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holding forth the evil spirits in their grand, thing unto people, of which they are not stiles, and in their grandeur and power, thoroughly convinced ; so it will serve the more to illustrate the ground of tri- much to the bearing in of grounds of conumph, it is not much material; and seeing solation upon the consciences of Christians, Satan always, and the powers in a world, when they hold them forth as tried by ordinarily, and for the most part, are but their own experience, and found sure, smal friends to believers, and do use their they may both press them with the greatpower and moyen against them, and all er clearness and boldness, and they will be in vain, we think both may be taken in the more willingly welcomed and rested here. 3. Nor things present, nor things to on; for the apostle, the more to fasten come; that is, Deither these pressures and this ground of comfort, faith, For I am difficulties which are presently upon us, persuaded, &c. nor what may befal us afterward; no acci- III. Tho' there be many of God's predent present or future, will have any effi cious children who are in darkness many cacy to this purpose. 4 Nor height, nor a day, and have no light, and are wrestling depth; that is, neither honours, por high with doubts anent their interet in Christ places of preferment, nor yet contempt, almost all their days, and can hardly ever dishonour, or disrespect in a world. 5. And win to such a clear view of their right to then addech a comprehensive general, nor Christ as will dispel all clouds of darkness, any other creature; that is, no created and hush all doubts, and banilh all fears thing in all the universe, be what it will., and jealousies, fée Cant. V. 2. 3. 6. Psalm Next, what before he called the love of li. 8. 12. 14. lxxvii. 1.-10. and lxxxviij. Chrisl, he now calleth, the love of God, throughout, and xxxi. 22. Isa. 1. 10.; yet which is in Ghris Jesus our Lord; to shew, clear and full assurance of faith is a thing (..) that the love of Christ and the love attainable by believers, and some have of God is one ; and, (2.) that this love of actually attained thereto; for Paul here God, as it is purchased by Christ, so it (not speaking of himself as immediately comech down to us in and through Christ, inspired, and as reading this by extraordihe is the bond of it: and then he says nary light, but even of other believers as not, these things shall noi separate, but well as of himself,) fays, I am persuaded : he raiseth his tune higher, and faith, these Yea, and not only may believers win to shall not be able to fipurate; they shall not a certain perluasion of their present llare, only not get it done, but they shall not but, which is more, they may also win to a so much as have any power for that effect. certain and infallible persuasion, that they

shall persevere in that state, and thall not OBSERVATIONS.

fall away; for it is of this mainly here I. It is no small difficulty to get believers which the apostie was persuaded. to ride securely at a súre anchor, without IV. Believers have many fad adversadistracting and perplexing fear; so timorous ries to encounter with, yea, and adversaand faint-hearted are they when oppreff ries on all hands, and adversaries of all ed with fad dispensations in a world, not- kinds, spiritual and temporal, present and withstanding they be fixed on immoveable to come, life and death; they walk in the rocks, and shall never suffer shipwreck; | midst of extremities, and on every side for the apostle finds it necessary to con- may fear opposition; fnares wait for them firm, that believers were more than con. in all conditions of life, and always they querors in all afflictions and tribulations, are in hazard to be blown off their ground by adding, For I am persuaded, &c. by contrary blasts and tides of temptation;

II: As ministers should hold forth no- they have life and death, things present,



and things to come, angels, principalities , he workerh, and them he leadeth captive and powers, height and depth, to wrestle

10 wrestle at his will, 2 Tim, ii, 26, hence they are against.

called principalities. V. As amictions, tribulations, famine, na- IX. As they have in this manner authokedness, peril, sword, and whatsoever hasten- rity and dominion; so have they power and eih, or occasioneth death, is a sharp exer- might, being spiritual substances, whereby cife and trial unto the godly; so are they they may bring to pass, thro' God's perin no less hazard to be drawn aside with million, ihings far transcending the capathe allurements, deceiving baits and plea- city of man, and so become terrible in fures of prosperity, and they have as their opposition to the children of God; much need to guard against the fawnings therefore they are called powers also. of a world, as the sharpest adversity, yea, X. Believers not only have present and more; for life here, no less than death, pressures to contend with, but also the is their enemy: Neither life nor death. fears of future evils and lad occurrences,

VI. Believers have not only men of which is as ready to discourage them as corrupt minds set on work by Saran to any thing actually oppressing them; for it fight with, men of power and authority, is added, Or thing's present, or things to but also devils, and such fpiritual substances as cannot be seen by bodily eyes, XI. As contempt and reproach, upon unless when they assume some bodily the one hand, is ready to trouble the Mape, as 1 Sam. xxviii. 14. they have children of God; so honour, estimation, , these evil angels that fell from their inte and preferment in a world is as dangerous, grity to wrestle with ; therefore it is add. if not more, and as ready to ailure them, ed, nor angels.

and draw them aside ; fo that be they VII. It is not one or two of such invi. in little account, or in great account, {ible wicked spirits that believers are to they ought always to be upon their guard, fight with, but there are many of them, and to watch ; for it is added, or height, a great army of these spirits, who are all or depth. enraged against the godly; therefore they XII. Tho' believers be thus surrounded are called angels and principalities in the with enemies on®all hands, prosperity and plural number, and so are they always adversity, angels and men, dangers imcalled; fee Eph. vi. 12. Col. ii. 15. minent and feared, dangers in all stations

VIII. Thele evil spirits have, through and relations; yet they stand as immoveGod's wise permission, for his holy ends, able rocks against all these waves; and a prince-like power and dominion in the tho' in and by these, they be in hazard, earth and air, hence called the prince of yet are they not, nor never shall be, fully the power of the air, Eph. ii. 2. so as they and finally separated from the love of God may raise storms, and bring down fire, Jobi. which is unchangeable, however their con16.19. and the like; and not only so, but al. dition aler: I am persuaded, says he, that so, they have some sort of princely power neither life nur deathnor any other creaover men both good and ill, to effe& them ture, Mall be able to separate us from the with fickness. Jobii. 7. Luke xiii. 16 to carry | love of God, &c. them from place to place, Matth. iv. 5. 8. xill. The solid and certain persuasion yea, and to kill them, Jobi. 19:; but more which the faints may have of their stabiliparticularly they have a greater kind of ly, norwithstanding of all storms, is that authority over the wicked, whom they which will make them more than conquedrive easily (thro' God's permission) to all rors, when wrestling with adversity of an forts of wickedness, Eph. ii. 2. for in them / ny sort; and it is the want of this, and the


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fouls giving way to jealousies, fears, and head; and so it is in him that our holding suspicions, that makes them so ready to is fure and stedfast; and every thought of faint in trouble, and to have so licile cou. our stedfastness should mind us of him who rage in adversity : This is clear in the a. is the Rock on which we stand, and the poitles adding this as the ground of his strong cable by which we are anchored, accounting himself more than a conqueror even Jesus Christ: therefore when he is in all distresses, For I am persuaded, that speaking of the stability of believers, he neither death, nor life,----jhall separate us calls to mind the knot, and says, the love from the love of God, &c.

of God which is in Chrilt Jefus our Lord. XIV. The love of the Father and of the XVI. This affurance is so far from loof. Son towards the children of God, is one ing the reios unto all wickedness and and the same; so what we ought no more lasciviousness, that the more a foul be perto question the love of the Father, tho' fuaded of the love of God towards it in the person offended, than of the Son, tho' Christ, and of the impossibility of being our cautioner ; and it will be as impoflible banished by Satan or his instruments, for to get us feparated from the one as from all their power and command, or by outthe other : therefore what before he called ward difpenfations, it will the more heartithe love of Christ, he now callerh the lovely and chearfully clasp about Chrilt, and of God; which may also shew, that Chrilt embrace him, as Lord and chief Commandis God.

er, and yield obedience to him with heart XV. That which kee peth believers fo and hand : love cannot but flame when it fast anchored under the warm fun of the is so beat on with the beams of his love; love of God, that nothing can drive them and love being once kindled puts all the away, is nothing in themselves, but it is wheels of the soul in motion; so that when in and thro' Jesus Christ. this love is pro- he has said, I am persuaded, that nothing cured thro' Christ's merits, and comes can separate us from the love of God in down to believers in and thro' him as our | Christ, he addeth, our Lord.



INALLY, for the full clearing of the way of justification thro' faith in Christ

, which is the main point of truth he hath been prosecuting all along hitherto, he

removeth a main objection that lay in the way and because this is a great matter, and of great use for both Jews and Gentiles, therefore he spends these three chapters upon it. We shall take up the objection thus : How can it be that your doctrine touching justification by faith in Christ, without the deeds of the law, can be truth; seeing the Jews, the only people and church of God do to form at it, abhor it, and utterly reject it? So that if your doctrine be truth, it will clearly follow, that the Jews are now rejected of God; they are cast off, and are no more his church, seeing they abominate that way of salvation and justification, by faith in Jesus the son of Mary: But this is most abfurd and false : for why? If the Jews the only people of God, the children of Abraham be rejected and cast out of the covenant, then all


the promises of salvation which were made to them are broken and proven falsė and uptrue: But this is blasphemous; Therefore the other is not true. For the full clearing of this matter, the apostle doth thefe four things mainly; 1. He granteih che rejection of the Jews, to verse 6. 2. He cleareth how, notwithstanding hereof, God's promises are all irue, to verse 30. 3. He theweth the cause of their rejection, and thereby confirmeth, and further cleareth the truth, concerning justification by faith, to chap. xi. And, 4. Lest he should utterly cast down the Jews, and give the Gentiles too much occasion to insult and boast, he treateth of the calling again of the Jews, and addeth, some useful admonitions unto the Gentiles, chap. xi.

In this chapter the apostle mainly doth these four things: 1. Tacitly acknowledgeth the rejection of the Jews, to verle 6. and this he rather insinuateth than openly professeth. 2. He maintaineth the faithfulness of God's promises norwithstanding thereof, upon several grounds, and answereth objections which might be made by carnal reason against the grounds he was laying down, to verse 24. 3. He speaketh more expressly of the Jews rejection, and the calling of the Gentiles, out of scripture, to verse jo. And then, 4. ipeakerh something of the cause of the Jews coming short of the good things promised, and of the Gentiles being made partakers thereof, to the end. VERSE 1, I say the truth in Christ, I lie thing he would say should be suspected as

not, my conscience also bearing me witness not being true, therefore he prefixeth a in the Holy Ghost .

great and weighty oath, that he might be

the more believed, and faith, I speak the N the first five verfes, because the most truth in Christ, I lie not, my conscience also

part of the Jews looked on the apostle bearing me witness in the Holy Ghost: I as their sworn enemy, and so took nothing speak truth, and Christ is my witness; so well which he fpoke, and the apostle know thar in Christ, is as much as by Christ; or, ing this, and elpecially that it would in 1 Speak the truth in Chrift; that is, as one cense them, and imbitter their spirits to that is in him; or, in Christ, that is, as hear that they should be rejected of God; acted, directed, and guided by Christ: so and the Geniil's

, whom ihey abhored, that taking all together it will say this; I thuld be taken in in their room; therefore speak the truth as becometh one who is in. left he should irritate them, and provoke Christ, and who is acted by Christ, and so them to calt at his doctrine, to their own as I dare attest him to the truth thereof, ruin and destruction, when he is now call Then says he, I lie not; as if he could not ed to speak of that truth which question fully enough express himself in one fenlefs would gall them to the heart, he waves fulence, and to Thew, that what he said was the express mentioning of that fad truth of not only truth, but also that he spoke it their being rejected, and only coucheth it in, out of the fincerity of his heart; because a in his decp expressions of the forrow and man may speak the thing that is true, and grief of heart for their case and condition: yet lie. My conscience also bearing me witand thus he prudently laboureth to take ness: He farther artets his conscience as away all suspicion of hatred, and to infi- touching the truth of what he was to afnuate himself in their affections; and for firm; he appeals to that divine thing con, this cause he holdetb.forth the great love science, and so declared, that his consciente he had to them, and how near it went to was not contradicting what he said, but his heart, that their case should be such as as all along afsenting and bearing testiit is. Bui before he speaks any thing of mony to the truth: And further addeth, this his great affection, fearing lest any in the Holy Ghost

, to lhew, that the testiUU 2


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mony of his conscience was not to be slight III. In our oaths we should be loth to ed or uodervalued, seeing his confcience call God, the searcher of hearts, 10 witness was not biassed or misinformed, but was an untruch, left he prove a swift witness bearing witness, as acted and directed by against us, Mal. iii. 5. but should swear the Holy Ghost, being fanctified by the that which is truth, and avouch nothing Spirit of God; or those words may be re but what we are persuaded is truth; as the fered to these words, I lie not, and is, as apostle doth here, who says, I say the truth it were, an attesting of the Holy Ghost in Christ, I lie not. Not only should the also; or rather the meaning may take in thing beirue, but also we should know cerboth, as if he had said, I take the Father, tainly that it is so, and be perfuaded thereof. Son and Holy Ghost to witness, that I IV. It is not enough that the thing speak nothing but truth, and that without which we avouch in an oath be true, but all guile or hypocrisy; my own conscience, it must also be weighty and grave; it must fanctified and acted by the Spirii, bears me be no trivial business, or a matter of small witness also that it is so.

concernment, but a business of great con

sequence and moment, and which cannot OBSERVATIONS.

other ways be got decided and concludI. Seeing where prejudice against a mi-ed; for such a matter was this, for which nister

gets once footing among a people, the apostle was constrained to say, I say necessary truths delivered by him will be the truth in Christ, I lie not, my conscience rejected, tho' to their own ruin; therefore bearing me witness. The matter of his the ministers of the gospel should by all affection could otherways, fatisfactorily be means labour to prevent any such mistakes, got proven, and it was of great conseand so walk as they may give no just quence to have it made out. ground of any alienation of affection; and V. The Son of God, and the Holy where prejudices and mistakes are ground. Ghost, are God equal with ihe Father in lessly taken up, they should use all means power and glory, to whom divine worthip posible to get them remored; for Paul is due no less ihan to the Father, for all here is very desirous to have the prejudice three are one God, the fame in substance; which the Jews had at him removed, for for here swearing, which is a piece of rewhich caufe he useth such a solemn pro-ligious worship, Deut. x. 10. is by Christ teftation and asseveration as this, I speak and the Holy Ghost, and is due only to the truth in Cbrijt, &c.

God, Deut. vi. 13. : I say the truth in II. Tho' it be utterly unlawful to swear Christ

, and in the Holy Ghost; for we may at all yainly and rafhly, Matth. v. 34. James look upon these expressions, as his attesting v. 12. that being the taking of God's name of these as witnesfes. in vain, contrary to the third commandment; VI. As Christians should meddle with yet under the gospel, as well as under the nothing but what is commanded and allowlaw, an oath taken with all due circum- ed of God, as to the matter; fo fhould stances is allowed of God, and lawful; af- they be careful also, that in every thing, ter the example of Paul here, who ufeth were it but the speaking of a word, they a solemn and grave oath, saying, I speak carry themselves ipiritually, sincerely, and the truth in Christ,---my conscience bearing honestly, as acted by the Spirit of God, me witness in the Holy Ghoji ; fee Rom. i. and living and walking in Chrift; for the 2. 2 Cor.i, 23. there being the fame ne apostle Paul says here, I fay the truth; and cessity for it now, which was of old, viz. how? in Christ : I lie not; and how? in the confirming of truth, and ending of de the Holy Ghoji. Lates, Hcb. vi. 16.

VII. There is such a thing as a con-


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