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· From verse 15. OBSERVE, | about christian concord, harmony, and un1. Tho’in the fadest of crosses believers animity, that you may live together as ought not to cart down their hearts, in a brethren, having natural affection, and faithless and hopeless despondency of spiheart-warmness to each other, and being of rit; yet in the day when the Lord is please] he same judgment, without discord; for to smile upon them in his dispensations, this expreffion is explained by Paul writand to send them prosperity when others ing to the Philippians, as taking in bosh are il rangers to it, they should not be un | harmony in judgment and concord in at. sensible of this, but ought to be much af- fection, Phil. ii. 2. 2. An i mind not bigh fected with it, and to refiify the same by things; that is, Be noi puft up with a their chrillian joy and alacrity: Rejoice conceit of your own parts and abilities; Srith them that do rejuice.

be not proud and conceity; fet not your II. When God is pleased to afflict his heart and mind on things too far beyond people with sad and bitter dispensation's, our reach, and beyond your calling, for tho'he allow them not to forrow as such hat will mar christian concord. 3. Con. as have no hope, yet he alloweth a mode defiend to mien of low estate; that is, Mila sale forrow, and would not have themken not, undervalue not, defpise not the Jike so many stocks that had no sense at weak and mean gifts and abilities of others all: 11 eep with them that weep.

If your neighbours, but stoop low and III. So far ought Christians to be from submit to the edification of the meanet that envious disposition which is set to member of the church; yield and submit grudge at, and envy the prosperity of o- unto them, and be, as it were, led away thers, and from that cruel and tyrannous with them, (for fo the word imporiech) disposition which is set to rejoice at the otherways you shall mar criitian concord. hurt and adversity of others, that, on the 4. De not wisi in gour own conceits; that contrary, they should look like members is, Be not addicted to your own opinions, of the same body, and so share with o:hers and to self-conceited aš to cede and yield in their good or in their ill condition ; fin nothing; but have mean and modeit help forward their joy who are in a fit of thoughts of yourselves, according to Pror. rejoicing, and take a lift of their fad con. ii. 7. Ifa. y. 21. and this will help much dition who are weeping : Rejoice with them to a christian agreement, that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep.


I. Tho' Saran be busy to cart the feed VERSE 16. Be of the fame mind one towards of discord amongst brethren, and division

another. Blind not high things, but | upon diversity of judgment; yet it is condescend to men of low eltate. Be not Christians duty, and a duty which well wife in your own conceits.

becometh them, to be labouring after u

nity in affection and judgineat, to be lhun- IN this verse the apostle is pressing some ing discord, diffention, or diversity of jud.

more duties, upon Christians; and ment, or yet alieation of affection : he more particularly he is preshing fuch duries would have them of the same mind one toas concern their converse with other wards another. See Phil. ii. 2. ii. 16. aad church members: Of these there are four | iv. 2. in whole; the three last whereof may be II. As a lofty, arrogant, proud, aspis. considered as means to the first and main ing spirit, being nut co:lient with our owa duty. 1. Be of the same mind one towards state and condition, is altogether unbeleem. anot her; that is, I would have you falling ling a Christian, who ought to follow his


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stians, but in their deportment they should I place unto wrath: for it is written, Vene even have respect unto strangers, and geance is mine : I will repay, faith the provide,' as to their externals, what may Lord.. . not juítiy scar and stumble them: Provide Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed him; for things honest in the light of all inen. if he thirfi, give him drink : for in jo do2 Cor. viii. 21. Mlatih. v. 16.

ing thou bait heap coals of fire on his V. It is unleemly for Christians to be head. quarrelsome and keeping up debates a. | Be not overcoine of evil, but overtoniz evil mong themselves; and not only so, but with good. also it is unbecoming Christians, and most stumbling for them, to be striving and con- GN the last place, he is presling a duty tending even with the wicked ones and which he had couched before, ver. 17. strangers to Christ: they should live peace and because there is great difficulty, 10 get ably with all men.

it rightly gone about, therefore he cones VI. Such is the wicked malicious dispo- over it again, and now prefleth it moit fition of some, being the kindly seed of earnestly. The duiy in a word is this, the serpent, as that they will never suffer That whatever injuries we get done by 0-. the godly to live in rest and peace, do ciers, we should in no way study any pri. what they can; and therefore the apostlevate revenge; but rather refer them to caits in this clause, If it be possible, live the Judge of all, and for our part to be peaceably with all men..

doing all the good we can to them, in VII. However there be great difficulty traits and difficulties : Avenge not yourto win over our own corruptions, to join felves; cho' you may lawfully defend yourin peace with others, and in some respect selves from your enemies, yet when you impoflible to win to peace and quietness are wronged, feek not. a recompence, at with some ; yet nevertheless it is the duty your own hand: But rather give place unta of Christians to be feriously and earnestly wrath; that is, Racher let God iake vensering about all means poslible or imagin- geance on him; take not God's place, but able for attaining peace, what by conde. I give way to his wrath. The arguments sceniling and forgiving injuries received, enforcing this, are these two, 1. in that what by recompensing good for evil, i Pet. kindly warm appellation, Dearly beloved; ji. 9. it, he must do what in him liech: It is love in me that moves me to lay this If it be pullible, as much as lieth in you, duty before you, and as you would evie live peaceably. with all men. See 1 Pet. iiidence yourselves to be such, mind this du11. Heb. xii. 14.

ty. 2. He brings a ceitimony out of Deut. VIII. In our pursuing after peace with xxxii. 35. where the Lord challengeth others, we ought not to condescend unto vengeance to be his prerogative royal. Then sinful, dishonourable, or dishonest terms, he sets down the other part of the exhor. but even in our pursuit after peace, we tation, ver. 20. cited out of Prov. xxv. 22. fhould have a care that our deportment | Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed bin,&c. be honest as becometh a Christian ;. for that is, If thine enemy be in any Arait these two duties may and should be minded whatever, relieve him, and relieve him not together, Provide things honest in the fight (paringly but 'liberally and chearfully, or of all men; and if it be possible, as much as tenderly and lovingly, as nurses do feed lieth in you, live peaceably with all men. their young or fick children (for fo the

word importech) with the reason, For it VEESES. 19. 20. 21. Dearly beloved, a lo diig thou shalt beap coals of fire, &c. uence not yourselves, but rather give that is, Thy courteous and kind acts (0


live Hab. in ou

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