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the gospel preached by faithful servants of XVII. Such is the weakness and unfitness Chritt, is no way disonant from, but every of frail men, who are but eart hen vessels, way conform unto the doctrine drivered by 2 Cor. iv. 7. and of such weight is the girsuch eminent and infallible officers; for that rious embassage of the gospel

, that wholohis doctrine may have weight with these ever is employed thereabout should give Romans, he lets them know that he is an himself wholly thereunto, 2 Tim. ii. 4.

No apople, an eminent and infallible officer, man. that warreth entangleth himself with raised up extraordinarily, and called imme- the affairs of this life; that he may please diately.

him who hath chosen him to be a soldier, Acts Xý. As it• is commendable for the fer- vi. 4. But we will give ourselves continually vants of Jesus Christ, not to be fo lavish of to prayer, and to the ministry of the word. their office and authority, but in all christi- The work is of such importance, that it will an fobriety to speak sparingly of the same, take up the whole man. And seeing it is so, tvhen no neceflity orgeth, least thereby they it is the duty of all ministers of the gospel, occafion contempt and become vain; so, it is so to walk in that calling, and so toʻdemean no less dangerous, upon the other hand, to themselves in every piece of their deportconceal the fame, when there is a fair door ment in that office, as men separated and set opened, and a call given thereunto, when apart for that employment solely; for Paul the good of the gospel requireth the same. says he was set apart and separate from other As here Paul (who several times writing to employments to that only. And the confiother churches, as to the Philippians and deration of this, that the Lord, in his eterTheffalonians, as also when writing to Phi- nal purpose, set them apart for that employlemon, did forbear to stile himself apostle) ment, should stir them up to diligence theresubscribes himself fo, knowing that it might in, and to a walking answerably thereunto ; do no harm, but rather encourage these for Paul was separated from his mother's Romans so much the more chearfully to womb, as you see, Gal. i. 15. welcome his doctrine, and give credit to XVIII. It will be fo far from excusing the same.

the wicked, that such as carried the gospel XVI. In a constituted church, it is not e to them, had no other thing to do, ibat upnough for such as take upon them to preach on the contrary it will tend to aggravate their the gospel

, to pretend a call, but they must guilt, that the Lord sent men to them for also be folemnly fet apart and ordained and that end, only to preach the gospel to them, separated to that work; for here the apostle giving them a command to wait upon that says, he was not only called, but separated employment, and do nothing else: And bealso, viz. by prayer, fasting and impofition cause it is so, serious thoughts of this, that of hands, as you see, Acts xiii. 2. 3. 4. the Lord hath given special command to And though it cannot be particularly instan- such as might many ways win their living ced in the rest of the apostles, how they were in a world, and follow a more gainful (as 10 ihus set apart, nor denied, that before that worldly gain) and peaceable trade, than that time, when he and Barnabas were set apart is of preaching the gospel, to preach the at the Lord's special command, he preached gospel

, and to attend upon that very thing, the gospel, yet certain it is, the Lord would should move people to be convinced of the never have desired that those should be fo- | Lord's loving kindness, willingness to wel. lemnly set apart by prayer and laying on of come finners; of a reality of the gospel tenhands, if not to thew us what is the rule dered, and of their duty to welcome the ofwe ought to follow; and to thew that it is fer, and hearken to the gospel; for Paul his will

, that this way should be followed in useth this as a motive to induce them to beall time coming

lieve and obey what he svas to deliver, that


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to embrace with all acceptation the offer of faved by; after one and the same with

he was one that was separated to that em promifed, and so should be heartily welcomployment, and might meddle with no other.ed, for all his promises should be gladly re

XIX. As the gospel contains nothing but ceived when fulfilled, and so should this prothe gladest ridings, and sweetest news that mise of the gospel, which he hath fore-proever was heard tell of, lo people should be mised by his prophets in the Holy Scrip. fo far from taking occafion hence to wax wanton, and lull themselves asleep in security, Hence learn, and take their will of the flesh and the world, I. The people of God were saved by that fo much the more rather should they the fame gospel under the Ojd Testamelt, ftir up themselves to welcome heartily and that we under the New Testament are

did Christ in the gospel; and therefore Paul the Lord bring his elect to glory' then, and days

, it is the gospel or good news he is a. now, viz. by faith in Jesus Chri, Heb. xi. 2. bout to declare, and therefore they should Acts xv. 11. for her me lame gospel that make it welcome.

Paul was tach, was that which was XX. The gospel we preach, is not cws piomited by the Lord under the law: Sec of our own invention, but it is de invention Gal. iii. 8. 9. and plot of the ne'; wife God; and because II. However the gospel be the same for u is uut vurs, nor are we the authors substance under the Old and New Testathereof

, but God only, who found out this ment, yet it seemed good in the Lord's eyes stay of saving poor lost man, out of the who divers ways and manners reveals himdepth of his infinite wisdom, which neither felf, Heb. i. 2. to give to those under the man nor angels would ever have fallen upon; law, a star light, or moon light only, and therefore it were wisdom for people to take | reserve the sunshine and noontide to us unheed how they flight and undervalue fo der the gospel, for they had the gospel ongreat salvation, having such a one for its au ly under promise ; for the sufferings of thor : for Paul would have them careful Christ and the glory that now is revealed was not to slight what he was to say, because ; but then prophesied of, 1 Pet. i. 10. 11. it was not news that had their rise in his See Gal. iii. 23. and iv. 1. 2. 3. 4. own brain, but the gospel of God, who will III. As people are to try the spirits noç take it well to have his gospel lighted. whether they be of God or not, · John iv. 1.

and to search the scriptures to see, whether VERSE 2. (Which he had promised afore the doctrine delivered be diffonant a töriby his prophets in the Holy Scriptures) sonant; so the messengers of the Lord

should be careful they bíling forth and HEre Ere the apostle goes on to move the broatch no doctrine but what is warranted

Romans to embrace his doctrine, be by the word; for Paul days, the doctrine he cause of its worth and excellency, and these was broarching, was the same that was proEce he steps aide the commendation mised by the prophets, and so consonant to mereof in this and in the following verses. their doctrine, and no groundless fancy of

arguments here contained for to press his own head. taele people to welcome his doctrine, may IV. It will not a little tend to aggravate be these, 1. The gospel which I am sepa- the misbelief of people now a-days, that rated unto, and which I am to preach to the gospel that is held forth and preached you; is no new device, it is no new doctrine to them, is no new invention of man, but which was never heard of before ; it is the the same that hath been chose many thoufase that the people of God of old had re- sand years, as the way by which many Sealed by the prophets

. 2. It was a matter thousands have entered into glory, and so


a proven and tried way by the experience , what is to be believed as gospel, and what of many, and a way attested unto by the not; for Paul here affirms, that the gospel faithful servants of the Lord in all ages, he was set apart unto, and was about to patriarchs and prophets; for it is the gospel preach, was conform to the writings of the shat was promised long since by the pro- prophets, and nothing else but what they phets of the Lord, and for this cause he prophesied of in their writings, and the Would have it welcomed.

Lord promised by them in the Holy ScripV. It will abundantly stop our mouths, Lures. an take all excuse from us that obey not VIII. However the messengers of the the gospel of Jesus Christ, that not only it Lord be little regarded or respected in their is theme in fubstance with that, by which generations, and their message slighted and all under the Old Testament were carried undervalued, yet the Lord will own them fafe to heav... but also, that it is now no as his, and it will add to our guilt to reject more vailed underlages, ceremonies, and what they deliver; and the gospel fhould so promises, but clearly reveale. explained. I much the more be welcomed by us, that it And upon this score we should be moved to

18 aicettad unto as truth, by such as the Lord welcome heartily the gospel, because it is owns as his propostes now plain and perspicuous, and Christ now

IX. Such is God's goodness to poor man, magifested in the flesh is no more wrapped that he will not only provide way how up as formerly; for so would Paul hence they shall be saved, but will make that way move them to a welcoming of his doctrine, known unto them, and therefore he will that it was of old but promised, and now fend prophets, to deliver it viva voce, and more clearly exhibited.

not only fo, but when they should cease, he VI. As all the promises of the Lord should will provide a more fure word of prophecy, be precious in our eyes, and their perform-2 Pet. i. 19. and cause the same be written ances moft heartily accepted, and willingly that it might continue on record, and be embraced; fo in particular fhould the go- studied by all, and come to every one's hands, spel and the offer of a crucified Christ and that none may pretend ignorance; and hence Saviour be imbraced with all acceptance; surely, misbelief will be so much the more and it will tend to aggravate our guilt, if we a heinous sin, that it is committed after the neglect to great salvation, which the pro- Lard hath taken all that pains to assure us phets have enquired and searched diligently, of, and clear unto us the only way to hapanu' vvhen unto them it was revealed, that piness; for here we see the gospel was proriot unto themse yes, but unto us, they did mi-mised by the prophets, and then set down nister the things which are now reported unto for the good of posterity in the holy Scrip

1 Pet. i. 10. 12. and therefore Paul tures. makes use of this as an argument, that the X. The Scriptures are holy, as having a thing he was about to do was the fulfilling, holy God for their author, and breathing of a promise made of old by tile Lord. out notħug bur_holinas, auqd containing a

VII. The writings of the prophets of perfect rule how we should waxlk in all holiold, are so far from being laid Wide now, ness, and therefore should be locked on and as useless to us under the gospel, that they used in all holy reverence; and therefore ne are to be acknowledged and looked on as the calls them the Holy Scriptures, and also were rule whereby to try which is the true go- writen by holy men of God, moved by the spel, and which not: the law and the pro- Holy Ghost, 2 Pet. i. 21. phers is to be a couch-stone whereby to try

VERSES 3. 4. Concerning bis Son Jefus considered, be one essence, without any Christ our Lord, which was made of compofition, and a most simple and un

the feed of David, according to the flesh, mixt essence, yet is there in that essence And declared to be the Son of God with several persons, or diverse ways of subpower, according to the spirit of holiness, listence; neither is this a business repugby the resurrection from the dead. nant to reason, seeing the essence, and the

manner of existing, are not one and the HEre is contained another new argu- fame, but diftinét things ; this fubfiftence

, a and the eeptance of his doctrine, as a further dual substance whereof it is the fubfiftcommendation of the gospel, from its ence: for here is God (viz. the Father) subject-matter, or that whereof it treat- and his Son, distinct persons, not esseneth; which may be thus conceived: tially, or in respect of their effence, but 1. The subject-matter of this gospel, in respect only of their manner of existwhich I have gotten a commission to ence; and yet rot so, as that they can preach to you, and others, is the pro- be separated, John xiv. 10. ----I am in mised Messias, the Son of God. 2. Jesus, the Father, and the Father in me.---See a Saviour. 3. Christ, an anointed one, John v. 7. as Priest, Prophet, and King. 4. And II. The same divine essence which the our Lord, one in whom you have, or pre- Father hath, is communicated to the Son tend to have interest. 5. Who was man, from eternity, wholly, in an unspeakable and made man in an extraordinary man- and spiritual manner; for he being callner: and as man come of the feed of Da. ed a Son, must be begotten, and the acsid. 6. And who, notwithstanding where- tion of begetting, in the Father, is noof, was true God, being in power, and thing else, than an eternal and personal derlared so to be, by raising up of himself action, whereby he communicateth all from the dead the third day. So that the same essence which he hath himsell; every word almost may be looked on as in a worderful and unspeakable manner, a distinct argument to press their chear to his Son, and that from eternity, Prov. ful attention. In this summed-up argu- viii. 22. 30. Hence is he called, The ment, we have the sum of the gospel; brightness of bis glory, and the express eren whole Christ, and nothing but image of his perfon, Ileb. i. 3. Chrift; and Christ held forth under his Ill. Howbeit the divine eflence be one tiles, cffices, and natures. His titles and the same in all the three persons of are, Son of God, 7clus, Christ, Lord; the Trinity, yet some things may be faid his offices are couched up under his titles; of the divine nature, considered as it is his natures are iwo, and these are clearly in one person, which may not be said of held forth: For, 11, His human nature it, considered as in another person; for is here, 1. called flelns: and 2. he is said to it is faid here of the second person, that be made of the feed of David. 2dły, liis he was made of the feed of Datic, which

divine nature is here held forth, i. Un-cannot be said of any of the rest. The ider the title of the Son of God. 2. Un- divine nature considered, neither simply ; der that other, the ffirit of holiness, or as in itself, nor as in either the Father,

the spirit that fanctified his human na- nor in the Holy Ghost, but as in the Son, ture. 3. And declared by his raising of or under that special manner of existence, liis human nature when dead.

was incarnate, and took on our nature. DOCTRINAL. OBSERVATIONS. IV. It was only the second person of 1 Albeit the divine essence, in itself I the Trinity that was incarnate, and took


on our flesh; for it is said, the Son was to him, so also the confideration of this made of the feed of David, and not an- that he is most willing to help, seeother : Gal. iv. 4. ----made of a woman. ing Jesus, or a Saviour, is his name; for see Philip. ii. 7.8.

here, he that is the Son of God is Jesus V. Christ Jesus our Mediator is the by office and name, and fo a Savioura subject-matter of the gospel, and of all Matth. i. 21. ready to welcome all

. the special prophecies and promises un

IX. As it should commend Jesus to us, der the law; for as the gofpel containeth that he is sent, appointed, and designed nothing, and holdeth forth nothing but of the Father, and so anointed, and the Christ in his person, natures, and offices, Christ, for that end and purpose, to save so the prophecies of old were concerning sinners: and as it should be a strong mohis Son Jesus Christ, &c.

tive to persuade and confirm poor needy VI. It should highly commend the go-fouls in the faith of acceptance and welspel to us, that it holdeth forth and un- coming ; so it will tend, on the other foldeth Jesus Christ the Son of God, and hand, to the heightening of their guilt our Lord, who is not only one excellent that embrace not an offered Mediator; in himself, and worthy to be known, as for Jesus is also called Christ : and unless being the Son of God, but also one whose he be looked upon and taken up as one offices concern us nearly, and therefore anointed and commissionated, he cannot called Jesus Christ our Lord; for so it be rightly believed in: See Mark viii. 29. may be looked on as an argument to Luke ix. 20. John iv. 29. 42. commend the gospel, and to move them X. As it is a special privilege that to embrace the same, that it was a doctrine believers have beyond others, that they concerning his Son Jesus Christ our Lord. have an interest in Christ, as theirs in a

VII. The great love that Christ hath special manner; so the confideration of manifested unto poor lost man, in stoop- this, that Christ is their Lord and Coming so low, and condescending so far, as mander, should mind them of the obedito take on him our nature, and assume ence which they owe: and in particular frail human flesh, in one person with it should be a strong motive to press them the divine nature, should also engage us unto a willing and hearty acceptance of to welcome the gofpel that treats of him, any doctrine or news concerning him : and holds him forth as thus letting out therefore, that these Romans might welhis bowels of love; for Paul would have come the gospel, he tells them, that it those Romans welcome the gospel hear is concerning our Lord. tily, because it was concerning his Son, XI. As it is believers duty to avow who was made of the feed of David, ac- their interest in Christ, so, when their cording to the flesh.

heart is in a good frame, they will no VIII. As it highly commends the love fooner fpeak of Christ, or hear him fpokof God to loft sinners, in sending his Son en of, but affoon their souls will clafp to be a Saviour, and a Jesus; so it should to him. And it is a black mark when move us to welcome the salvation that one can hear Christ commended highly, cometh to us, and is wrought by such an as the Son of God, and as a commissionatone as the Son of God: to fight it will ed and authorized Saviour, and not find highly tend to the aggravation of our their affections moving towards him, and guilt. And as the confideration of this, their fouls clasping about his neck, and that Jesus is the Son of God, and so all embracing him as their Lord; for here, sufficient, and able to help sinners, should after Paul had spoken of Christ, and encourage poor finful souls to come called him the Son of God, and Jesus


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