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IN this chapter the apostle, after he has prevented mistakes, verses 1. 2. speaker

more fully of the rejection of the Jews, and inbringing of the Gentiles, Thewini

the grounds of God's casting the Jews off, to verse il.; and next giveth some grounds proving the inbringing of the Gentiles, and thereby both clearing God's dilpensation in this, and vindicating his own practice in preaching salvation to the Gentiles, to verse 19.; then he clearech the same from such grounds as the Jews themselves could nou be ignorant of, verses 19. 20. · And lastly, he ends with a word touching the cafting off of the Jews, and gives the main ground and reason of it out of Isaiah.

mobit be saved. and that they have a with my heart; for my is that they might

VERSES 1. 2. Brethren, my hearts desire you think that all this which I speak of and prayer to God for Ifrael is, that they my kinsmen according the flesh, flowech

from any ill-will I have to them? No, inFor I bear them record, that they have a deed, there is no such matter, I love them

zeal of God, but not according to knowo with my heart; for any heart's desire and ledge.

prayer to God for Ifrael is, that they might

by Javed: Glad would I be to have them THE apostle being to speak some more faved, and for this cause I ofteu pour out

of the cause of the rejection of the my soul to God for them, that he would Jews, a theme which he knew they had no have mercy upon them, and let them fee delight to hear handled, and fearing left they the right way, and save them; and this I should take exceptions, and reject what he do not feignedly, but it is the thing I wilh was holding forth, as flowing from some from my heart. malice and envy he had conceived against Next he gives the ground of this, verse 2. them, therefore he prefaceth something saying I know for a certainty, and can wit. to obviate this mistake : and also, left the ness the truth thereof, I bear them witness, Gentiles, to whom he was writing mainly, that they have a zeal of God, but not acshould caft at this fundamental truth of jus- cording to knowledge ; that is, they seem tification by faith, and look upon him as, to be much affected and moved with the an apoftate from the law, upon some discon- wrongs which God gets; they have a great lent, and that his inveighing against their grief for the wrongs which their law suflaw flowed from discontent, and so was fers by this doctrine of faith, but their much to be suspected, he thinks it fit to zeal is preposterous, and not well ground. thew what room Ifrael had in his affec- led; it is not according to knowledge: they tion. And, withal, left the Romans should know not that the doctrine which we teach think he that speaks so of his own nation | doth no way rub on God, nor wrong his as he doth, cannot have any great love to glory, they mistake in this, being ignous, he gives them a warm and kindly rant of the right way whereby God is compellation, in the first place, and says, glorified; and because they seeni so holy Brethren. Then, as if he would fay, Do' and zealous, and so seem to have a good in.

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