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nations of their own hearts, and may pre- even such as deserve the severity of julsent unto themselves many encourage- tice, are full of riches, and invaluable ments to coatinue in their ways; yet in the worth, and ought so to be accounted of end they shall all prove rotten reeds of by us: for we hear not only of his goodEgypt, and be hewed down : and their fup- ness, and patience, and forbearance, buc poled encouragements shall be so far from also of a riches of them. proving such indeed, that, on the contrary, VI. These expreslions of bounty and chey hail contribute to the aggravation longanimity in God towards the wicked, of their guilt before God; as we are taught however they are not pledges of his favour by the apostle's demolishing all their fan- and goodwill towards them, as they are cied grounds, and thewing how that God's unto his own; yet, in that they show what goodness should, in all reason, rather have an one God is, and how well-worthy to be moved them to repentance, than encou- turned unto, and contain in them fome raged them to continue in fin.

ground of hope, that he will welcome TII. So bountiful and liberal is the Lord such as come, they have in them a manuCreator, in whom we live, move, and have ducency unto repentance, and if rightly sur being, that even wicked, profane hy- improven would lead folk home to God': pocrites, and such as delight in their wick- thus it is said, that the goodness of God leadedness, and are enemies to him, are par- | eth to repentance. ticipating of his goodness; general tempo- VII. Such is the corruption of wicked ral favours, are even such getting from folks, who satisfy. themselves in their perhim: for God's goodness was extended even nicious ways, that when, in all reason and to such here as were despising it. And fo equity, God's lenity and delaying to cut wonderfully good is our God, and such is them off because of their wickedness, bis native kindness, or good nature, that should make them consider how bad a rehe is ready, and prompt, as it were, to be quital they give God for that his sparing employed by the creatures, and to do them mercy and goodness, in continuing in their good; for fo the word here rendered good- abominations, and not amending their mannels, doth import.

ners and repenting; they will, upon the IV. This benignity, and readiness to do other hand, encourage themselves fo good, in God, even to the wicked, as it much the more in their fins, and think kytherh in other dispensations of his to- the less of sin, because that God doth not ward them, so in this, that he exercileth speedily execute vengeance, and blels much patierre and lenity toward them. themselves in these their finful courses, and And tho' God be so just and holy as he so continue in them ftill: for thus they caonot away with fin, nor approve of the despised God's goodness and lenity. workers of iniquity; yet he will delay to VIII. When men do thus take occasion punila the wicked, and reftrain his anger, to harden themselves in their wickedness, fo as noi to punish iniquity inítantly, for at God's forbearance, and so turn his goodhis own holy ends : for here, as there is nefs and grace into lasciviousness, the Lord 5 odness in God, so is there patience, and looks upon it as a heinous fin, and no less forbearance.

than a contemning, vilipending, and defpifV. As God is in himself incomprehen- ing of his soodness, an undervaluing of his fible, and such a well-spring of all good gentleness, andırampling upon his gracious ness as can never be exhausted; so all the and good nature: therefore laulcal!eth this alt and expressions of his bountitulness abuse of God's goodness, a despising of it. and longanimity, considering who they are IX. Thus to abuse and trample upon onto whom he is manifesting himself so, God's merciful forbearance and long-fuf

G 2


fering patience, is such a crying sin, that, that cannot repent, or impenitent. the very light of nature may bluth and be | 111. Howbeit wicked men may delight afhamed of it, and may refuse to avow or themielves in their wickednefs, and be so maintain it; as is clear from the apostle's far from being moved thereirom, at the proposing this by way of question to them, serious consideration of God's tolerance Or despisejt thou, &c.

and goodness, as rather to be encouraged X. The little serious confideration of therein ; yet ere all be done it thall be God's goodness to the wicked, in forbear-dear bought; and all that sweetness and ing to let forth his wrath upon them, and delight shall end in fournefs: for they to cut them off in the very act of iniqui- are faid, to treasure up wrath to themselves: ty, as he might do in justice; and the Wrath is the due desert and fruit of sin. little studying of the mind of God in those | And thus do they that abule God's goodexpressious, or of what document is con- Dess. tained in their bofom, is one main caufe IV. Tho' the wicked fons of men fee why they turn his grace into wantonness, not sentence againit an evil work fpeediand despise his goodness: for the reason ly executed, yet their hearts need not why they despised his goodness, &c. was, therefore be fully set in them to do evil, their not knowing that the goodness of God seeing their portion is reserved in a fure leadeth to repentance.

place, and is treasured up for them; and

they may make themselves as fure of From verfe 5th OBSERVE, wrath and vengeance (if repentance preI. Besides that hardness of heart which vent it not) as ever a man was of his treaall have by nature, such as will not be sure; for here they are said to treasure reclaimed by all God's goodness and gen- up; and tho' that which is treasured up tleness, and the reiterated expressions of be not seen at present, yet in due time it his mercifulness, and acts of lenity shown will appear, and máy certainly be expected. to them, but grow still worfe and worfe, V. Wicked contumacious persons have do contract an habitual hardness of heart, no reason to blame God for what wrath whereby their hearts are more obdurate he sendeth on them ; or for what and stupid: and when God's goodnefs shall be certainly inflicted on them in the hath no kindly operation upon finners, great day of reckoning, seeing it is but the and his gracious invitations are not yielded fruit of their own labour: and they may unto, then this hardness of heart follow- rather blame themselves, as being the oncth : therefore he added, but after thy ly procurers thereof: And at that day hardness.

the Lord shall be cleared, and men fhall II. The more hardness wicked men do have nothing to say, when they get but finfully contract, thro' their obstinate per- that which they have been treasuring up; fifting in their finful courses, notwithstand therefore it is faid, that they themselves ing of the manifold expressions of God's treasure up this wrath against themselves. bounty and long-suffering patience, the And seeing it is so, can they blame any buc more do they put themselves out of a ca- themselves for all the wrath that fhall come pacity of

repentance, and the more averse on them? And they are said to treasure are their hearts from this duty of turning up wrath, in that they accumulate guilt, unto God : and as naturally the heart of and treasure up sin, (and repent nou) unto man cannot return unto the Lord of itself, which necessarily wrath is annexed. As they but is altogether unable; so when this ha- fill up the measure of their fins, so doub bitual hardness is contracted, the heart God fill up the cup of his wrath. becomerh, in a special manner, a heart VI. A!beit wicked rebels, in acting rebellion against their dread Sovereign, and X. Tho' now we cannot always discontemning the goodneis of this excellent- cern betwixt the righteous and the wicked ly-sweet-natured Prince, do what in them by God's external dispensations ; but somelies to rob him of his glory, ay, and to times the wicked are spared, when the dethrone bim; yet all the real ikaith and righteous suffer hard things, and are chafhurt that cometh thereby, falls on their tened every morning ; and we be oʻt in the own back : for here it was to themselves dark as io the clear discerning of God's that they were treasuring up wrath. juigments, and they are oft-times hid


VII. There is a fixed, dererinined day from our eyes; yet at that day his judicoming, in which the treasures of sin of ment shall be rev-aled, and made manifeit; those that have been living and delighting therefore is that day called, a day of the in fin, however they dream of no such revelation of the righteous judgment of God. thing, shall be opened, and all their deeds XI. At that day the wicked, tho' now canvassed and lifted; and a period shall be they be long forborn, and it may be go put unto their treasuring up of fin and out of the world without any remarkable wrath against themselves : for it is against judgment, fhall not then escape; all odds the day of wrath, this fixed day, that they hall then be made even; for the righteous are treasuring up wrath.

judgment of God Mall then be revealed. VIII. Tho'chis day shall be a most joy- XII. The consideration of this, that ful and pleasant day unto the godly, even however God may spare long his enemies, the solemn day of their marriage unto the and yet at length will come on fadly, and Lamb, when the bride, the Lamb's wife, make up his delay by multiplying his shall be complete; yet it shall be the dool- Arokes, and such shall not escape his venfulleit day that ever the wicked faw: for geance, may be sufficient to rouze up the this cause it is called the day of wrath, for secure hypocrite that is believing no such therein shall appear nothing but pure un- thing, but rather expecting the contrary, mixed wrath unto them.

because of God's outward favours, and his IX. Howbeit the Lord be never pacifi-forbearing to strike them in wrath for their ed nor reconciled to the reprobate in this lins; for, for this end doth the apostle life, but still hateth them, ay, and some-bring in this here, as the scope cleareth.. times be making them to meet with fad strokes, as fruits of their folly; yet that VERSE 6. Who will render to every man great day of judgment is called the day according to his deeds. of wrath by way of eminence, because however the Lord hath paft an irrevocable NOW when the apostle hath mention,

ed eternity, yet while they are in life this the more rouze up those secure, fe.f.pleascannot be certainly known ; and considering person, that would hardly be pering God's eternal dispensations, there is a suaded of their evil condi'ion and danger pollibility of escaping God's wrath; and wherein they were lying; he insists a licbecause all the effects of God's displea- tle upon that purpose, and holds forth the sure which they meet with, on this side of manner of God's procedure at that day: time, are but as arles, in respect of the full and the firit hing he doth is in this versə, cup of vengeance that shall then be poured where he layeth down a general assertion forth upon them; at which time they shall hereanent ; That God will do justice updrink the very dregs thereof, and shall tall on every man, and give every one their and never rise again, and then no more fue at that day, none shall escape, or be hope of mercy,

bid; for he will give to every man accord.

and many

ing to his works, whatsoever they have of his free grace is pleased to reward our been, good or bad. A truth which we well-doing and obedience, which hath no find oft-times set down in scriprure, in merit of a reward in themselves, being plaio terms: See Psal. lxii. 12. Job xxxiv. done by the help and allistance of God's Il. Jer. xxxii. 19. Matth. xvi. 27. 2.Cor. grace, without which we are not able to V. 10. Rev. xxii. 12.

think a good thought, 2 Cor. iii. 5. Phil. HENCE OBSERVE,

ii. 13. i Cor. iv.7. and being clothed with 1. Albeit now some men may think imperfections and blen ithes, Gal. v. 17. themselves above punishment, do what they Rom. vii. 14. Isa. Ixiv. 6. and being due please, and no censure can reach them, debt which the creature oweth unto the nor no man may safely meddle with them; Creator, and no way beneficial unto him, and others may escape puniflıment from for we are still unprufiiable, Luke xvii. 10. mèn, by some mean or other; yet at that Job xxii. 2. and xxxv. 7. Pfal. xvi. 2. and great day of judgment which is coming, lo carrying an infinite disproportion in no man breathing, no not the greatelt, them to that recompence of reward, which and proudest, or powerfullest that is, shall is therefore still a gift of God's free grace, escape trial, or shall get leave to hide him Rom. vi. 23. The wages of fin is death: self among the crowd ; fet he will render but the gift of God is eternal life, through to every man.

Jesus Christ our Lord. 11. Howbeit there be many abominable wicked pranks of the wicked committed in VERSES 7. 8. To them, who patient secret, that never is made known, nor continuance in well-doing, seek for glory, cometh under examination

and honour, and immortality; eternal worthy and memorable acts of the godly life : that humility hath covered, or forgetful. But unto them that are contertious, and do nefs obliterated; yet at that day none of not obey the truth, but obey unrighteoulall these shall be forgotten, but a perfect

ness ; indignation, and wrath. register of them shall be produced, Rev. xx. 12, ----Ani t!e dead were judged out Fter he hath fet down in general, that of these things that were written in the God will render to every man acbooks, according to their works. And all of cording to his works, he cometh to a parthem shall be lifted, and narrowly examin-ticular explication, and ranketh all in two ed; for he acill render to every man accord- claffes: and after he hath described every ing to his works.

rank by itself, he shewerb what will be III. Tho' now oftentimes it go well with their recompence of reward. The fift are the wicked, and il with the seekers of such as have noble ends and designs, feekGod, yet at that day there shall be a re-ing, glory, 1.onour, and immortality, and that comperce given to every man according to by patient continuance in well-doing; that the kind and quality of his actions, whe is, by setting themselves to a course of ther they be good or bad; for God will well-doing, and to persevere in that course, render to every man according to his works. and not to break off, notwithstanding of And in saying fo the apófile doth not in- what discouragements and impediments timate any meritoriousness in good works, they can meet with, as they will meet with for then should he affirm that we fould fome, and therefore mult refolve upon pabe justified by works, which is point- tience: to these shall be given, eternal blank contrary to his scope and drift; | life; even the thing they feek. The next for he is proving that we are justified only are such as are contentious, rebellious, ard · by faith, and not by works: but that God | stubborn, and will not yield nor submit



unto the truth of God, whether revealed , casual efficacy or influence on our salvaby nature's light, in these undenied prin- tion, as any meritorious cause, either procipies

, or by his word; but give themselves curing a right to life, or the actual polunto all abominations, as servants and flaves reffion thereof, (Christ's merits being the unto wickedness: the portion of such thall sole procuring cause), and so are not necefbe indignation and wrath.

sary upon that score; yet are they necessaDOCTRINAL OBSERVATIONS. ry as the way carved out by infinite wilI. However the seekers of God be ac- doin, in which all must walk who look for counted the basest spirited persons that are, glory and immortality; or as antecedenç yer of all the men in the world they are qualifications and difpofitions fitting the man the most noble and high in their designs that hath a right thro' Cbrist unto actual and projects; they forecast for nothing less possession : for here it is in well-doing than glory, honour, and immortality; for that they look for, or seek glory, honour, fo are they here decyphered, and called and immortality: Heb. xii. 24. Follow such as seek for glory, &c.

peace with all men, and holiness, without II. The glory and honour which the which no man fhall see the Lord. See godly are pursuing after, is not the windy | 1 Cor. vi. 9. 10. applause of a world, nor the fading honours V. Such is the malice of Satan against and preferments that are to be had there the seekers of God, that he relts not night in; but it is glory and honour of a more por day to trouble and moleft them in enduring nature : therefore is immortality their course, going about as a roaring lion added, to Thew, that it was an everlalting seeking whom he may devour, 1 Pet. v. 8. glory and honour, and life for evermore, assaulting them with strong temptatiors, that they were feeking.

and fiery darts, Ephes. vi. 16. whereby to II. It is not mercenary, nor hireling. divert them from, or discourage thein in like, for people to be proposing glory, going about duty. And such is the enmi- . honour, and everlasting life unto them. ty betwixt the feed of the woman, and selves, as an end and motive of their well. the feed of the serpent, Gen. iii. 15. thac doing, seeing this glory and immortality is hofe children of Satan are still upon God's nothing elle but the full and perpetual en- childrens tops, creating trouble and mojoyment of God: and hereby our graces leftation to them in thier way, and perseof fear, Jefire, carefulness, diligence. zeal, cuting them, Gal. iv. 29. But as then he courage, and waichfuloess, are put in exer that was born after te fleh persecuted him cise: and Moses did so, Heb. xi. 20. --- He that was born after the Spirit, even jo it is

. bad respect unto the recompence of the re now; and such is the strength of corrupa: ward." Yea, and Christ, Heb. xii. 2.--- tion within themselves, i Pet. ii. 11. that Who, for the joy that was set before him, whoever haih a miod to live godly, that endurea the cross, despising the same. And they may enjoy everlasting glory, must seeing here the godly are described from resolve upon trouble, and to meet with this, thai in well-doing they seek glory, in many discouragements in the wa, boh mortality, and hon:ur : See Rev. xxii. 14. froin within and froin without: for here Pail.ji. 14. 1 Tim. vi. 17. 18. 19. they are laid to be such as are patient, or

IV. The only way whereby to win to suffer patiently, as the word is rendered, the poffeffion of this immortal glory and Ro:n. v. z. 2 Cor. i. 16. in well-doing : such honour is well.doing ; and it is only in that must expect a suffering, enduring, hard way that we can, upon juit grounds, ex- life of it : See 2 Tim.jii. 12. Theff. iii. 3. peat and look for glory, honour, and im- VI. Notwith tanding of all this oppo-mortality. And tho' good works have no I lilion from the hands of one or other,


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