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gers of the gospel, and to the professors saints, whom the apostle thinks not fit to ihereof, when done out of christian love name, save under these generals of brethren' and affection, will be taken as service for and faints.. The Lord Jesus's interest, and accounted a VIII. It is more than probable, that seelabouring in the Lord's work, and such ing Paul, in all this catalogue of persons fhould be highly accounted of: Tryphenowliom he here faluteth, maketh no menti. and Tryphon are said thus co labour in the on of Peter, that Peter was not there ac Lord, and inerefore faluted.

this time; and so it cannot be true which 11. The more eminent any are, in do- Papists say, viz. that Peter was bishop ac jog good unto the church of God, the Rome twenty-five years before his mare. higher room should they have in the esti. Tyrdom. . mation of the godly, and the more highly Thoold they be commended; fo Perfis. is VERSE 16. Salute one another with an ho-'. called beloved, and one who laboured much ly kifs. The churches of Christ fulute you. · in the Lord.

NI. God's making choice of any as his, TN fine, he exhorteth them to reality of and enduing them with faogular gifts, love among themselves: Their civili graces and endowments, whereby their manner of faluting one another was with a . profession is adorited, should fingularly kiss; now, he would not have them formal commend them unto the chriftian affection or complementing in this, but real, holy of true believers : Salute Rufus chofen in and christian; the thing that he enjoineth, the Lord. .

is not the custom, but the holy and chri. IV. Tho' grace be no heirship, nor tied ftian use of the custom: Salute one another to any lineal descent; yet it seemeth good with an holý kiss. See the like, 1 Cor. xvi. in the Lord's eyes, to separate for himself 20. 2 Cor. xiii. 12. i Theff. v. 26. i Per. borh. mother and for sometimes, 2 Tim. v. 14... i. 5. which is an excellent thing to fee; In the next place, he faluteth them in And his mother, a gracious woman doubt the name of others; and here is one word :.. leís. .

in the general, I be churches of Christ, in V. The kindly, tender and loving dis. those bounds of Macedonia and Achaia, , position of any, to the eminent servanis of falute you, : Christ, as it lhould not be forgotten, so it should provoke other Christians to have. . OSBERVATIONS. : : high and honourable thoughts of such: His l. I. It is a heartsome and desirable righe, . miother and mine:

to see brethren dwelling together in unity, VI. True grace will not misken the mean peace and love, and therefore should be est Christians, but will have a high 'eili. earnestly studied by all, and pressed by the mation of them, tho they be not of the servants of Christ, as that which will fur- . eminentest fort: Thus Paul reckoneth up ther the work of the gospel among them; a number together, whom he only nam. thus he exhorteth them, in the end of this erb and faluteih: Afyncritus, Phlegon, &c. epistle, to falute one another with an holy

VII. Tho' it be no small piece of ho- | kiss. See ihe places cited in the explana... nour to be received publicly, as a Chrifti. tion. an; yer that piece of honour is not to be I II. The usual customs of expresing our dored on, but folks should go to heaven murual love and respect to one another, with great contentment, tho' in obscurity, should not be used by us in a flattering and without any notable observation; for manner, as was used by Absalom; nor in a here there is a qumber of breihren and dissembling manner, as was Joab's; nor in

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ing dif. Hin the generathers; and Haluteth them ;

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gence, as they love the welfare and stand-, own hand, to withdraw from all such in ing of the church of Christ, to discover the church, whom he supposeth 10 be the motions of such, and the perniciousness teachers of error ; and therefore, he clear. of their practices, and so to discover them, ly supposeth, that the offender must be first as that the church may be keeped from convicted, found guilty, and condemned, Bhaith, and may be guarded against their before the parricular members of the wiles: Paul beseecheth them to mark such; church for bear christian communion with he knew the great neceflity of it, and hiin, for making him alhamed. Therefore presseth chem to it the more ear. IX. The sentence of excommunication peitly; I beseech you, brethren, mark such. ought to be drawn forth, as against sucii

VI. When a church has once drunk in who are guilty of attrccious crimes, espethe fincere milk of the word, and have cially if impenitent, i Cor. v. so against Jaid a fure foundation of folid truth, and such who broarch false doctrine, to the received the doctrine of truth, they should, hurt of the church, and cause fad rents and by all means, labour to stand to these prin- schisms in the church, to the distracting ciples, and not be shaken with every wind and undoing thereof: Such as caufe divisio of teinptation of contrary doctrine, and ons and cffences, should be thus avoided. make that a standard, by which to try all! X. As this executing of the censure of new doctrine; and they ought to reject excommunication, is a mean appointed of whatsoever is contrary thereunto: therefore Christ, for the reclaiming and gaining of says he, Contrary to the doctrine which ye the offending person, i Cor. v. 5. fo, for have learned. "

the preserving of the church of Christ in VII. Separation from an erroneous and unity and purity, and keeping out of idolatrous church, where staying still will wolves, that seek the ruin thereof; He necessarily entangle in sin, is not here con- would have such as cause divisions and ofdemned; but a separation or schism made fences, contrary to the doctrine which they in a church, where the true foundation of had learned, cut off and avoided, and thereo christian doctrine is laid and maintained: by the church keeped in unity among themContrary to the doctrine which ye have ro-selves, and in purity of doctrine. ceived..

. XI. When once the sentence of excomVill. There is such a censure to be munication is pronounced agaiost a contuused in the church, as is the fontence of macious offender, by the judicarures of the excommunication against offenders, whose church, it is then the duiy of all the pariioffences and carriage are dangerous to the cular members of the church, as they tenchurch of God; the church officers ought der the safety of the church, the good of to denounce this sentence against contumaci- their own souls, and the salvation of the ofous and incorrigible, dangerous offenders sending brother, to fhun all church-fellowwithin the church, and avoid them; this thip with fuch, and to forbear familiar cone must suppose a sentence of the church go. versing and corrcfpondence a ich ihem; Avid ing before, according to Chrilt's rule, avoid them. See 2 John 10.: Matth. xviii. 17. If he bear not the church, then is he to be accounted as a heathen man, Verse 18. For they that are fuch, ferve and a publican. See i Cor. v. 5. with 2 Cor. rict our Lord Jesus Christ, but their cun ji. 6. 2 Theff. ii. 14. Paul is here speaking belly; and by good words and fair Speechto a constituted church, and he will not es deceive the bearts of the fimple. lay down a way of confusion and division, (especially when speaking so much against TIN these three verses following, the These evils;) by allowing each man, at his / d apolle pieflechth orner exbcrtation

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