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manded them, not the law ftrialy taken, 1 in Christ, (for he is not speaking of faith but his whole doctrine ; and his whole as our righteousness, but of the righteoufdoctrine being to point forth the only way ness of Christ, opposed to that of the law, of holiness and happiness

, comprehendech apprehended by faith) speaketh on this both faith and repentance: the law strictly wife; and it is as clear and sure, as if you taken, cannot be there understood; for it would imagine the righteousnels of faith will never be observed whether it be far to be speaking this itself. Now, what favs off or near hand, known or unknown, all it? It faith, Say not in thine beart, Who is a matter, this covenant will never be all afcend into heaven? Or, W bo jhull kept. It is never in our heart, nor will defcend into the deep; that is, thou needit be till faith be bad, and then it will be in not now be fo anxious about the way of the heart but imperfectly. So then, Mo. falvacion, thou needít not now cry, Who ses, in that chapter, being commending the will go up to heaven, to learn us the way? goodnels of God towards them, in that he Or, Who will go to hell, or the deep, to was ar so much pains to make the way to guide us by it? Who will find out a way life plain and easy to them, is pointing for us to get righteousness, either in hea. forth the gospel, tho' darkly, according ven or earth? Folks need not now be at to the dispensations of these times, where so much pains: And why to? Because, 10 in the gospel was vailed under types, ce fay, Who shall ascend into heaven, were, to remonies, and legal expressions; (for it has bring Christ down from above: and to say, reference unto the whole doctrine of Mo- Who fail descend into the deep, were, to fes, wherein the will of God was reveal bring up Christ again from the dead; that is, ed concerning the means of salvation, viz. folk need not now be fo anxious about the faith in the Messiah, and new obedience) way to win to heaven, and to escape hell; For, 1. The law, as we said, is not plain for the business is done to their hand, and easy, that they might hear it and do Christ Jesus is both dead and risen again; it, nor is it in their mouths, gor in their and therefore, it any should now cry out, hearts. 2. He makes mention there of Who shall ascend into heaven ? that is as feveral other gospel truths and promises; much as to say, that Christ is not yet come as that, verse 6. And the Lord thy God down thence, and so, thai he has not as yet will circumcise thine heart, and the heart suffered for our sins: and if they should cry of thy feed, to love the Lord thy God, &c. out, Who shall descend into the deep? it compared with Jer. xxxi. 33. and xxxii. 40 is as much as to say, that Christ is not yet as also, that concerning their restoring un- risen from the dead: fo that Christ's death to their own land, w ich is to be fulfilled and resurrection being sure and certain, in the latter times, for it has not yet been faith has a ture ground to far en on, and fully made good.

needs not go either one where or other to His scope then in these words, is to seek righteousness, secing in Christ's death thew, out of Mofes, how it is most easy to and refurrection it is only to be bad; and attain to righteousness by faith; and he faith has no more to do, but to look out gives some grounds for this.

to Christ for all, and in him there is a So then, paraphrasing upon Moses, he solution of all doubts and scruples, for brings in the righteouineis of faith speak. a, conscience puzzled with the matter. ing by a figure, and so points to Moles's What taith it then? It says then, verse 8. words: for he faith, The righteousness The word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, which is of faith speaketh on this wise ; and in thy heart : that is the word of faith that is, the scripti re treating of this righ. which we preach; that is, the true way to teouincis, which is to be had only by faith | life is bigh at hand, revealed by God in his word; so that there is no more now to Christ is come, clearly unfolded and redo, but to receive this word in thy heart, vealed; so that in respect of the clear ma. and to profets it in thy life: and leit any nifestation thereof unto us now, it may be Thould think, that that word was the word said to have been hid before, as we see, of the law. because of this Mofes speakerh; | Eph. iii. 5. Col. i. 26.; yet it is the same therefore he explaineth Moses's meaning, old way witnessed by all the prophers, and theweth, what that word was, viz. Aets x. 43. and by which all who are arthe word of faith which we preach; that rived, have gone; it was éven held forth is, the free promise which faith lays hold by Moses, tho' darkly, as to a people unon, the gospel which begereth faith, and der tutory, Ga!. iv. 1. 2. 3.: The rigbteis gripped by faith, and requireth faith as oufness which is of faith Speaketh on this the condition, which we hold forth and wife, Say not in thine heart, &c. John v. preach to people. The sum whereof is, 46. For had ye believed Mfas, ye would That Christ is dead, and risen again, and have believed me : for he wrote of me; tho' so has acquired a complete righteousness, the law was his main theme, John i. 17. which we hold forth unto all who will re- IV. It cannot but be a great aggravation ceive the same, and submit to it by faith. of our ignorance now in the days of the

gospel, in which the light shinech so clearOBSERVATIONS.

ly, that even in the noon-tide of the day, 1. As the right taking up of the nature wherein the fun shineth brightest, we of the covenant of works, under which we should notwithstanding, be utier strangers are by nature, and by which alone we are unto this way of salvation through Jefus naturally desirous to seek after life, fhould Christ and his righteousness; seeing the scar us from looking to that covenant, or small dim light which the Jews had from from expecting any good thereby; so should the law and doétrine of Moses, is made use it also serve to commend the covenant of of to aggravate their ignorance of this way grace, and the way of falvation thereby, of righteousness thro' faith : It speaketh on and make our hearts fall in love therewith: this wife, Say not in thine heart, &c. therefore are these two covenants put toge

V. When folks miitake God's way, and ther here, and compared together, that the thro' prejudice cast at it; they ordinarily Jews might fall out of concert with the fall upou a way more costly, and every one, and in love with the other; But the way more disadvantageous and unprofitable, righteousness which is of faith, &c. to as they spend their money for that

II. Carnal zeal may to bemist and blind, which profitech not: the Jews mistook fold people, that through prejudice, they Goi's way to heaveo, and fell about the may mistake and be i norant of most ne- way of works, by which they were at much ceffary truihs, even though they be held pains and labour, and yet it was imposible forth unto them, and, as it were, among for them to get lfe: Bit the righteousness their very hands: for the Jews were igo which is of faith Speaketh on this wilé. Dorant of this righieousness of faith, altho' VI. Though, if we conlider man in his Moses, with whose doétrine they pretend natural state, it be as imposible for man ed great acquaintance, had spoken of it: to pertorm the coaditions of ibe new coTherefore dorh the apofile make use of venait, as it is to fulfil the law, or perthat place of D-uteronomy, I be righte form the conditions of the old coverant; ousnejs which is of faith speaketh on this yet if we consider the frame and draught wise, Say not in thine heart, &c.

of the iwo covenants, the second covenant III. To'the way of salvation thro' faith being alogether of free grace, were'n in Christ, be a mystery, now at length fince nothing is required but what is promised,

is altogether a safer and easier covenant, | way: The righteousness which is of faith, than that covenant of works, which tho' will not suffer us to tay, TV bo hall ascend made out of free grace, yet was drawn up into heaven, &c. This cleareth all doubts, according to strict justice, promising, nor

and is sufficient to drive the bottom out of allowing no furniture, but what was con

them. natural unto Adam : therefore says he, X. The only ground upon which all But the righteousness which is of faith, perplexing thoughts which may trouble a Speaketh on this wife.

poor soul in reference to its salvation may VII. Tho' the way to life, thro’ the be removed, is Christ's humiliation and exrighteousness of the law, be that which altation, his laying down his life a sacrifice naturally people, being proud and unwill to satisfy justice, and his rifing up as a coning to bow to God and his righteousness, queror, overcoming him that had the power love best, and set about with greatest of death, and triumphing over death itself; seriousness; yet it is a way which will ne we need not now be based, who Thall go ver satisfy a scrupulous awakened consci- up to heaven to seek out a way for us, for ence, nor loose their doubts, but still leave Christ is come from that place already; them in hesitation and perplexity, and pur nor need we anxiously ask, Who shall dethem ftill to cry out, What shall we do to scend into the deep? for Christ has been be faved? Who shall go up to heaven for there already, and is come up again. I be us? And who shall descend into the deep righteousness which is of faith will not suffor us? It is only the righteousness of fer us to say, Who fall afcend up into hea. faith which puts us from saying, Who shall ven? for that were to bring Christ thence; ascend into heaven? The righteousness nor who shall descend into the deep? for that which is of faith, and not the righteous. were to bring up Christ again. And the only ness which is of the law, speaketh thus, Say thing which foltereh perplexing doubts not in thine heart, who shall ascend, &c. is, the losing sight of, and ignorance of the

VIII. All the righteousness which man sweet fruits that flow from Christ's dying could attain by the covenant of works, was and rising again. a righteousness performed and acquired by himself in obeying the law, and is there

From verse 8. OBSERVE, fore called, the righteousness of the law; I. Ministers may and ought to use such but the righteousness which we attain to a way of exhorting and dealing with peoby the covenant of grace, is a righteous- ple, as may be most rouzing and upstiring; ness acquired by another, and which we people being ordinarily careless and indiffeobtain by flying out of ourselves, and lay- rent hearers even of truths of great coning hoid on our Mediator by faith; and cernment: therefore doth the apostle prois therefore called, The righteousness of pose this business dialogue ways, But wbut faith, because faith in the Messiah is re- faith it? The word is nigh thee, &c. quired to the attaining of it.

II. It is the commendation of the way IX. The only way for a poor soul to be of faith, and of the new covenant of grace, rid of all its doubts and scruples, anent the that it brings salvation home to folks doors way of attaining the crown, and escaping that they may embrace it with both heart the dainpation of hell, is to betake itself and mouth : The word is nigh thee, even unto the new and better covenant, and in thy heart, and mouth. run out of itself, unto Jesus Christ offer Ils. As the gospel makes the way of ed in the covenant, and accept of righ salvation easy, and brings pardon and life teousness in him upon the terms offered; to our very doors; so it makes salvation 10 peace or tranquility to a soul but in this I sure and unquestionable in itself; and be


lievers may win to such a persuasion of it, / carriage in their calling, should be care. as may overcome many jealousies and ful to promote the main business, viz. doubts: therefore the word of promise, poor people's accepting of the tender of or the word of salvation, is said to be near free grace made to them in the gospel ; them, even in their hearts and mouths. this should be their main work, and all

IV. Whatever allegations and testimo- other things should be done in subserviency nies of scripture we be making use of for to this end: this should be the text and the confirmation of truths, we should ex- upshot of all preachings; their preaching plain the same, lest we should be found to should be about the word of faith; The clear what is obscure by that which is word of faith which we preach. as obscure, and so still leave our hearers IX. Ministers should stick close by their in the dark; as Paul explaineth that word commission, and should not conceal any which Moses used, and calls it the word of thing of it for neither feud nor favour; the gospel, or of faith; 'l hat is, the word but should boldly, faithfully, and plainly, of faith which we preach.

with majesty, constancy, and freedom of V. The gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ spirit, declare the whole counsel of God, is nothing else but a map of free and gra- and that to all persons without exception; cious promises, which the true God, who for they are heralds, and should behave cannot lie, hath made; and they are so themselves as heralds : so the word here, linked together, as that they seem but one signifying to preach, fignifieth, to preach main promise, which faith is to lay hold and publish as a herald and public messen upon : hence the gospel is called, The ger, proclaiming the mind of king and word of faith.

itates: The word of faith which we preach. VI. True and saving faith is not a rov. See Matth. iii.

See Matth. iii. 3. and x. 27. Luke xii. 3. ing, groundless fancy, or a dream of man's 2 Tim. iv. 2. brain; but it is a sure-bottomed act of the soul, and has the word and fure promise of VERSES 9. 10. That if thou shalt confefs the unchangeable Jehovah to rest upon, with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and and it can find no other ground to settle Dalt believe in thine heart, that God on: faith has ay the word for its ground, hath raised him from the dead, thou on which it ftandeth; I he word of faith. Jhalt be saved.

VIL. Not only has the Lord, in the For with the heart man believeth unto righdepth of his wisdom and rich goodness, teousness, and with the mouth confession contrived the gospel, and the way of fal- is made unto salvation. vation thro' his only Son Jesus Chrift; but also hath laid down a way how this HE sum of the gospel, which was his good-will and kindness should be made called in the last verse, the word of known unto the children of men; and faith, is here set down, and so that word hath therefore authorized men to come of faith is explained : fo that the substance forth and proclaim the acceptable year of of the gospel is this, If we will accept of the Lord, and to hold forth his mind; and Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour, firmbecause he knew that we would be un- ly believing that he hath finished the work willing to accept of this kindness, there- of our redemption, and bath died. and is fure hath he cloathed his ambassadors with risen up again, (a truth which infidels and authority to command all to accept of the Heathens will not grant, nor Jews either;) kindaess of this great King rendered to and that not historically, as devils and mathen the word of faith which we preach. ay graceless men may do, but heartily, leVill. Ministers, in all their fermons and I rioully and sincerely ; and if we arouch

3 F




this, and openly declare the same in our | Iters often to be laying forth the same, and lives and conversations; we shall be saved. inculcating it upon people: as Paul teachSo then he fays, That if thou salt confefseth here, by furning up the gospel unto with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, (he purs the people here, saying, That if thou shalt confession before faith, not following the confess with thy mouth the Lord Jefus, &c. order of nature; but because this is first Ti, The luin of the gospel being to notour to others, and because Moses, to bring folk in to Christ by faith, and to take whose words he feems here to be alluding, hin for their Lord and Saviour, and to puts it in firit;) that is, if thou, shalt open-walk in him all their days, and profess the ly acknowledge, profess, and avouch, and fame in their lives and converlations; miby thy daily walk make it known, that nisters should be careful to drive at this thou lookelt upon Christ as a Lord and King, butt, to have folks welcoming the gospel, and as thy Lord and Saviour: And jhult and looking like it: and however people believe in tlxine heart, that God hath raisedt have a great prejudice against the minifiers bim from the dead; that is, if thou shait of the gapul, and look upon them as their reit upon him for life and falvation, who enemies; yet the truth is, all that which has laid down the price, and is come out they are seeking and driving at, is only of prisou, and raised from the dead by the to have folks confess with their mouth, power of God: Thou Malt be saved, thou and believe with teir heart, the Lord shalt be delivered from that state and con- Jesus: The word of faith which we prea:h, dition of death in which thou art now. That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth

Then, verse 10. he explicates and con- the Lord Jesus, &c. firms this further, and theweth how faich III. There is this difference betwixt the and confeflion concur unto salvation, and covenant of works and the covenant of therein he followeth the right order of grace, that the covenant of works was made nature, saying, For with the heart man with man standing in his integrity, but the believeth unto righteousness; that is, the covenant of grace was made with man falheart is exercised in resting on Christ, and len from that good condition, and plung. thereby righteousness and begun falvation ed into sin and misery; and therefore the is obtained, thro' the remiffion of our fins, thing promised in the covenant of works by faith in Christ, as the condition of the was a perpetuity and continuance of that new covenant; we are put into a safe stare, state of happiness possessed, which was having our iniquities purged from us, and more than a bare animal life: therefore it being cloathed with the righteousness of is said, verse 5. The man that doth these Chrilt. And with the mouth confesion is things, shall live by them: and the thing made unto salvation; that is, being once which is promised in the covenant of grace, justified by faith in Christ, and being mar. is, that they shall be saved; which prelupried to him, we avouch the same, and de- poseth present misery and death, clare, that Christ is our Lord and Master, IV. Before that justice could be fatisin whom we trust, and from whom we ex- fied for the breach of the covenant of pect life and falvation, in our constant works, Jesus Christ behoved to lay down after-carriage, till. we at length obtain the his life a ransom;, and by his death and fa

crifice such a complete satisfaction was made OBSERVATIONS.

for the fins of the elect, that justice could I. It being most useful for people to detain him in prison no longer, but God have the sum and compend of the gospel who was the party offended, raised him distinctly known; it is necessary for mini-up, and icok him out of the prifon of the


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