers of the be revealed, and to wait for it patiently glory which the fons of God shall have, under crosses; all which he applieth par. but they shall be renewed in their own ticularly, verses 23. 24. and 25. So then, kind, Afts iii. 2 1. 2 Pet. ii. 10. and brought 1. he says, The whole fabric of the world into an happy estate of incorruption, when waiteth for the day in which the children the sons of God shall be made manifest, of God shall shine in heavenly glory, and 3. All which he confirmeth and cleartheir heavenly estate shall be made manifest; ech, by Thewing what is, and what harh and this is set down most emphatically, been their deportment since the fall, and The earnest expectation, says he, of the will be until the day of the manifestation creature waiteth, &c. that is, the creature of the sons of God; and that in two exis, as it were lifting up its head, and preffions, (1.) We know that the whole crestretching out its neck, or seting out its ation groneth, as pressed with a weighty eyes with earnest observation, and geteth burden, desirous of ease; and (2.) Traup to some high place, to see if it can espy | vaileth in pain, having great and vehethat day dawning, or that long wished for ment grief, and withal a hope of outgate. {alvation coming; and this it doth continually, and hereby theweth, that this glory

OBSERVATIONS. is so much worth as may ravith any body's I. Though, ať the begining, all things defire, when the senseless creatures are so which God created were good for God's desirous of that day. 2. He sets down the glory, and for man's good, yea, and very grounds of this in two particulars; (1.) The good in themselves, and for uses for which first is their present condition now, fince they were created, Gen. i. 4. 10. 12. 18. the fall of Adam; The creature, says he, 21. 25. 31.; yet now since the fall, their was made subject to vanity; that is, they condition is altered, and made worse than are not now as at the first, but obnoxious to it was: for they are now subject to vanity, corruption, and subject to changes and al and under the bondage of corruption, under teration, as also to the abuses of sinful men, which they grone, and travail in pain; so who make them serve to the satisfying of that now ihey are tied to serve the necestheir own finful lusts : But how ? Not fity of wicked folks, and muft of neceffity willingly, that is, according to its natural meet with upcouch alterations and changes inclination, or that use for which it was for the worse, and at length corrupt. . at first created; but by reason of him who II. This fad and lamentable alteration subjected the fame ; that is, by reason of which is upon the face of the universe at bis will and command who created them at this day, did not flow from its natural inthe first, that hereby he might declare clination and disposition, (seeing before the how much displeased he was with the fin | fall man was in that capacity, that he might of map. 2.) The other ground is, thac ! not have died, and therefore the creatures



being created for his use, as is probable, i paciries, be glorious, or partakers of the would have continued in the same state of glorious liberty of the fons of God, the more perfection in which they were created) foto illustrate the glory of the bride, and much as from man's fall: This horrible fons of God. confusion and disorder which is in the world, V. This liberty which the creation shall is the fruit and native effect of fin, and at that day enjoy, shall not be by its annihereby man is the more punished;, seeing bilation, or being reduced to nothing, as they were created for man's use, and God if all that glorious liberty of the sons of would discover how heinous a thing fin is, God to which it shall be redeeined, were so as we cannot be reasonably ignorant of nothing else but a ceasing to be used by the greatness and heinousness of sin, if we funers as now it is; seeing we hear of a open our eyes, and lock either to the hea- new heaven and a new earth, 2 Pet. jii. 13. ven above us, cr to the earth beneath us; and that these shall only be changed, Píl The creature was made fubject to vanity, cii. 27. Heb. i. 10. see lsa. Ixv. 17. and not willingly, but by realun of bim who buih Ixvi. 22. and however the heaven and the fubjected the same; that is, by the fovereign earth ihai shall chen be, shall not bave the appoinıment and determination of God, same use which this hath; yet, thome who fo ordered the matter, that sin might cannot particularly tell the ules thereot, seem more odious, and man might be more (as we are to feek often-times in finding punished, and bear the marks of his foliy out the use of many things which we fee ail his days, or by reason of Adam, who with our eyes) it will not follow that they l;y his fin and rebellion did procure the shall not be; for man after the relurrection fame; for so the words may be also un- | Thall be complete in all his members; and derfood.

yet we cannot tell what use many of these !!I. This heavy bondage of corruption, will have at that time; and may they no: under which the creation groneth, being | be a monument of God's power and great. a part of the curse inflicted for man's fake, ness, and of the full and final abolition of Gen. iii. 18. Ifa. xxiv. 4. 5. 6. Jer. xxiii. 10. fin, when all its effects are removed, even is not to lie op continually; the elect them off the earth, which suffered therefore! felves being at length to be delivered from Nor is this change which fhall be of these all the parts of the curse and maledition creatures, a substantial change, so that the of God, they will at length be delivered heaven and earth that now is shall subftan. therefrom: for it is subjected in hope, that tially be destroyed, and out of its adhies ait shall also be delivered from the bondage of nother be created; Because 1. Theo the corruption.

fame creatures which are subjected to raIV. This day of resitution of all things, nity and bondage, should not be delivered as it is called, Acts iii. 21, wherein the crea- | into ibe glorious liberty of the sons of ture itself shall be delivered from the bon-God, and so needed not earnestly look dage of corruption and vanity, is not unul for the manifestations of the fous of God, the last day, when ihe children of God shall if there were a substantial change; which Shine forth in glory and excellency; it is is contrary to the apostle's doctrine. Nou reserved unto ibat day, that the open ac- 2. could it then be true that this creation knowledgment or coronation of the sons viz. which now is, was fubjected in hore of God, may be the more folemn; there | Nor 3. that it shall share in its out fore they are waiting for the manifefation kind of the liberty of the sors of God, fu of the sons of God, and then when the mar. they fhall not be changed substantially, oh riage is folemnized, all the servants of the body being still the same substantially. Bu family shall, according to their several ca. | this change is only in respect of qualitie

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VERSE 23. And not only they, but ourselves | groan and look for the dawning of that

also, which have the first-fruits of the day; and therefore it is a foul hame to Spirit, even we ourselves grone within think that believers should be outstriped ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to by these, especially confidering, 2. how wit, the redemption of our body: they have received the first.fruits of the

Spirit; they have already talted of the good A Frer the apostle has thus (hown the of glory, having grace begun in their foul, A deportment of the senseless crea- 1 and some glorious blinks of God's loving tures, in reference to the day of the ma- countenance, persuading them of his love, nifestation of the fons of God, he next calming their spirits, and making them to shews what che carriage of God's children rejoice: And seeing the arles are fo (weer, qught to be; and because it was a duty | thvuld not the bargain be longed for? and which all reason would speak for, and seeing the first fruits are so desirable, how which none could contradict, therefore he much more thould the full harvest be despeaks of it as a thing done already by fired. And, 3. he tells what it is they them; the grounds and reasons of it werelhould look for, even that which is of pear fo clear, that in a manner ic were a Maine concernment to them; it is their adoption, once to fuppese, that believers, especially and the redemption of their bodies, and so having tasted of the first-fruits of the Spi- the benefit of that day will be more theirs rir, and fo having been participant of the than the creatures ; and thus he itireih arles of glory, should come behind the chem up to a pacient way of luifering. very senseless creatures, in looking and longing for the marriage day, and so come

OBSERVATIONS. More in this duty: therefore says he, and I I. To be taking a right lift of fin and not only they, but 01: felves allo; as if he corruption, under which we ly, and to be would say, If they do fo, much more we mourning and groning under the same should do so. So that the duty, which | daily, is an exercise well becoming the he tacitly, and yet very forcibly is pressing children of God: Even we ourselves grone. here is cwofold, 1. Groning, as under a II. This groning and mourning, which heavy burden of fin and corruption, and floweth from a real sense and feeling of the sad consequenrs thereof: and 2. Wait- | the oppreflion and flavery of a body of ing, expecting, and looking for the adop-In and death, and of the daily trouble tion; that is, the day wherein believers we meet with from our spiritual enemies, shall be fully put in possession of all the fhould be real, and reach our hearts and privileges of, and good things promised to inward parts; therefore says he, we grone them, as the adopted children of God; of within our selves. heaven and everlasting communion with III. Tho' this groning under fin and the Father in glory, which is the inheri- corruption, and under a distance from our tance purchased for them; and the redemp- Lord, be great, yet it should not mar our tion of our bodies, when they fhall also be hope and expectation of a day of delivere partakers of glory with our souls, being ance; yea, when it runeth in the right fully delivered from a body of deaih, and channel, it will be so far from justling our the slavery of fin, and also from corruption, our hope, and blinding our eyes that we and all the fruits of sin, being raised out of cannot see an outgate, that it will rather the grave again. Now this exhortation he heighten our expectation; and the hope of strongly presseth by these reasons; 1. From a day of redemption thould not extinguish the example of the senseless creatures, who all sorrow for our present condition, bus


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